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The 5 Best High Top Sneakers For the Best Flex!

By July 7, 2023Food for thought, Sneakers

AIO BOT - Best High Top SneakersMaybe now that it’s summer, low-top sneakers have got most people’s attention. But that doesn’t deny the fact that high top sneakers are an all-time favorite. Especially when they come in the shape of classic retroes, like Air Jordans or Nike Terminators. And being honest, whether it’s summer or winter, flexing a pair of high top sneakers all depends on the way you wear them. Meaning that they won’t look out of place if you pair them with the right outfit

It’s also worth noting that, retail-wise, these types of sneakers cost a little more than low top sneakers. And with inflation hitting sneakerheads, high top kicks became even more expensive than ever before. But when it comes to classics, like the ones mentioned in the list below, paying such retail prices is definitely worth it. Because these are the same kicks that can make you tons of money on the resale market

You just have to do your homework and learn how to cop such exclusive sneakers for retail on release day. And unless you got some strong connections in the industry that backdoor sneakers for you, you’d need to find yourself a Plan B. Lucky for you we’ve got you covered! Click below for the free cheat sheet on how to cop sneakers for retail on release day!

Best High Top Sneakers

So, high top sneakers ain’t some seasonal shit that eventually goes out of style. They’re literally staples. Classics that always find their way into the latest sneaker trends. And that’s why we’re dedicating today to discovering the top 5 high top sneakers out there. 

Best High Top Sneakers:
– Air Jordan 1
– New Balance 650
– Nike Terminator
– Vans Canvas SK8-HI
– Converse Chuck 70

Air Jordan 1

Best High Top Sneakers - Air Jordan 1The Air Jordan 1 needs no introduction. Made in collaboration with the NBA GOAT, Michael Jordan, Jordan 1 Highs became one of the most highly coveted sneakers worldwide. It all started with BANNED Red Jordans, and next thing you know, you got 37 AJ silhouettes, with a 38th in the making! Thing is, the extra hype for Jordan 1s got its pros and cons. 

The advantage is making money from reselling them, especially if you manage to catch the like of the upcoming UNC Toe Air Jordan 1 High in BILK. However, you got the disadvantage of facing thousands of competitors. 

BUT here comes the game of wits. By simply buying one of the best sneaker bots, you’d have removed a big chunk of the competition: the manual coppers or the botters that think FREE sneaker bots actually work. To learn more about sneaker copping, click here

Also note that Jordan retroes and new colorways drop around the clock, so to stay in the loop of knowing all about the best upcoming Jordan drops, make sure you keep it locked on our blog

So, the Air Jordan usually comes in an all-leather construction and a combination of colors that looks quite like the Dunks High. BUT do not ever confuse the Jordan 1s for Nike Dunks. They are NOT the same. Adding to that, Air Jordan 1s have a fixed retail price of $180, unless they’re part of a unique collab

New Balance 650

New Balance 650 - Best High Top SneakersNext on the best high top sneakers list, we have the New Balance 650. It’s a replica of the popular 550 but with an added raised collar. It usually comes in a puff all-leather upper and a collar with foam construction. It usually retails for around $165. 

Stereotype of New Balance being ugly dad shoes had been following the brand for ages. Right until chunky-soled shoes– AKA Dad Shoes- became the most trending sneakers. Matter of fact, rumor has it that if Adidas stays on the low the way it has been since the day it let Kanye go, New Balance might just be the sneaker brand to take over its throne, making it the second-best sneaker brand, after Nike! 

Nike Terminator High

Nike Terminator HighNext, we have the Nike Terminator High. It’s one of the best high top sneakers for many reasons. First off, it’s an 80s classic, and who doesn’t love them classic kicks! So, Nike used to mainly drop the shoe in the Georgetown Hoyas colorway. But Nike revived the silhouette several times till it became suitable to take on different colorways. The Terminators are actually a more comfortable version of Jordan 1s. 

The Nike Terminator usually features a leather construction throughout with the usual Swoosh on the sides. Also, it retails for $125. So, if you wanna catch a pair you can head to online stores, or StockX, and sites like StockX in case you couldn’t find an upcoming drop

Converse Chuck 70 

Converse Chuck 70 The Converse Chuck 70 looks like an upgraded version of the Chuck Taylor All-Star. Converse added softer insoles, as well as stronger canvas uppers to make it a more comfortable fit and sturdier. The Chuck 70 Vintage Canvas retail for $90 and it’s available in various colorways. 

Converse sneakers are THE classics that never die in the industry. In fact, Converse is older than both Adidas and Nike. But older doesn’t mean market domination. Because Nike’s market shares are so high, it would take ages for other sneaker brands to follow up. 

This being said, the Converse Chuck 70 usually comes in canvas uppers and rubber outsoles. Also, it usually retails for $90

Adidas Yeezy Boost 750

Adidas Yeezy Boost 750With the introduction of the Adidas Yeezy Boost 750, Ye cemented his partnership with Adidas. It was his first signature shoe with Adidas after he left Nike for the Three Stripes. It’s a mix of streetwear and desert shoes. What’s unique about this silhouette is the minimal design and the full-length Boost cushioning in the midsoles. Which provides the comfort you are looking for. It used to retail for $350.

Now, after the whole Yeezy x Adidas Drama, we don’t know if we’ll be seeing new 750 drops in the upcoming Yeezy lineups. However, being a staple in the industry, they deserve the hassle of looking for them on resale websites.

Vans Sk8-Hi

Vans Sk8-HiIf you’re someone interested in the skate culture, then you have most likely heard of and worn a pair of Vans SK8-Hi. Because, just like the SB Dunks, Vans are skaters’ favorites. They come with waffle-like tread uppers and Gum outsoles. They’re pretty comfortable for a day out but aren’t suitable or supportive enough for a basketball court. Finally, the Vans SK8-Hi retail for $65. 

To wrap up, since it’s summer time, you’ll need to get yourself a pair of kicks suitable for the summer heat. So, if these high tops don’t appeal to you much, click below for a full list of the best summer sneakers out there!