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Best Footsites Proxies – Never Get Banned On Footsites EVER Again!

By September 14, 2021September 16th, 2022Proxies

Proxies for Footsites - Footsites Proxies - AIO BotWe know we’ve been all up in your business when it comes to the type of proxies you use. We’ve already mentioned before that proxies rely on sneaker websites. This means the type you choose depends on the online sneaker store. In other words, certain proxies work best for Footsites, others are better on Demandware, and so on! This time, we’re gonna cover Footsites proxies – AKA proxies for Footsites.

Use these proxies to cop all the sneakers you want from any of the Footsites you want! It’s all about simple math! The equation of using the best ones for Footsites with a savage sneaker bot equals Ws for life!

What Are Footsites Proxies?

Use_Proxies to Beat Bots - AIO BotSo, we already know that proxies are different IP addresses that mask your own IP address. They help you cop, faster, smarter, and, above all, in bulk! Plus, proxies ensure that your own IP address never gets banned since they go against anti-bot security. You should also know that generally speaking, there are three different types of proxies. Click on the links below to know more in-depth information about them!

Residential Proxies
Datacenter Proxies
ISP Proxies

On the other hand, Footsites proxies are proxies that work specifically on Footsites. This includes all stores under the Foot Locker chain – Foot Locker, Champs Sports, Footaction, and more. Also, even if you’ve got the best Footsites bot in the sneaker industry, you’ll still need proxies. If you wanna learn more about Footsites, click on the button below. You’ll understand more what we mean!

Learn-moreWhat Are the Best Proxies For Footsites?
ISP or Residential Proxies

Difference Between Residential Proxies, DCs, and ISP Proxies - AIO Bot

The BEST proxies for Footsites are either ISP or residential proxies. Here’s why!

When we say Footsites proxies, we’re technically talking about either residential, datacenter, or ISP proxies. We’re here to tell you which of these proxies work best. In short, it all depends on the features of these sites, and which proxies cater best to them.

Features of Footsites:
– High stock numbers
– Heavily targeted by sneaker bots
– Heavily ban proxies on release date
– Longer release durations (30 minutes to 1+ hours)
– Flexible enough to run many bot tasks at the same time

Proxy Priorities:
– Speed is not a priority. But, reliability is!
– Cost-efficient – to afford running multiple tasks
– Proxy generation is a plus

So, both ISPs and residentials have the qualities that you need for Footsites proxies. They’re both reliable, can take on heavy loads of tasks, and won’t get banned! BUT, the deal-breaker is the price and proxy generation. So, here’s what we recommend:
– Use the 25/75 rule – 25% ISP proxies, 75% residential proxies
– Do not go for DCs; they will get banned
– Run one or two tasks without proxies but do NOT overdo it

Where to Buy?

Here are a few places to buy some of the best Footsites proxies in the industry! But, if you wanna check out more options, we’ve got you covered. Click on this list for a full list of the most epic proxy providers in the game! They’ve got everything you could ever need!

Residential Footsites Proxies:
– ApeProxies 1GB for $15/month
ChiProxies 1GB for $25/month
OculusProxies 2GB for $30/month
PookyyAIO 2GB for $43/two months

ISP Proxies:
– ApeProxies $60 for 25 ISPs
– Oculus Proxies $75 for 25 ISPs

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