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Our Own Personal Pick: The Best NFT Collections You Should Buy!

By March 31, 2022July 14th, 2022NFTs

The Best NFT Collections - AIO BotSo, we’re here to give our humble opinion on the (currently) best and most popular NFT collections. The ones that we think are the coolest. And, for legit reasons! We’re confident – verging on cocky – that you’ll absolutely LOVE these NFT collections and will probably consider investing in them too!

We know that a lot of people buy non-fungibles to ultimately sell them. However, for true collectors of the NFTs, it goes way beyond money-making! And so, although nobody really asked, we’ve decided to give you our two cents for free! And tell you which NFTs we think you should put your money in!

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#1 Doodles

Doodles - NFT Collections - AIO BotFirst, we’ve got one of our all-time favorite NFT collections – Doodles. It is currently a community-driven collection of 10K collectibles with around 4.4K owners! They all feature art by NFT artist, illustrator, and animator – Burnt Toast. The collection features a range of collectibles in different colors with different traits!

Reasons why we like it:

  • Each Doodle owner can vote for different experiences within the community
  • They have a transparent roadmap for everyone to see
  • Very inclusive – all people, cats, pickles, and more are welcome!
  • The floor price of this collection is about 13.4 ETH

#2 Cool Cats

Cool Cats - NFT Collections - AIO BotNext, we’ve got Cool Cats! Now, we think this is one of the best NFT collections because A) it features cats. And, B) Well… cats. Do we need more reasons? Entire non-fungible history could be traced to a cat! However, these Cool Cats are a bit different. The collection includes 9,999 randomly-generated kitties that live on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Reasons why we like it:

  • Cool Cat holders can join in exclusive events: claims, raffles, giveaways, and more
  • You get to hatch your Cool Pet from an egg that evolves to its final form
  • You can also check their entire roadmap here!
  • The floor price of this collection is about 8.69 ETH

#3 Art Blocks

Art Blocks - NFT Collections - AIO BotAnd then, we have Art Blocks! Now, Art Blocks is a bit of an exception to this of the best NFT collections, but it still makes sense! It is the first platform that focuses on on-demand generative content! You pick a style you like, pay for the work, and get a randomly generated version of the content! The collection features 3D models, static images, or even interactive artwork! 

Reasons why we like it:

  • Art Blocks features submissions made by artists approved by the curation board
  • They are SUPER innovative and artistic
  • You can find collections with different floor prices according to your budget!

#4 CyberKongz

CyberKongZ - NFT Collections - AIO BotAlso, we have CyberKongz – probably the coolest of all NFT collections on this list. Literally, these KongZ got swag! This collection features an alternate reality with different-looking weird apes that roam the earth! They all have different looks but they are ALL collectively cool! 

Reasons why we like it:

  • CyberKongz featured randomly generated 2D/3D NFTs for social avatar
  • They have their own token – the $BANANA
  • You can use your NFT on their gamified on-chain experience
  • The floor price of this collection is about 5.3 ETH

#5 World of Women Galaxy

World of Women Galaxy - AIO BotWorld of Women Galaxy – aka WOW – is also one of our favorite NFT collections out there. Not only do they empower and glorify women (as they should!). But also, they’re so damn cool! This collection is the second of World of Women.  The collection comes with 20.5K collectibles featuring women from the first collection who traveled through a portal to join the Galaxy!

Reasons why we like it:

  • World of Women Galaxy includes extremely diverse collectibles
  • You can see their entire goals and missions on their websites
  • The floor price of this collection is about 1.299 ETH

#6 Dotdotdots

Dotdotdots - AIO BotNext, we have dotdotdots – one of the few NFT collections that are cute and kinda creepy at the same time. Dotdotdots features weird cultish creatures that live inside strong beings. But, here’s where it gets even creepier. The creatures disguise themselves as decimals in the code AND are rarely ever seen by the human eye… In other words, bugs. WTF? 

Reasons why we like it:

  • They’re cute.
  • The floor price of this collection is about 0.145 ETH

#7 Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi - AIO BotWabi Sabi is one of the sweetest NFT collections since its ultimate goal is to embrace one’s imperfections! We all need to learn how to be kinder to ourselves and love ourselves. Self-love FTW, fam! 

Reasons why we like it: 

  • Nike based an Air Max on the Wabi Sabi concept!
  • SUPER inclusive collection that embraces quirkiness and natural self
  • They have a clear and straightforward roadmap that you can check here
  • The floor price of this collection is about 0.069 ETH

#8 Forever FOMO Duck Squad

Forever FOMO Duck Squad - AIO BotMoving on to the Forever FOMO Duck Squad – definitely the fluffiest of all NFT collections! These ducks represent a batch of explorers entering the High Street World on the Ethereum blockchain! You get to hatch a duck with special powers! AND, they’re SO cute!

Reasons why we like it:

  • You get to hatch your own NFT duck
  • Their entire roadmap is available on their site
  • The floor price of this collection is about 0.1 ETH

#9 Invisible Friends

Invisible Friends - AIO BotOkay, so technically – Invisible Friends – this NFT collection has around 5,000 invisibility cloaks or something! Markus Magnusson draws these invisible characters – definitely a tough job if he CAN’T SEE THEM! The collection features a bunch of different invisible friends with different outfits all strolling down non-existent streets! You’re basically buying moving outfits!

Reasons why we like it:

  • They’ve got a provable fairness policy
  • They’re super cool and suave
  • The floor price of this collection is about 5.99 ETH

#10 Coolman’s Universe

Coolman's Universe - AIO BotNext, we’ve Coolman’s Universe which consists of three different virtual worlds: Dino World, Wallstreet Wasteland, and Donut World. The entire point of this NFT collection is Spesh traveling through Coolman’s universe trying to find his best friend. Isn’t that wholesome? 

Reasons why we like it:

  • They’ve got their roadmap out in the open for you to see
  • It is a very wholesome and cool NFT collection
  • The floor price of this collection is about 1.22 ETH

#11 Lucky Ducky NFT

Lucky Ducky NFT - NFT Collections - AIO BotFinally, we’ve got Lucky Ducky – the last one on our list of NFT collections! This collection features 7,777 Lucky Duckies that have left the pond and are getting into mischief! The entire collection featured handcrafted claymation generative projects on the Ethereum blockchain!

Reasons why we like it:

  • Lucky Ducky NFT is a family-friendly project
  • They’ve got a very transparent roadmap on their site
  • The floor price of this collection is about 0.03 ETH