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8 Best Nike Dunks in History: Ruthless Resale & Dopest Designs

By July 4, 2023July 21st, 2023Nike, Sneakers

AIO Bot - Best Nike DunksNike Dunks secured their place in sneaker history books and sneakerheads’ hearts. After all, Nike worked hard to create Dunks that fit all types of sneaker enthusiasts’ tastes. We’ve literally got everything from OG schemes to insane ice cream themes. Believe it or not, there was a time when people questioned the death of Dunks, permanently. But after around 10 years of laying low, Nike Dunks made it back into the hyped sneaker world in 2019. And ever since then, people started discovering the real meaning of the best Dunks on the market. 

Now 38 years in, Nike Dunks are doing better than ever. Matter of fact, designer Peter Moore created a fusion of the Nike Terminator, the Air Force 1, and the OG Air Jordan 1 to create the first Nike Dunk High. These sneakers were previously created as college-centric basketball sneakers for NCAA athletes. After that, they started attracting a bigger audience to become the greatest mashup of the 20th century, living on to our present day! That’s why it’s worth discovering and knowing more about the most expensive and best Dunks ever made!

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Buy AIO NOWThe Nike Dunks with the CRAZIEST Resale

A sneaker’s hype is VERY important. It’s the foundation for the perfect sneaker flex! But, what’s more, important than the hype is the resale value.

Let’s be real, when it comes to copping sneakers online, it mostly is about the flip. Reselling sneakers is the best way to make easy money in a world gone virtual. The more the resale, the greater the flip. It isn’t a secret that you can easily make a couple of grand in the sneaker reselling industry – so, why not be a part of it by copping Nike Dunks? We’ve got the 4 topmost RUTHLESS resales of Nike Dunks through history. Of course, the list goes on and on! Nike Dunks have a pretty decent reselling record. But, here are four sneakers that broke the scale!

Nike SB Dunk Low Paris

From London to Paris, Nike SB made sure to pay tribute to the cities that had the most recognizable effects on the skate culture. The Swoosh paid such a tribute by dropping the Nike SB Dunk Low Paris back in 2003. As THE best Dunks out there, the Nike SB Dunk Paris was intended to drop exclusively at the “White Dunk: Evolution of an Icon” exhibit. However, due to the crazy demand for the sneaker, there was a change in plans as the Dunk Paris release was delayed and later dropped via select accounts. 

So, the Nike SB Dunk Low Paris comes laid with the late French artist’s- Bernard Buffet- artwork. In fact, each and every pair is unique as it’s overlaid with a different design than the other. And that’s exactly what makes this pair as hyped and as highly-coveted as it is today.  

This sneaker holds one startling price premium of 74,900%! Yes, 5 digits. We’ve done no mistakes here. That’s  74,000% above retail worth of profit! Now, with such a premium price, there’s no doubt that this sneaker is extremely limited. Rumor has it that there are only around 200 pairs in existence. What’s more mindblowing is that Proxyeed, a London-based resale store, sold a pair of this Paris Dunk for $150,000! Proxyeed’s owner believes that this Dunk is “the world’s most expensive private shoe sale ever, excluding game-worn Jordans or signed shoes.”

Best Nike Dunks ParisRetail Price: $60
Release Date: August 2003
Resale Price: $19,835

Nike SB Dunk Low London

Landing in LONDON! SB Dunks, designed and re-engineered under Sandy Bodecker in 2001, were Nike’s gifts to skateboarders worldwide. They have added paddings into their insoles and outsoles with better traction – AKA the perfect skateboarding Dunks!

So, back in ‘04, Nike Dunk released the Nike SB Dunk Low London for the White Dunk art exhibition – the “White Dunk: Evolution of an Icon” event. It dropped during the show’s London part and had people lining up down the block! This Nike features suede uppers in different shades of grey. It also has an illustration of the 200-mile-long river Thames on the heel. The drop was limited to 202 pairs only. So, you can already imagine what the resale on this baby looks like.

In short, this sneaker holds a price premium on StockX of 28,789% – that’s more than 28,000% over the original retail price. This isn’t just ruthless resale, it’s downright criminal! Now, people probably won’t be reselling these kicks anytime soon. Smart sneakerheads know when to hold on to sneakers, and when to flip them. It’s all just a matter of time in this industry. Oh! And a proper sneaker bot for sure. And just so you remember, this sneaker retailed for $60.

Nike SB Dunk Low LondonRetail Price: $60
Release Date: January 1st, 2004
Resale Price: $17,334

Nike Dunk High Pro SB Supreme

Ah, Supreme. The name itself makes the resale value of any sneaker go through the roof. The epic sneaker collaboration took inspo from the 1985 “Be True to Your School” college Nike Dunks to create the Nike Dunk High Pro SB Supreme. The sneaker featured white leather uppers with a University Blue color scheme in faux-crocodile skin overlays. In addition, we can’t forget about the little golden star patterns on the quarter panels which were pretty neat. Of course, to round it all up, we had the Supreme-branded lace deubré in gold on the padded tongue. 

It was also an extremely limited drop to almost only 1,000 pairs released at the Supreme stores in New York and Tokyo. For a retail of $75, it was a pretty sweet deal. Especially considering it has a price premium of 13,233% above the original retail price. It freakin’ retailed for less than a hundred bucks! 

Nike Dunk High Pro SB SupremeRetail Price: $75
Release Date: August 8, 2003
Resale Price: $10,000

The Low Staple NYC Pigeon

So, here’s the scene. It’s 2005; the Black Eyes Peas are HUGE, the College Dropout is out, and skinny jeans are the thing! But, what matters to us is the drop of one of the most INSANE sneaker releases ever. Nike dropped the City Pack – a pack of Nike Dunks featuring four amazing cities:  Paris, London, Tokyo, and New York City. 

Although all the sneakers in the pack were pretty sick, the Jeff Staple-designed NYC Dunk takes the cake. The Nike Dunk SB Low Staple NYC Pigeon was so popular that, on drop day, the NYC police department had to be called in to keep things orderly! Sneakerheads can be pretty savage – it’s all about the cop! Thank god for online sneaker copping. AND, guess what? Only 150 pairs of the Pigeon SB dropped. 150 pairs. That’s brutal.

Funny enough, these sneakers took inspiration from literal NY pigeons! Lucky bastards. It featured light and dark grey uppers with a white Swoosh. But, the best part of it is the little pigeon on the heel. Cooing their way to success. They retailed for an easy $200, with a price premium of 16,600% above the original retail price. Again, we repeat. Lucky bastards. 

Nike Dunks Low Staple NYC PigeonRetail Price: $200
Release Date: March 1st, 2005
Resale Price: $9,900

The Nike Dunks with the SICKEST Designs

When it comes to sneaker design, it’s pretty easy to say that the Nike Dunks deserve some kind of strange-looking medal. Why? Well, amongst all the hyped sneakers we’ve seen in the industry, the Nike Dunks have the strangest, sickest designs – they’re literally the best ones! The best thing about these sneakers too is that they usually come from some awesome sneaker collaboration – like the Travis Scott SB Dunk or the Nike Dunk x Strangelove.

But, some designs happen to be a little on the freakier side. If you know what we mean. *wink wink* No? Well, you’ll see! We got the top 4 craziest Nike Dunk sneakers with the sickest designs so far. They’re the sneakers fit for the perfect sneaker flex. They’re the kind of sneaker releases you don’t wanna miss! Of course, we personally got a sneaker bot, so we ain’t missin’ a drop.

Nike SB Dunk Low What the Dunk

Now, we’ve got the Nike Dunk What the Dunk? Oddly enough, Nike’s purpose for creating this pair was to create a “Dunk to end all Dunks.” And Nike almost succeeded at that. Because if you go back in history, you’d notice that the Swoosh laid pretty low with Dunks releases between 2007 and 2019. In 2019, the Dunks returned from the dead in full force

So, other than it being a potential closure to all the Dunk hype, what makes this Dunk Low extra special is that it was created from 31 of the best Dunks up till 2007. Yes, it was a literal patchwork from popular Nike SB designs. “Jedi” laces and an embroidered pigeon are some of the most striking and notable features this pair flexes. Matter of fact, What the Dunk became Nike’s inspiration for various other Nike drops after that. The Nike eBay kicks are one example. 

The What the Dunks was also an extremely limited drop that retailed for $75. It was a pretty sweet deal. Especially considering it has a price premium of 5,526% above the original retail price. It freakin’ retailed for less than a hundred bucks!

What The Dunk Retail Price: $120
Release Date: October 1st, 2007
Resale Price: $9,986

Cactus Plant Flea Market Spiral Sage

So, a stroll through the flea market? Well, this definitely ain’t no flea market material. This Cactus Plant Flea Market Nike Dunk for sure got a major upgrade, with Swarovski crystals covering the whole Dunk’s uppers. This CPFM Nike Dunks featured a deep green Spiral Sage color scheme with a DIY rhinestone home project vibe – a total head-turner. The CPFM Dunks include an exaggerated Swoosh on its side with a thick-padded tongue. It also has detachable double lace flaps with a Double Vision smiley on the shoe tag. This is a sneaker design that you can’t overlook – literally. Therefore, it will literally blind you when it hits direct sunlight. So, people will have no choice but stare! 

The CPFM Nike Dunk in Spiral Sage has a retail price of $120 – them Swarovski crystals are a B. But, you’ll forget all about that when you see the price premium on these kicks. Are you ready for it? These Nike Dunks hold a staggering price premium of 6,088% above the original retail price! What is this, some kind of pattern? That’s around 7 BIG ONES. Crazy! We shouldn’t be surprised, though. A cool-looking design is a one-way ticket to out-of-this-world resale! That’s when you get when you don’t have a strong sneaker bot and cop for retail!

Cactus Plant Flea Market Spiral SageRetail Price: $120
Release Date: November 18th, 2020
Resale Price: $7,390

The 420 Reverse Skunk

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the OG Nike SB Dunk High Skunk 420, a new limited edition Nike Dunk x Familia Skateshop dropped! The Nike SB Dunk 420 Reverse Skunk – with a special box! AND, the drop featured only 420 pairs, each with its own number! What’s with them and all the limited releases?! It features a purple fuzzy fluffy upper with bits of green on the Swoosh and heel tab. Every iteration of this Nike Dunk has a specific number on the heel out of the 420 – that’s a bit creepy if you think about it. And, to finish it off, we got green outsoles, purple midsoles, and an epic graphic of a skunk on the insoles. 

The sneaker dropped on 4/20 (big surprise) retailing for $170. It currently holds a price premium of around 1,729% over the original retail price. So, not only does it have a pretty slick design, but it’s also a perfect sneaker for resale. Cop in bulk so you can keep a pair to flex, and flip all the other ones! We love a good-looking flip! It doesn’t have to be a Jordan or a Yeezy to flip for good cash money.

Reverse Skunk Nike Dunk Retail Price: $170
Release Date: April 20th, 2020
Resale Price: $4,577

Nike Dunk SB Low Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Dunky

From LICKS to KICKS! The Chunky Dunky Nike Dunk takes a place on our list of strange Nike Dunk designs! Have a scoop of this animated drop that makes you crave a pint of ice cream. This sneaker features a whole new colorway with added detailing all over. It also has a cloudy blue sky with a beautiful green meadow upper and faux cowhide overlays. We’ve got the melting yellow Swoosh on the side and dripping brown leather patterns. It literally makes you want to go out for ice cream – even if it’s mid-winter! To make it even better, the sneaker had tie-dye interiors – total Ben & Jerry style. It’s all about the blue skies, the green fields, and ice cream. We all scream for ice cream! Never too old for that.

This Nike Dunk retailed for just a hundred bucks! NGL, it is such a deal! How do you know that people love Ben & Jerry’s? Just take a look at the price premium. Even if you don’t for some F-ed up a reason, they still look so cool. This sneaker holds a frightening price premium of about 1,175% above retail price. Because we apparently got a lot of broken-hearted sneakerheads in this joint. We hope you got to cop yourself with some of these cool kicks. If not, grab yourself a pint of some Rocky Road.

Ben and Jerry's Chunky Dunky LowRetail Price: $100
Release Date: May 26th, 2020
Resale Price: $1,522

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