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Basketball Yeezys: The Yeezy Quantum’s About to Dominate the Court

By February 13, 2020July 12th, 2022Adidas, Yeezy

Kanye is a man of many talents. He produced music, raps, and designs our favorite lifestyle sneakers! He tried some sneaker experiments and dropped a Yeezy in bleach. ‘Ye even went all out and made a sneaker out of algae! But this isn’t enough for our man Kanye. You ain’t Yeezus if you can’t do it all! This includes basketball sneakers. That’s right! Yeezy’s joining the basketball sneaker game. We’re about to see Yeezys on the court with Basketball Yeezys! It’s the Yeezy Quantum here to slam-dunk its way into basketball sneakers history! Is Yeezy trying to box out the Jumpman?

Update [15/02/2020] The Military Invasion of the Quantums!

So, Kanye is in a good mood. So good that he decided to give away FREE BASKETBALL YEEZYS! And it’s not even that. He’s giving the sneakers away in heavy armored military trucks! Way to be extra ‘Ye. So our boy Kanye is just strolling around the streets of Chicago with some free Yeezys. That’s pretty cool. Well, until a few desperate sneakerheads went to the point of taking off their own Nike Air Fear of God sneakers in exchange for the Yeezy Quantum! We have no idea what that’s about. Would you give up a sneaker that’s currently selling for over a thousand dollars on resale platforms for a sneaker that hasn’t even dropped yet? That’s just Kanye right there.

Just 5,000 Pairs of Basketball Yeezys!

The first-ever Yeezy performance basketball sneaker is finally here. It’s a real existing sneaker and not a rumor anymore. Thank the sneakers gods. So, here’s how it looks. At first glance, it’s kinda built like a Yeezy Boost 380 crossed with a 700 V3 but with a much higher ankle collar. This basketball Yeezy drops in two iterations, a lifestyle and a basketball one. The only difference is that the YZY BSKTBL Quantum won’t have reflective 3M stitchings in it because it would totally be banned on the court. So, not only is it a brand-new Yeezy, but it’s also very limited! Apparently, production is limited to only 5000 pairs

Basketball Yeezys - Yeezy QUANTUMYeezy BSKTBL QUANTUM – Yeezy QNTM (Lifestyle)
Release Date: February 14th – 16th, 2020 (All-Star Weekend)
Retail Price: $250

What to do?

So, the first Basketball Yeezys! The copping race is going to be insane, no doubt. Especially since only 5000 pairs will drop! This also means that resale will probably skyrocket through the roof! This is a time in your sneakerhead life where you need a sneaker bot more than ever. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Unless you’re willing to pay triple the retail price later on. This is why you need a super epic sneaker bot like AIO Bot to do the job!