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Best Nike Collaborations: Most Hyped, Most Expensive, and Most WTF

By February 4, 2022November 4th, 2022Food for thought, Nike

The Greatest Nike Collaborations - AIO BotSo, over the past few years, we’ve discovered that Nike has a very special talent – creating the most epic partnerships. Nike collaborations happen to be some of the greatest, monumental sneaker collaborations in sneaker history.

Of course, when we’re talking about the best Nike partnership, we’re excluding the obvious – Michael Jordan. Although the Jordan Brand is – without a doubt – the greatest collab with Nike, we’re here to discuss a few others! And, although the list of ultimate Swoosh partnerships is very long, we’ve narrowed it down to FIVE. 

HOWEVER, it’s not just about knowing how awesome these collaborations are. It’s about being a part of them, copping their sneakers, and making money off of them. Sneakers that come from a collab are the most hyped and the most expensive on resale – AKA so much money. So, what’s the point of reading about gigantic collabs if you don’t know how to cop them? No big deal though, we got you. Click on the button below to learn all about properly copping your favorite sneaker collabs!



#1 Kanye West x Nike

Yeezy x Nike Collaborations - AIO Bot

First, on the top of our list of Nike collaborations, is the Kanye West Nike partnership. This is probably the most WTF of them all. Not that it wasn’t an epic collab, but it was very vague and cryptic. No one understands what really happened there.  The collaboration started back in 2009 with the Nike Air Yeezy I – the sneaker with the most expensive on earth! But, unfortunately (or fortunately), that relationship promptly ended with Ye signing with the Three Stripes in 2014.

Collaboration Highlights:
– Nike Air Yeezy II Red October
– Nike Air Yeezy I Blink
– And, the Nike Air Yeezy II Solar Red

#2 Supreme x Nike

Supreme x Nike Collaborations - AIO BotNext, we’ve got one of the most hype Nike collaborations – the 2010 Nike x Supreme partnership. This partnership started with the Supreme Nike SB 94 that set the tone for the upcoming skater-shoe era. Together they continued to play around with different Nike models, creating the most successful drops ever! They had the most ridiculous resale and obviously prompted a lot of sneakerheads to resort to the best Supreme bots

Collaboration Highlights:
– Nike Dunk High Supreme Pro SB
– Nike Dunk SB Low Supreme Black Cement
– And, the Nike Supreme SB Blazer Black

#3 Off-White x Nike

Nike_ Off-White Partnership - AIO BotHowever, the most emotional and special of all the Nike collaborations has to be the Off-White x Nike collab. The ties between the Swoosh and the late Virgil Abloh are everlasting, and his memory will go on. Their partnership began back in 2017 with the most monumental release of “The Ten” pack. They’ve even worked alongside the Jordan brand as well like on the Jordan 1 Off-White Chicago! This makes this one of the MOST hyped and MOST expensive collabs out there. Virgil’s shoes remain and will continue to be some of the most coveted sneakers in the industry!

Collaboration Highlights:
– Nike Off-White AF1 Low AF100
– Nike Off-White AF1 Low ’07 MoMa
– And, Nike Off-White Air Presto

#4 Travis Scott x Nike

Nike_ Travis Scott Partnership - AIO BotNext up, we’ve got Cactus Jack himself. Now, this might be the MOST controversial of all the Nike collaborations due to 2021’s tragic events. The 2021 festival from hell really put a dent in what once was a super hyped collaboration. So much so that rumor has it that this particular collaboration might be on pause for a while. But, regardless, we have to admit that Travis worked on some of the best Nike models. Together they dropped the best Air Max sneakers, Jordan 1s, Air Force 1s, and more! However, the future of the collab and its releases is still unknown. 

Collaboration Highlights:
– Nike Travis Scott SB Dunk
– Nike Travis Scott Low AF100
– And, Nike Travis Scott Air Max 1 Cactus Jack

#5 Comme des Garcons x Nike

Nike_ Comme des Garcons - AIO BotAnd, finally, we’ve got the last of the Nike collaborations on this list – Nike x Comme des Garcons! It is last on the list, but definitely not least since this collaboration comes with the MOST expensive retail. CdG sneakers do not come cheap, and they definitely do not resell for cheap. And so, the avant-garde aesthetic mixed with Nike’s casual comfort makes for the perfect sneaker blend. Definitely the perfect amount of boujee.

Collaboration Highlights:
Nike CdG Air Force 1 Low Supreme
– Nike CdG Shox TL (W)
– And, Nike CdG Air Mowabb