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10 Best Nike Dunks of 2020 [How Much Do They Cost Now?]

By December 23, 2020June 22nd, 2023Nike, Sneakers

BEST NIKE DUNKS 2020 AIO FEATIt’s been a crazy year with a massive list of crazy sneaker releases. We’ve got Adidas Yeezy owning up to over 40 fresh Yeezy releases in 2020. And Air Jordan’s still pushing through with innovation in the last week of December: anyone else catch the out-of-this-world Jordan 11 Adapt?! We’ve also got Adidas, New Balance, Reebok, ASICS (naming a few!) and last but not least: Nike Dunks. Sure we’ve got our dope share of Air Maxes, Forces, and modern Trainers. But Nike Dunks are spotlight material because they more than often mean one thing: RESALE PROFIT!

So, that being said, we’re jotting down the best Nike Dunks of 2020. We’re thinking style, history, and hype value. Since both Nike Dunks and Nike SB Dunks play huge roles in the sneaker reselling industry, we want to make sure you’ve got a hint about what you’ll be copping in 2021. You can’t exactly start off the New Year without a clear idea of what happened the year before it. Last year, we had a sneaker recap covering 2019 and this year we’re doing a special on Nike Dunks!

If you’re interested in covering more than just the best Nike Dunks, check out this ultimate sneaker guide!

Nike SB Dunk StrangeLove

Sean Cliver’s first collaborative strike in 2020 was the Nike SB Dunk StrangeLove release in February. In association with Valentine’s Day, StrangeLove skateboards, and artist Todd Bratrud, these velvety pink kicks have recently sold for at least $900 on StockX. Add the special box to these $100 kicks and the numbers will fly to a bare minimum of $1,000!


As the first skate shoe to drop under Nike and Travis Scott, the Nike SB Dunk Low Travis Scott defined hype in early 2020. This Cactus Jack-inspired sneaker is valued at $1,250 on average. Add the special box to this floral masterpiece and you’re looking at over 1,000% price premium on a $150 pair of sneakers. 


In celebration of the ten year anniversary of the Nike SB Dunk Skunk, we got sky high with its reversed colorway. The original green Skunk silhouette is still holding up a $2,000 resale value on the aftermarket. This year’s tribute wore the cannabis-inspired colorway inside out on only 420 pairs! You’ll find the Nike SB Dunk Reverse Skunk reselling for $4,530 on average. Add the special box to this stink bomb for a hefty $5,260 average value. This release is hands down one of the best Nike Dunks with long-term resale potential. 

REVERSE SKUNK DUNK 1Ben & Jerry’s x Nike SB Dunk “Chunky Dunky”

In collaboration with world-favorite ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s, Nike SB Dunk drops the one and only “Chunky Dunky.” With its popping blue colorway, cow print, and dripping Swoosh brand, this sneaker is a resale prize! This delish pair is currently reselling for $1,600 on average. With F&F packaging cranking up its value to $2,450

CHUNKY DUNKYKasina x Nike Dunk Low

Known in the streetwear industry as Korea’s largest streetwear concept brand, Kasina collaborated with Nike Dunk in September 2020. Inspired by Seoul’s bus transit line, two colorways dropped: Neptune Green & Industrial Blue. The Neptune Green colorway appears to be slightly more popular and is valued at $1,270 on average. Whereas the latter is doing less but incredibly well at an average of $770 on StockX.

KASINA NIKE DUNK LOWNike SB Dunk Grateful Dead Bears

In rock solid tribute to the sixties rock band Grateful Dead, Nike SB Dunk honors the dancing bears that commercialized it! You’ll find the three colorways released reselling in the $700-$2,000 range on StockX. The psychedelic vibe of the Grateful Dead Bears boldly enhanced the Nike SB Dunk model to fit its theme. 

GRATEFUL DEAD BEARSNike Air Rubber Off White Dunks

It’s a no brainer that this Off White Nike collab is top on the best Nike Dunks of 2020 list! After blowing up the sneaker market with their The Ten collection, Off White and Nike returned with a mega plan: the Nike Air Rubber Dunks! Extremely similar to the Off White Nike Dunk Lows, this release is loaded with exaggerated straps instead of laces. Although worth thousands of dollars when this release dropped in three colorways, it has decreased in value since October. The three colorways are now valued in the $300 range on StockX. But hey, good news is you can actually consider buying this major sneaker on resale!


CPFM, the flea, air, and sunshine brand, collaborated with Nike this year for one of the glammest and best Nike Dunks in history. We’re talking the A to Z history of Nike Dunk releases. CPFM and Nike actually decided to randomly place Swarovski crystals on the Dunks. And boy did their randomness pay off! The Pure Platinum colorway is reselling for an average of $1,930. And your laces will tear at the seams knowing that the Spiral Cage colorway is currently rounding up at $5,750! Curious to know more? An early bird bought it off StockX this morning for $15,000!

CACTUS PLANT FLEA MARKET 1Concepts x Nike SB Dunk High “Turdunken”

World famous apparel and footwear stockist Concepts brings out its fun side with this Nike SB Dunk High collab. “Turdunken,” which takes after the Thanksgiving turducken special, combines the concept of a turkey, duck, and chicken! It dropped in an oven-themed box alongside Concepts Nike apparel. Although these fantastic Nike Dunks stood at about $2,000 before their release, they are now valued at $290 on average. $560 if you count the box, wrapping paper, and chicken socks.


Isn’t it amazing that we’re ending this best Nike Dunks list with the same reason we started it?! A creative flow in the mind of Sean Cliver! Steering away from his raunchy artwork, Cliver takes a blue pause for the Holidays. An opposite colorway to his pink StrangeLove icon, this Nike SB Dunk takes on a soft blue colorway with a golden Swoosh. It is currently valued at $700 on average. 

SEAN CLIVER BEST NIKE DUNKS 1What’s Next on Your Mind?

It’s important to keep track of your favorite brands and releases to wisely plan out your next move. The evidence above suggests that even though the best Nike Dunks may start out big, time and fresh competition may change their resale game. Keep an eye out for Nike Dunk collaborations in 2021 because they’ve got a success proof like no other. A dope Nike Dunk power boosted with a popular collaborator is your main target. If you’re looking to seal this year with one of the best Nike Dunks in sneaker history, check out the Bodega Nike Dunk High “Legend” dropping on the 28th!

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