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Barbie Dunks Are Coming & Kenergy Got Nothin’ on Them!

By July 28, 2023Nike, Sneaker News

Barbie Dunks AIO BotThis Barbie is an all-in-one bot that cops the coolest kicks. And nothing can get us into a full-circle mode like some Barbie Dunks to cook! But obviously, Nike won’t let all that clout pass by without benefitting from it. Luckily for us, the kicks are a pair of very pink Nike Dunk Lows! Now, let’s check out the glitz and glam that will come with this shoe. Who knows? It might make a fine addition to your collection of pink sneakers yo!

So, About These Barbie Dunks

First off, we gotta talk about what a huge deal the Barbie movie is. It all started with the huge marketing campaign and the Barbenheimer phenomenon. And on July 21, 2023, both movies premiered, and theaters definitely haven’t been this busy for a while. In fact, Barbie made $356 million ONLY on the opening weekend around the world! So if hype came in numbers, it would be the Barbie movie numbers. But when everyone is talking about something, a great sale technique is to hijack the hype. And that’s what many brands did, including Nike!

Nike Dunk Barbie AIO BotWhat Should We Expect?

We love us some pink kicks, let alone when they come with all the Barbie feels. And well, if this Barbie is a lady AND a sneakerhead, she totally deserves fitting kicks. Naturally, Nike will deliver with the new Barbie Dunks! These joints will obviously feature a pink upper and a mix of prints. The base comes in pink suede with graffiti-like stars, while the overlays come in popping pink leather. A glittery brown swoosh and glittery pink translucent outsole certainly get the point across. However, if that all isn’t enough, we have a big ass “N” lace accessory that can almost be seen from the moon’s surface. So all in all, it’s a pretty forward pair of Barbie Dunks, just like their muse!

What Do We Know About the Kicks?

As for release info, we still don’t have much to go on. However, since the movie already dropped, the kicks can’t be too far off! And well, better get your rollerblades off to try these babies on! In the meantime, there’s also news about a Nike Air Max Scorpion coming in a whole Barbie pink colorway. Check it out here while we wait for more news!

Wanna Get your Hands on the Barbie Dunks?

Yea well, either get in line, or get a sneaker bot! We don’t need any other type of Kenergy around here. But don’t worry, we got you a list of THE best sneaker bots on the market so you wouldn’t feel like a Barbie in the real world. Anyway, if you wanna know more about how to get sneakers on drop day for retail, click the button below. Good luck yo!