3 Nike Bots That Will Level up Your Sneaker Game [2020]

By October 5, 2020Bot, Nike

Nike bots - Ghost AIOYes, we’re an All-In-One bot. And yes, we’re aware that the title suggests an entirely different bot species. But if we aim to grow as professionals in an industry as tough as the bot industry, we gotta look beyond ourselves. Apply it to yourself as a sneakerhead: does it make sense to ONLY know about Yeezys and nothing about Jordans? You get the point. We find it worth our time and yours to hand it to top Nike bots like Ghost SNKRS, The Shit Bot, Better Nike Bot, and ANBbot for doing what they do. Since copping Nike is a serious challenge.

Why Is Copping Nike a Tricky Business?

Due to Nike’s constant security updates and out-of-this-world brainpower, Nike coppers are to follow one main rule if they’re looking to stay in the game. And that is to choose SNKRS proxies and know the type of SNKRS drop they’re facing. If this got you wondering if there’s more than one type of drop, you’ll be glad to know that there are three types of Nike launches: FLOW, LEO, and DAN. Which you can learn about here. And in order to cop Nike, you’re gonna need SNKRS proxies. Since Nike’s security system is hyper-alert, you’ll want the right type of proxies to appear as real-time as possible. Most preferably with an actual physical residence to avoid getting banned or blacklisted. Which is where residential proxies come to your rescue.

So it’s really about being prepared. You gotta have the right type of proxies, know the type of launch you’re facing, and trust in your bot. This is the number one sports giant we’re talking about. Its current net worth is $35B, so we’re pretty sure it can spare a couple of millions to hire tech-giants. In order to protect its 1 pair per user rule and manage its limited stocks of SNEAKERS.

Why Are We Here?

Copping Nike sneakers has always been a BIG challenge. But some Nike bots managed to crack the Nike code and give their users a taste of the most exclusive and valuable Nike sneakers in the game. Of course, this advantage doesn’t always come cheap. And as with All-in-One bot prices, Nike bots can sometimes get quite expensive, if not unattainable! But you really can’t put a price on a top sneaker bot. Hence, the whole resale versus retail kerfuffle. 

But we’re not here to talk prices. Our main mission is to reveal the following: which is truly the best Nike bot in today’s industry? And we’ve done our digging homework to present you with the best of the best.

Better Nike Bot

Nike Bots BNBRecognized as one of the industry’s oldest Nike bots, or sneaker bots in that sense, BNB was at first a hit on Nike releases. And one of the very few that stood the test of time and is still a fully-functional and fairly successful sneaker bot.

But as you know, Nike’s growing potential to fight off bots and their tricky release models are a non-ending challenge for Nike bots, even BNB. Which compared to newer Nike bots, is not very well-rated. However, it does have some features worth holding on to.

BNB Features Worth Your Shot

First and foremost, the fact that you can buy BNB anytime you want for $200 is tempting. Because whether it succeeds or fails to consistently cop sneakers for you, there’s no money going down the drain. But, you’d have to have a back-up bot just in case, if you’re dead serious about copping those Jordans. Since copping is a risky business as it is, there’s no place to rely on your luck. Other plus sides to owning a BNB copy are the SNKRS calendar that helps you keep track of the heat and the Nike+ account creator that helps you generate as many Nike accounts as you need.

So, for $200, it’s pretty dope on the financial side. But is it enough to help you sleep soundly at night? To grow past the limitations of being a Nike bot, BNB has also created an All-in-One Bot, showing much dedication and commitment to the game. So, if you’re considering this safe bot, follow it @botbnb to track its performance.

How does BNB stand out? It’s super affordable and offers separate Nike bot and AIO bot options.

The Shit Bot

the shit bot logoThe first thing worth mentioning about TSB is its awesome UI! Which puts frenzied coppers in the perfect mood to cop Nikes and Jordans. Kudos to the GFX team for also bringing the party to the homepage. But back to your troubles. How does TSB help? Well, TSB shoots up regular updates in preparation for hyped Nike drops. Because consistency matters THAT MUCH to the booming brand. So, if you’re considering this bot, it’s guaranteed to stay updated and charged to ensure smooth copping. 

However, one BIG issue you could face if you choose to cop with TSB is the fact that it’s out of stock. So you kinda gotta wait for the RARE restocks or beg to win a giveaway!

How does TSB stand out? Aside from its consistent success, The Shit Bot frequently posts prizes and bot giveaways on its Twitter page, especially after a successful cop worth celebrating. So, if you stick around long enough, you might score a legit copy. 

How TSB Beat BNB at Its Own Game

Nike bots comparison

Although TSB is a relatively new Nike bot in the industry, its consistent success in almost all Nike regions has placed it alongside older giants like Ghost SNKRS and BNB. As with any OOS Nike bot, the payment process may be challenging at times. Not only because you’d actually have to rent or pay for the resale value of OOS bots. Which, if as hyped as the sneakers they’re copping, are likely to cost you thousands of dollars. It’s not just about paying for the bot itself. Since in addition to that, you’ll have to pay for proxies, servers, and legit Nike accounts. Which roughly cost $2 each, in the United States and Europe. 

It’s the whole package if you really want to make it as a Nike copper. And with TSB scoring higher on regular updates and constant customer support, it’s without doubt that its success rate overcomes that of BNB. So, if BNB wants to keep up with fresh competition, it’s gotta up its team efforts to keep playing. A two-man team may not be enough to pick yourself up, BNB!

ANB 2.0

Since AIO bot does not cop off Nike, ANB bot, formerly known as Another Nike Bot, cops hyped Nike releases under the same brand since 2015. ANB 2.0 dropped its beta version a few months ago and has proven a slow but steady rise in success. Similar to AIO bot’s easy-to-use features, ANB bot has a straightforward taskbar that both beginners and pros enjoy operating. And if we are to compare it to BNB, ANB also has a SNKRS calendar and a Nike account creator. But unlike BNB, its customer support is top notch and if you need proxies, you can actually go and directly buy them from the site.

Nike Bots on the Rise, or Fall?

The war between Nike and Nike bots has been ON for a very long time. And it doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. However, such a long fight doesn’t go by without casualties. The Nike field is HOT and hard to survive and one of the latest losses Nikeheads have suffered was GHOST SNKRS getting discontinued. So with GHOST being out of the Nike race, sneakerheads lost an extra chance at copping some of the sexiest money-making sneakers in the industry.

But as long as copping manually is tricky and as long as Nike drops the most coveted and valuable of sneakers, sneakerheads will continue to run Nike bots. The matter of which depends entirely on each copper’s financial capabilities and personal goals. So you’re not at fault if you choose BNB over TSB or TSB over ANB. As long as you’ve got yourself a plan and know well enough the pros and cons of the bot you’re buying.