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Find the Best NFT Wallet for You: The Top 5 FREE Wallets!

By September 6, 2022NFTs

The Best NFT Wallet - AIO BotYou might think that you’ve got everything you need to BE A PROFESSIONAL on everything related to non-fungible tokens. However, if you don’t have the best NFT wallet by your side, all your efforts will go down the drain!

Therefore, collecting, investing, and trading in non-fungible tokens all require a credible, reliable crypto wallet. Now, you should note, that a crypto wallet and an NFT wallet are both the same thing. So, anyone who tries to sell you otherwise is pulling a clever rug pull

But, technically speaking, what is an NFT wallet?

An NFT wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that supports the blockchain protocol that NFTs use. Also, it is a wallet that supports the currency that you use to buy NFTs like ETHER.

And, considering that most NFTs use the Ethereum blockchain, the most popular wallets are the Ethereum wallets. Therefore, we suggest you find one that supports ETHER! 

These wallets store your cryptocurrencies and NFTs in one secure environment. In other words, they allow you to transfer, buy, and sell digital collectibles. In short, without a wallet, you’ll be very limited in the type of NFTs you can invest in. However, each wallet has different tools and features to offer! And, with the BOOM of the market, came a lot of new wallets! So, here are the best options you can pick from including their features, specs, and links!






✅ ETH and any ETH-based token

✅ Self-Custody

✅ Free

✅ 70+ crypto including ETH

✅ Software 


1800+ crypto including ETH



1000+ crypto including ETH

Hot Wallet


Ethereum and BNB 




#1 MetaMask

MetaMask - Best NFT Wallet - AIO BotFirst, we’re going to start with the MetaMask wallet – the best NFT wallet for browser-based crypto! Most investors starting their journey in non-fungible tokens or crypto often start with MetaMask. Also, it is the most widely-used platform in the world with over 21 million users every month! What makes it so popular is its high-security level with its generated passwords and keys! Learn how to create your account here!


MetaMask Wallet
Features & Specs
Available as browser extension and app
Supports Google Chrome and Firefox
Generates passwords, keys, and a Secret Recovery phrase
Users can trade ERC-20 tokens
Swap features to facilitate the exchange
And, provides NFT and crypto guides 
Price: Free
Fees: 0.875%
Marketplace: Metamask
Blockchain: Ethereum
Allows Staking
Metaverse Available
Security: Encryption
Pros & Cons
Access to Coinbase and ShapeShift exchanges
In-browser extension
And, quick customer support
Access to Ethereum NFTs only
And, slow processing speed


#2 ZenGo

ZenGo - Best NFT Wallet - AIO BotNext, we’ve got ZenGo – the best NFT wallet for people with trust issues! It is the first Web3 wallet with no private key and complete encrypted biometrics security. This is what makes ZenGo one of the most secure wallets out there. Private keys are the culprit of infinite scams and the loss of millions of dollars worth of crypto! So, people either forget their private key, lose it, or have it stolen! 


ZenGo Wallet
Features & Specs
ClearSign NFT firewall/protection
No KYC required
24/7 in-app live customer support
70+ crypto assets supported
Get up to 8% APY on BTC, ETH, and stablecoins
And, 3FA and MPC encryption
Price: Free
Fees: No fees
Marketplace: ZenGo
Blockchain: Multichain
Allows Staking
Metaverse Available
Security: Encryption
Pros & Cons
No private key vulnerability
ClearSign firewall security
And, 24/7 live support
Access to Ethereum NFTs only


#3 - AIO BotThen, there’s – the best NFT wallet for non-custodial Defi wallet action! It is also known for transacting NFTs at low network fees and high speeds.

And, people most commonly visit their website for NFT art since it comes with a dedicated NFT gallery. Users can view the market’s digital assets! And, it also has social media extensions. So, you can generate images and share them on your social media platforms. Wallet
Features & Specs
Crypto rewards on debit and credit cards
Provides dedicated wallet address for NFT transfers
Supports 100+ cryptocurrencies
Users can swap NFTs for cryptocurrency
Uses 2FA
And, supports FIAT currencies, like, the US dollar or the Euro
Price: Free
Fees: No fees
Allows Staking
Metaverse Available
Security: Cold storage & 2FA
Pros & Cons
NFT gallery to view all the market’s NFTs
Trading discounts
And, users can invest and gain interest
No access to cryptocurrencies on Binance Chain


#4 Binance Chain Wallet

Binance - Best NFT Wallet - AIO BotOr, you can try out the Binance Chain wallet – the best NFT wallet for Binance lovers and users! This wallet is part of the features that offers – one of the top places for crypto exchanges. Therefore, it definitely attracts crypto connoisseurs!

Their wallet is a browser-extension wallet that supports NFTs and even has its own marketplace! They don’t have many features in their wallet at the moment. However, they have the option of creating a seed phrase to recover your account as security! 


Binance Chain Wallet
Features & Specs
Offers free guides on NFT trades
Integration with the Binance cryptocurrency marketplace
Supports BSC and Ethereum NFTs
Allows interaction with various dApps
Useful seed phrase for account recovery
And, uses 2FA
Price: Free
Fees: 1%
Marketplace: Binance NFT
Blockchain: BSC
Allows Staking
Metaverse Available
Security: Cold storage, 2FA, API access 
Pros & Cons
Users can launch DApps on the platform
Fast Fiat cash out
And, access to Etherum and BSC NFTs
Only available through a web browser


#5 Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet - AIO BotFinally, we’ve got Trust Wallet – the best NFT wallet for people JUST starting out in the game. In other words, the non-fungible newbies. The wallet is open-source and decentralized while supporting 53 different blockchains with over 1 MILLION crypto assets.

And, it supports game assets through crypto NFT standards ERC11 and ERC721 on the Ethereum blockchain. Also, it is perfect for NFT and crypto staking with staking options for 12 different tokens! Plus, they have their own dedicated NFT gallery for easy access and description of your non-fungible tokens.

Trust Wallet
Features & Specs
Doesn’t hold private keys
Has a dedicated gallery for NFTs
Supports NFT purchasing through credit cards
Supports ETH and BSC NFTs
Has regular audits for safety
And, runs on an open-source framework
Price: Free
Fees: Gas fees
Marketplace: Binance and ETH
Blockchain: BSC and ETH
Off-chain and on-chain staking
Metaverse Available
Security: private key and 2FA
Pros & Cons
Easy for users to switch between dApps with a seamless interface
Supports various assets
And, gives you rate options to buy NFTs
Can be expensive to swapping
And, has price notification errors

In short, you’ve got these 5 options for the best NFT wallet out there. All that’s left for you to do is sign up and start trading. The NFT industry might not be the MOST profitable industry out there. But, it is definitely a great way to make money and join a culture.

And, if you’ve got it in you, you can create your own NFTs and start selling – which also requires a wallet! So, mint your own NFT collection and start making money! Or, you can benefit from all the other ways of making money with non-fungible tokens. Click here to find out the best ways to make money with NFTs!


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