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The Best 3 Nike Bots Guaranteed to Level up Your Sneaker Game [2021]

By October 5, 2020November 4th, 2021Bot, Nike

Best Nike Bots for Sneaker Copping - AIO BotSo, here’s the thing.
Yes, we’re an all-in-one bot. And yes, we’re very aware that the title introduces different species of sneaker bots. But, if we aim to grow as professionals in an industry as tough as this, we must look beyond ourselves. We’re all grown-ups here; we can be civil! Just think, are you a sneakerhead if you’re all about the Stripes, nothing about the Checks? That ain’t how it works up in this joint. When we see people busting their sneaker bot asses out there and bringing in the good paper, we have to give them some credit. It ain’t an easy world out there! The copping game is a brutal, savage one – only the greatest bots can stay standing. And that’s why, when we see some Nike bots out there doing their thing, cooking up some feasts, and doing their thing, we’re all in for it!

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Losing Your Shit Copping Nike

WILDEST Nike Dunks in Sneaker History - AIO BotDue to Nike’s crazy out-of-this-world brainpower and their constant security updates, copping Nike sneakers without Nike bots is no walk in the park. On the contrary, you could lose your shit trying to cop some Swoosh action. But there happens to be a rule of thumb that could definitely up your game: Always go for SNKRS specific proxies depending on the SNKRS drop.

What do we mean by SNKRS drops?

You see, Nike likes to toy with us. Three different types of Nike launches require different types of proxies to work alongside your Nike bot. You got the FLOW, the LEO, and the DAN. These are your buddies; get to know more about them here. Knowing what you’re up against changes the whole rhythm, and you’ll be dancing to the Nike symphony in no time. Knowing exactly which Nike SNKRS proxies to use will help you avoid setting off any alarm because of Nike’s hyper-alert security system. You can learn more about the different types of proxies and how you can avoid ever being banned or blacklisted right here. You can thank us later.

The bottom line is, you gotta be prepared with the best Nike bots and the right proxies for the job. Know exactly which type of SNKRS launch you’re up against, and have some faith in your sneaker bot. Soon enough, you’ll be swimming in hyped sneakers, working on starting your legendary sneaker collection, and stacking up some serious cash

The Best Nike Bots in The Business

Copping Nike sneakers have always been a BIG challenge. But, thankfully, some Nike bots managed to crack the code and give their users a taste of the most exclusive and valuable sneakers in the game. Of course, this advantage doesn’t always come cheap. Nike bots can sometimes get SO expensive, if not downright unattainable! But you really can’t put a price on quality sneaker bots. You get what you pay for. Hence, the whole resale versus retail debacle! Some sneaker bot resells for thousands of dollars – not even kidding. 

But, we’re not here to talk prices. We’re here on a mission to reveal the best Nike bots in today’s industry! We’ve done our research, so you wouldn’t have to! Here’s a list of the top 3 best Nike bots in the business guaranteed to take your copping game to the next level!

Better Nike Bot

Better Nike Bot - AIO Bot's Blog

Recognized as one of the industry’s oldest Nike bots, or sneaker bots in that sense, Better Nike Bot started strong on Nike releases. It’s got over 30 supported websites and retails for $200! It is also in stock, which is refreshing since most sneaker bots are always OOS. But as you know, Nike’s growing potential to fight off bots and their tricky release models are a never-ending challenge for Nike bots – even BNB. 

So, BNB is a good option for a Nike bot! It’ll probably be the first Nike bot you stumble upon when you start your copping. But, you might be better off with a bot that’s newer on the market – more on the modern, up-to-date side! Compared to a lot of the newer bots in the field, you can find other options. Also, you’d have to have a backup bot (like an AIO Bot) just in case! Especially if you’re into copping other sneakers like the upcoming Jordans 1 AJKO.

In short, for $200, it’s pretty dope on the financial side. But is it enough to help you sleep soundly at night? To grow past the limitations of being a Nike bot, BNB has also created an all-in-one bot, showing much dedication and commitment to the game. Too bad it’s out-of-stock.

PROS: Low retail price – Auto CAPTCHA solver – Early Links – Unlimited NDC account
CONS: Poor customer support and services – Limited number of supported websites

The Shit Bot

The Shit Bot - Best Nike Bots - AIO Bot's BlogThe first thing worth mentioning about The Shit Bot is their wicked UI – ain’t no way to deny that! This puts frenzied coppers in the perfect mood to cop some Swoosh action. Kudos to the GFX team for also bringing the party to their homepage. But, a pretty homepage is not what we’re here for! How can TSB help? Well, TSB shoots up regular updates in preparation for hyped Nike drops. Because, you know, consistency is KEY. So, if you’re considering this bot, it’s guaranteed to stay updated and charged to ensure smooth copping. It also supports 50+ regions! They also claim that their users made over 5 MILLION dollars in profit in 2020. 

However, one BIG issue you could face if you choose to cop with TSB is that it sits more on the expensive side. This Nike bot retails for a dollar short of a GRAND! But if you’re into Nike sneakers and the profit they can make you, TSB is worth it! But, on the bright side, you can always purchase through cook groups or join group buys! This way, you could get it for around $300! 

The Shit Bot also frequently posts prizes and bot giveaways on its Twitter page, especially after a successful cop is worth celebrating. So, if you stick around long enough, you might score a legit copy. 

PROS: Consistent and frequent updates – Huge success rates – Great support team
CONS: Super expensive unless through cook groups or group buys

uTools Sneaker Bot

uTools Nike Bots - AIO Bot's BloguTools is another pretty savage part of the  Nike bots list. They created a sneaker bot, called uSNKRS, that helps our fellow sneakerheads cop at every Nike release through your run-of-the-mill Chrome browser. It retails for £100 for 6 months without any monthly payments (which is around $140). NEAT! Well, it would be if it was in stock. They’ve got 20 supported regions, and it’s a sneaker bot for Mac users too! They sound pretty impressive, and they’ve got the rep to back them up. The thing they promise most: quick, quick, quick copping. This Nike sneaker bot also features 2 running users simultaneously to help increase your winning odds!

It does sound like the Nike bot of your dream. But, what’s the use if it is never in stock? It would help if you had a reliable sneaker bot that you could count on at all times. This industry does not wait for anyone – it’s a raging train! So, it does make more sense to go for a sneaker bot that’s always there. But you can check it out yourself and see if this is the Nike bot for you!

PROS: Affordable retail price – Super fast – Allows 2 running users

Nike Bots on the Rise or Fall?

The war between Nike and the Nike bots has been ON (never OFF) for a very long time. And it doesn’t seem to be dying out anytime soon. However, such a long fight doesn’t go by without casualties. The Nike field is HOT and hard to survive – one of the latest losses Nikeheads have suffered GHOST SNKRS getting discontinued. Or even Another Nike Bot, the OG Nike Bot, stepping away from Nike to focus more on AIO Bot! It’s tough being in this industry.

We told you, this is no place for the weak-hearted. So, with GHOST and ANB being out of the Nike race, sneakerheads lost an extra chance at copping some of the sexiest money-making sneakers in the industry.

But, as long as Nike drops the most coveted and valuable sneakers, sneakerheads will continue to run Nike bots. The matter of which depends entirely on each copper’s financial capabilities and personal goals. So, you’re not at fault if you choose BNB over TSB or TSB over uTools. It’s all about copping, flipping, and flexing.