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Best Buy GPU Restock Times Online: When Does BB Restock GPUs?

By May 7, 2022Retail

Best Buy GPU Restock Times - AIO BotBuying graphic cards online could only be described as a bloody war ground of retail shoppers and resellers. And with all the shopping and retail bots trending and circulating around the industry, it’s even more difficult! And, Best Buy just happens to be one of the best places to buy GPUs from in the U.S. So, this makes us wonder about the Best Buy GPU restock time!

And, considering that Best Buy tends to restock Nvidia GPUs more than others, it’s definitely THE place to hit. This also makes things more susceptible to the OOS syndrome! Therefore, it is absolutely crucial that you be well-informed on all details related to the restock. Knowing the exact timing could help you beat all the eager PC gamers or resellers and give you a headstart.

You should also note that the business of GPUs is one of the most profitable ones out there. Reselling GPUs online could give you a profit of anywhere from $300 to $1,000! So, we’re going to jump right into Best Buy GPU restock times and how to deal with them! And, if you wanna learn more about the retail industry as a whole, click on the button below for more!


Mascot - Best Buy GPU Restock Times - AIO BotSo, before you get into the exact Best Buy GPU restock times, you’re gonna need a few tips. For starters, you have to know if you’re going to be using a shopping bot or not. If you are, click here to check all the different Best Buy bot options out there. Otherwise, you have to use the following tips:

  • Have your email open all the time to verify your account
  • Have your payment information and address information added to your BB account 
  • Do not refresh constantly. Refresh only when the button changes to yellow
  • Hang around till the end because Best Buy restocks in waves. So, do not lose patience!

When Does Best Buy Restock Graphics Cards?

So, to pinpoint a specific time or date for the Best Buy GPU restock times is pretty vague. But, looking back on all of the previous restocks, we’ve established a pattern. One that you can definitely use in upcoming restocks without ever worrying about missing out! Therefore, check the point below that summarize exactly how a Best Buy restocks works. 

  • GPU_Restocks II - AIO BotBest Buy GPU restocks happen every 1 – 2 weeks on Tuesdays
    This is the general rule of thumb for Best Buy restock times. However, there have been times when a restock took place exceptionally on a Thursday. But, usually, we’d be notified beforehand. If it doesn’t happen on Tuesday, it won’t hurt to check in on Thursday!
  • GPU restocks usually happen between 9:00 AM and 11:30 AM EST
    Although that is the usual time for restocks, make sure to keep refreshing until you have a consistent “SOLD OUT” label

Our final notes would be that Best Buy restock times could extend all the way to 12:00 PM EST. And, we also think that getting there early is better so you can prepare better! Therefore, make sure you get there early and stay till the very end for the best chances of buying a GPU!