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The 7 Most Controversial and Expensive Luxury Sneakers Coming Soon!

By December 14, 2019November 16th, 2021Fashion, Sneakers

The 7 Top Luxury Sneakers You Need - AIO BotLuxury sneakers – they’re the expensive kicks that we think we don’t like, but secretly really do. We’d love to buy them, but don’t have the money for them or we’re not fancy enough to pull them off! But, maybe that dream isn’t as far-fetched as you might think! Check out a list of the 7 most coveted luxury sneakers coming up in 2022 AND how you can buy them!

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Luxury sneakers are the type of kicks that elevated sneakerheads into a whole new level – a different game. They’re the type of flex that comes with a high that never ends – cloud 9! If anyone sees you rocking them Balenciaga Socks or Triple S, they’re gonna instantly think you got your shit together. If you wear the Dior B23 or Versace’s Chain Reaction, you’re the rich dude everyone wants to be friends with. It’s the truth! We know we’d be jealous of someone wearing these kicks!

So, take a look at the 7 upcoming luxury sneakers that can be your chance at being THAT person! They’re epic, luxurious, and freaking EXPENSIVE AF. Everything you need for an unnecessarily huge amount of flex! 


GIVENCHY KEVLAR RUNNER - AIO BotGIVENCHY appointed Matthew M Williams as Creative Director of Givenchy in June of 2020 to bring technical innovation and creativity! The latest collection for SS22 featured extreme experimentation that kinda has Kanye West written all over!

The new GIVENCHY KEVLAR RUNNERS in their futuristic style definitely remind us of the new Yeezy KNIT RNRs with more structure. The upper features a complete sole unit of seamless knitted material atop a sole of triangular studs. Very technical type of luxury sneakers! 


BURBERRY x GOAT ARTHUR SNEAKER - AIO BotNext, we’ve got BURBERRY, but even more fancy! Luxury sneakers are so much better when they come out of a luxury sneaker collaboration! Burberry and online sneaker resale platform GOAT partnered up together to create an epic chunky sneaker in 8 new variations.

The BURBERRY ARTHUR sneaker features a chain on its side – a nod to the British punk scene! The colorways feature: tempest grey, pistachio, optic white, silver, and gold! A little something-something for everyone – if you got the money for it!

#3 DIOR B30

DIOR B30 - Luxury Sneakers - AIO BotThird on the list of luxury sneakers, we’ve got none other than the French luxury house DIOR! This sneaker is doubly special because it actually features fancy-ass dad shoes! The SS22 collection by Kim Jones features the new DIOR B30 is a fancy take on sport athletic design.

If you’re ever in doubt about what fancy dad shoes would look like, it’s these! It has a reimagined “CD” logo in reflective material to give it a more graphic feel. The release of this luxury kick comes in five different colorways including: black, white, olive, beige, and lime!


VIRGIL ABLOH x NIGO FOR LOUIS VUITTON - AIO BotSo, you can’t really talk about luxury sneakers without talking about the work of Viril Abloh with Louis Vuitton! His collaboration with the NIGO team for the latest installation of luxury kicks with Louis Vuitton. The VIRGIL ABLOH x NIGO sneaker features Human Made original graphics and denim with the LV iconic monogram. 

It marks the very first sneaker that Virgil Abloh works on with NIGO –  an animated and fun take on luxury. This is where streetwear meets high-end luxury fashion in the most epic clash!


BALENCIAGA x CROCS PLATFORM SHOES - AIO BotAnother way to see Kanye West’s true force of nature and influence on fashion: slip-ons. And, it’s not just about any slip-on sneakers out there, it’s the most grotesque-looking luxury sneakers ever! We’re talking about the BALENCIAGA x CROCS PLATFORM KICKS with 4-inches of embellished platforms. 

The Crocs clog just got a whole new makeover in a cyber goth aesthetic and elevated ugly shoe look! We blame Kanye for this all because he’s the one who made slide so damn popular! So, it’s only natural that a studded Crocs with platform heels has to make the cut!


LANVIN BATMAN - Luxury Sneakers - AIO BotThe dark knight rises again… in luxury sneakers! Who would have thought our masked vigilante would get a chance to debut in the new LANVIN BATMAN COLLECTION. The collection includes a sneaker with Batman’s face reworked on the oversized tongue. Other sneakers in the collection have blue, glittery fuzz with the signature thiccc laces! Definitely a sneaker worth Bruce Wayne’s money and fortune! We definitely love us some TV-inspired kicks!


BALMAIN SLIDES - Luxury Sneakers - AIO BotFinally, the BALMAIN SLIDES! Balmain is another victim of Kanye West’s indirect (yet direct) fashion influence. He brought the slides to the game, and now everyone’s riding the wave! But, these are weird – even for Kanye. Well, maybe not! 

The slides are thick and bulbous.  But, on the other hand, they look like VERY comfortable kicks – like walking on puffy clouds. They do feel like something Kanye would design with the padded slider leather and kinda bulging rubber soles. Finishing touches include gold foil BALMAIN branding to give it that added luxury!


Of course, you could always naturally buy all of these luxury sneakers from their online sneaker retailers. But, other times, when it happens to be an exclusive release, you’re gonna need to go to other platforms. And, of course, since we’re talking luxury kicks, you’re gonna need luxury platforms. You peasant and your mundane resale platforms

Luxury resale platforms:
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