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Bad Bunny Adidas Sample Forum Buckle in “Orange Flare” 

By April 12, 2023Adidas

Adidas Bad Bunny Sample - Orange Flare - AIO BotSo, is the theme and the sneaker trend for this year all about samples? Unreleased sneaker dreams that might not ever come true? Are we really about to torture ourselves with the prospect of potential sneakers? Yes, yes we are. Starting with the Bad Bunny Adidas sample Forum Buckle in “Orange Flare”.

We all know that Adidas was on the right track with the Bad Bunny collab. Some might say that it had enough potential to do some serious damage control post-Yeezy. But, all of that went down the drain when the Puerto Rican artist made an announcement. Bad Bunny decided that he wanted to take a break with no immediate plans of a return.

All of this came as a hit to Adidas, especially with the loss of Beyonce and IVY PARK recently. It just seems that the industry can’t cut Adidas a break. But, the surfacing of the Bad Bunny Adidas sample has people talking again. The Three Stripes should start listening to the people because these orange Forum Buckles are FIRE. 


So, when we said that the year 2023 was all about the samples, we meant it. We recently got a sneaker peak of a green unreleased Louis Vuitton AF1. A sneaker designed by the late Virgil Abloh that never made it to production. The reason that makes unreleased samples all the more coveted is that they’re never gonna drop. We always want what we can’t have! All of which makes the Bad Bunny Adidas sample in “Orange Flare” one of the grails! 

We all know how things are going for Adidas right now: they terminated their partnership with Kanye. Beyonce dropped the collab of creative differences. Bad Bunny is on a break! Adidas has a whole stock of Yeezys they want to sell. And, they might actually have to crawl back to Ye to sell it! Or else, they’re looking at 500+ million dollars in losses. Yikes! But, even as we embrace this Bad Bunny Adidas sample, we can’t help but wonder: will we get another epic pair from the duo? 

At the time of writing, there is no confirmation on whether or not these kicks will drop. This means, for now, the Bad Bunny Adidas sample will remain a SAMPLE. The sneakers feature different shades of orange in a makeup of suede uppers. And, it also features Bad Bunny’s signature double-stacked tongues. The entire composition of the shoe comes in bright orange. Except for the black buckle wrap! All in all this sample is definitely one that we want to see hit the shelves. Check the full images of the sneaker via @youngviet23 below!

Let’s hope the resurfacing of this Bad Bunny Adidas sample means something. Like the Yeezy Mafia comeback news, we’re confused. We feel like at this point, Adidas is sending out mixed signals. However, if this all ends with a super-hyped sneaker release we’re all down for it. Gotta make that resale money, fam!

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