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Best Place to Sell Stuff Online: A Beginner’s Guide to Retail

By September 3, 2022November 15th, 2022Retail

Best Place to Sell Stuff Online - AIO BotSometimes finding the best place to sell stuff online can get a little tricky! There are so many marketplaces out there that have so much to offer. So, which one should you choose? Keep reading to get to know the best places for retail therapy!

But, before you jump right in, do you know how you’re going to get your products in? If you’re serious about making money online, you have to have the right products and the right amounts. Usually, the best and most money-making products you can sell online are:

  1. Sneakers
  2. GPUs
  3. Nintendo Switch
  4. Gaming Consoles
  5. Pokemon & Trading Cards

These are the products that make money and make money FAST. You can expect instant cashback and profit right from the beginning. However, to get your hands on these products in order to sell them, you need to invest in retail bots! It is the only thing that will guarantee that you can buy your product in bulk, and resell it! Click on the button below to learn all about the best retail bots!

1. Amazon

Best Place to Make Money Online - GFX - AIO BotIf you ask anyone about the best place to sell stuff online, more often than not, they’ll say Amazon! It is THE top eCommerce platform in the world with the greatest number of sales! You can sell pretty much anything you want on Amazon – maybe not feet pics or a kidney! But, other than that, the sky’s the limit! Click here for a guide on how to make money on Amazon!

– It is reliable and trustworthy
– Vets sellers and removes fake products
– Delivers items in as little as one day for Amazon Prime users
Amazon fees: A minimum of $39.99 per month for a professional seller plan OR 99 cents per item sold plus a referral fee. Referral fees range from 8% to 15%

2. eBay

Next, we’ve got eBay – the best place to sell stuff online since ‘95! eBay has been gaining a lot of traction and popularity, especially since they integrated their sneaker authenticity guarantee program. It suddenly became a reliable hub for sneaker reselling up with the resale giants. So much so that it went head to head with sneaker resale giant, StockX! It lets you auction and sell all kinds of items with a massive audience to cater to! Click here to find out the best, money-making products to sell on eBay!

– You may find a listing for feet pics
– Allows you to edit, upgrade, and promote your listing
eBay fees: It charges a non-refundable listing fee for each product, an insertion fee, and a final value fee between 10% to 12% 

Make Money Online - Best_Places - AIO Bot3. Handshake

Also, if you’re looking for the best place to sell stuff in BULK, you need to check out Handshake! Handshake is a platform specifically designed to bring together suppliers and retailers directly. You can find all kinds of products, no matter how random! And, if you are more into the real-life shopping experience, Handshake has tons of brick-and-mortar shops and store owners! And, it is FREE!

– Handshake integrates with Shopify
– Every seller on Handshake is handpicked and reliable
Handshake fees: It is FREE of fees. All you have to do is take care of the shipping fees. Either apply a flat shipping rate or add up to three different rates

4. Bonanza

Or, another option you can try out is Bonanza – one of the newer online selling websites! The reason why this may be the best place to sell stuff online is: that it is like eBay and Amazon with much lower selling fees! But, you can’t expect to find a big audience for highly-branded items like hyped Yeezy sneakers or Travis Scott Jordans

– Buyers can negotiate on a set price
– You can integrate Bonanza with platforms like Shopify
Bonanza fees: Bonanza charges a $0.25 transaction fee and the base 3.5% final value fee rate

Make Money Online - Best_Places - AIO Bot

5. Poshmark

Poshmark has also been the best place to sell stuff for a lot of people in the US, Canada, and Australia. You can buy, sell, and list all kinds of items you want – clothing, shoes, accessories, and more! It is also a great place to start your business. Poshmark has a huge community behind it that helps benefit all its sellers. 

– Poshmark allows trading
– It is very secure with Posh Protect
Poshmark fees:  For all sales under $15, Poshmark takes a flat commission of $2.95. You keep the rest. For sales of $15 or more,  the fee is 20%

6. Swappa

Also, the best place to sell stuff in the electronics category is Swappa. It’s particularly great if you want to sell off old or used electronic devices like an iPhone or a Nintendo Switch. Maybe even a GPU if you got some! Anything from phones, laptops, cameras, gaming consoles, and more! 

– Swappa doesn’t allow junk products
– It is safe and uses Paypal payments only
Swappa fees: Each party (seller and buyer) pays a flat 3% Swappa sale fee.

Best Place to Make Money Online - GFX 2 - AIO Bot

7. Facebook Marketplace

Or, if you want an even cheaper option, you can always go for Facebook Marketplace. It might not be the best place to sell stuff online, but it does the job! Facebook Marketplace is the place where people sell anything they want through Facebook – obviously! 

– Facebook partnered with Shopify to help sellers more
– Selling on the Facebook marketplace is completely FREE
Facebook Marketplace fees: 0% – no fees

8. Craigslist

And, finally, we have Craigslist. Now, we just have to preface this by saying that Craigslist is NOT the best place to sell stuff online. Mainly because it is also not the best place to BUY stuff online! You see, it is notoriously known for being a marketplace for shady business. It is very risky with its “hands-off” approach. You are prone to falling victim to scams on both ends! However, if you’re planning on selling feet pic or maybe ACTUAL feet? Well, check it out.

Note – please, do not sell feet or other organs.

– Craiglist spans over 500 cities and 70 countries
– Perfect for people who prefer to meet in person to close the deal
Craigslist fees: 0% – no fees