Best Proxies for Every Sneaker Website You’re Botting

By December 2, 2020December 10th, 2020Sneaker Tutorial

Aside from having a great sneaker bot, knowing and having the best proxies for every sneaker site you’re botting will optimize your chances of copping. So, you’ll find in this proxy guide:

  1. Footsites
  2. Yeezy Supply & Adidas
  3. Shopify
  4. Finish Line & JD Sports
  5. Supreme
  6. Nike SNKRS
  1. ISP Proxies
  2. Datacenter (DC) Proxies
  3. Residential Proxies
  4. CAPTCHA DC Proxies

If you need to learn more about proxies and how they boost your chances at copping sneakers, check out this guide.

What Are the Best Proxies for Every Site?



Footsites are sneaker sites that belong to the Footlocker chain. This includes sites such as Footlocker, Footaction, Eastbay, Champs Sports, Eastbay, and Kids Footlocker.

Footsites are very popular sites to cop from due to their high stock numbers. They are heavily botted as they’re some of the easiest sites to operate on. Especially if you’re looking to cop multiple pairs. One of the main reasons they’re easy to bot is that their releases last longer compared to other sites. It is not unusual for a Footsites release to last between 30 minutes to a full hour. Or more!


Because Footsites releases take so long to run out of stock, speed isn’t a priority. Instead, you want to focus on using reliable proxies. ISPs are some of the most reliable proxies you can use, especially on Footsites. Botters tend to have the best success with ISPs, and I highly recommend you have them ready for any Footsites drop.

Another reason why Footsites are easy to bot is the flexibility to run many bot tasks efficiently. Meaning you can easily run dozens and even hundreds of tasks without much effort. But running a heavy load of tasks is resource-intensive. If you were to run 100 tasks, purchasing 100 ISP proxies could be costly. Especially if the release you are going after isn’t so profitable. A more cost-effective alternative would be to have around 25 or 50 ISP proxies and running the remaining tasks with residentials.

Running resis allows you to generate new proxies whenever current ones get banned. It’s no secret that Footsites ban proxies heavily, especially on super hyped releases. When you have a residential plan, you can simply restart your bot task anytime a proxy gets banned and the task will use a new proxy from your list. With an ISP plan on the other hand, if a proxy gets banned, you wouldn’t be able to generate a new replacement.

While residential proxies aren’t as reliable as ISPs on Footsites, they’re still important to have as they allow you to scale up on your tasks. I personally never run a Footsites release without a mix of both residential and ISP proxies. The combination of both yields amazing results.

Final Recommendation for Footsites
  • Run a mix of ISPs and residentials. Use all the ISPs you have available and allocate resis to the remaining tasks.
  • DCs are unlikely to work well on Footsites unless your proxy provider can guarantee that they do.
  • Run a task or two on each Footsite without any proxies. Don’t overdo it though to avoid getting your local IP banned.

Best Proxies for Yeezy Supply & Adidas


Another set of sites that botters enjoy are Yeezy Supply and Adidas. These sites are known as Demandware sites, as that’s the name of the e-commerce hosting platform they are hosted on. Similar to Footsites, they usually have high stock numbers. This means releases can take 30 minutes to an hour to run out of stock.

The notable thing about Demandware sites is that both ISPs and DCs work fine. While they both perform well on Yeezy Supply and Adidas, the main reason I am recommending DC proxies over ISP is due to the affordability of DC plans.

Resis also work well on Yeezy Supply and Adidas. They come in handy if you need to run more tasks and don’t have any DC/ISP proxies available. The main issue is that residentials face more bans than DC/ISPs on Demandware sites. So expect to restart your bot tasks several times during a release.

Using DC/ISP proxies over residential on Demandware sites allows you to keep your tasks running during a release without having to worry about your data consumption. Yeezy Supply and Adidas releases typically last for 30 to 45 minutes. Running residentials for this long with multiple tasks can consume your plans rather quickly. On the other hand, DC/ISPs have unlimited data so overconsumption is not a concern.

Final Recommendation for Yeezy Supply & Adidas
  • You can’t go wrong running DCs or ISPs. Take advantage of every DC/ISP proxy you have and allocate them to all your Demandware tasks.
  • If you want to run more tasks and don’t have enough DC/ISPs, run the remaining tasks with residentials.

Best Proxies to Bot Shopify


Shopify is a very popular e-commerce hosting platform. If you’re new to botting, you may not be aware that many of the major sneaker sites are hosted on Shopify. Sites such as Kith, Undefeated, EFLASH DSM, Social Status, Shop Nice Kicks, and Shoe Palace are among popular Shopify sites you may already know of. 

Since there are so many sneaker sites hosted on Shopify, you’ll have a better time as a sneaker botter if you master copping on Shopify. The unfortunate news is that Shopify sites with bot protection are frustrating to operate on. If you haven’t botted Shopify before, the following insights will help make it easier for you to start.

There are several factors that make Shopify hard to bot. One reason is that stock numbers on every Shopify site are typically low. As a result, a release may run out of stock within seconds. It’s tough to accept but no matter how well-prepared you are for a release, there’s always a high chance you will leave it empty-handed. That is not meant to discourage you! On the contrary, it’s meant to motivate you to perfect your bot set up to succeed at copping on Shopify.

Another reason why botters struggle on Shopify is their lack of awareness of what proxies work best on Shopify sites that are bot protected. In fact, most proxy plans out there are unlikely to work properly on Shopify. If you have a residential plan, your chances of copping on Shopify are slim to none! They’re not quick enough and Shopify does a great job of making sure you don’t check out with resis.

DCs on Shopify?

DCs are another no-no on Shopify. You’ll likely have your proxies banned or throttled. And when your proxies are throttled, you end up being stuck in a queue that only presents the illusion of a possible checkout, when in reality, you’re stuck in place with no chance. Having your proxies throttled is even worse than having them banned because that puts you under the false impression of being in a Shopify queue. The worst part of it? You only get through when the release is over.

So that leaves you with two options: ISPs and running without proxies. The best way to bot Shopify is to run without proxies. Since Shopify is sharp at filtering out proxies, you make it much easier for yourself when you run without any. Sometimes the simplest techniques are what yield the best results!

Of course, the limitation of running without proxies is that you can’t run several tasks at once. I personally recommend running 1 or maybe 2 bot tasks without proxies. If you want to run more than that, you risk getting your local IP banned or throttled.

However, if you’re determined to run more than just 1 or 2 tasks, the only other real option you have is ISP proxies. Don’t get me wrong, ISP proxies perform well on Shopify. But most proxy providers will tell you the same thing: “we can’t always guarantee our ISP proxies will work well on Shopify sites that are bot protected”. Nevertheless, I personally have experienced success on Shopify with ISP proxies and so have many others. So, if you are looking for functional proxies on Shopify, ISPs are the way to go.

Final Recommendation for Shopify
  • The best way to run on bot protection is without any proxies. Have 1 or 2 tasks running on your local IP.
  • If you want to run more bot tasks, use ISPs. They are the closest you will get to a smooth botting experience using proxies.
  • Residentials and DCs will only cause you headaches. Residential proxies are not fast or consistent enough to work and DC proxies are often a lost cause.

Finish Line & JD Sports


Finish Line and JD Sports are similar to Footsites when it comes to what proxies work well on them. To avoid being redundant, make sure to check the Footsites section above for a deeper analysis.

Final Recommendation for Finish Line & JD Sports
  • ISPs are the best! Residentials work well but don’t deliver success like ISPs.
  • DCs may be problematic, so proceed with caution. You’re better off running a couple of your bot tasks on your local IP.


It is not unusual to hear of certain items going out of stock in under 10 seconds. Supreme Box Logo releases continue to shatter the hearts of many who only dream of copping a BOGO on retail. 


To succeed in botting Supreme, you must focus on speed. Every millisecond counts. That means you need the fastest and most reliable proxies you can get your hands on. Both DC and ISPs are great options for Supreme. The safer option is using ISPs as there is a lower chance your bot tasks will get banned through them. However, certain DCs can be bought at more affordable prices and work just as well.

The next best option is using your local IP. To be honest, even if you have enough ISPs or DCs available for a Supreme release, I would still recommend having at least 1 or 2 tasks running without any proxies. You never know when your proxies may lead to issues, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Lastly, resis may work okay at times. Though their main limitation is that they’re just not as fast as DCs or ISPs. If you’re going after items that don’t run out of stock quickly, using residentials might be an option, but it’s definitely not the best.

Final Recommendation for Supreme
  • The best plans are ISPs, though some DCs may work as well depending on the provider.
  • It is worth running 1 or 2 tasks on your local IP without proxies.
  • Resis may work but their low speed may lower your chances of copping quickly sold items. 



There is a lot of preparation required for Nike SNKRS releases. You need to have high-quality Nike accounts, harvest cookies and jig your billing profiles. You will also need good proxies to successfully enter your accounts in the SNKRS draw.

To be honest, you can’t really go wrong with any proxy plan on SNKRS. Resis work fine and SNKRS releases don’t consume much data. A 2GB residential plan should last you a while. 

You don’t need to go out of your way to purchase DCs or ISPs for SNKRS releases. Since residential plans work just fine. However, if you already have DC and/or ISP proxies, you might as well use them! ISPs are reliable on most sites and Nike SNKRS is no different. DCs have also succeeded on SNKRS releases.

Final Recommendation for Nike SNKRS

You can’t go wrong with any proxy type: residentials, DCs, and ISPs all work fine.

  • If you don’t have a proxy plan, starting with a 1 or 2GB residential plan is a cost-effective way to set up for releases.
  • If you have spare DCs and/or ISPs, you might as well use them (especially ISPs!).



Almost all of the sites mentioned above, aside from SNKRS, have some sort of CAPTCHA system in place. When setting up your bot for these sites, you will be required to have a CAPTCHA solver open. The CAPTCHA system that the majority of sneaker sites use is made by Google. So you want to make sure that you have quality proxies in your solvers.

The good news is that you won’t be required to splurge on proxies for your CAPTCHA solvers. Typically since CAPTCHA DC proxies go for around $1/proxy/month. You can decide to use regular DCs and ISPs for the solver, but you’re better off saving those for actual releases.

What I don’t recommend doing is using resis in the CAPTCHA solver. Yes, it may work occasionally, but it can be a hassle and lead to several issues with your solver.

Final Recommendation for CAPTCHA
  • Use CAPTCHA DC proxies. They’re cheap and do the job perfectly.
  • If you don’t have any DC proxies, regular DCs or ISPs work just fine.
  • Best avoid using residentials for CAPTCHA.

Where to Buy The Best Sneaker Proxies?

Now that we’ve covered all you that need to know about proxies, it’s time for the fun part: finding the right proxy plan for you!

It is not uncommon for those starting out to underestimate the importance of proxies. More often than not, I see beginner botters purchase the first plan that pops up in front of them without doing their research around it. They may not understand how important it is to have the right plan on the right site. And so, they end up struggling and blaming their copping failures on proxies. They even blame the bot itself! 

If you’re struggling with botting, there is a high chance your proxies are your main issue. Even if you follow the recommendations above, you may still struggle if you don’t purchase your proxies from a reliable and proven provider. On top of that, just because a provider offers specific plans that perform well does not always mean that all their plans are as effective. I have seen providers with great ISP plans but not as great residential proxies and vice versa.

We’ve already discussed what types of proxies work best on different sites. Now, I will give you my personal recommendations for reliable providers and plans that I personally use to experience consistent success.

ISP Proxies

I want to start by discussing ISP proxies because the truth is, you simply need them. Yes, they may be pricier than other plans but there’s a reason that is the case. The right ISP plan will yield amazing results! As antibot systems are becoming more sophisticated, ISP proxies are slowly becoming a necessity for any successful setup. Here are some of the best ones I use:

Oculus Premium DC

The first provider on our list is Oculus. They are one of the oldest and most reliable providers in the sneaker bot community. Their plans have had plenty of proven success over the years, and Oculus is always adapting its plans to major antibot changes.

The Oculus Premium DC plan can be found here. While they are called Premium DCs, their plans actually contain ISP proxies. I personally always run this plan on almost any release. You just can’t go wrong with it. These proxies work on many sites including Footsites, Yeezy Supply, and Nike SNKRS. They also perform well on Supreme and Shopify sites with bot protection. But Oculus does NOT guarantee they will always work on these sites.

They offer three different types of proxy plans: New York, Virginia, and Release. They’re quite similar performing plans, but Release proxies are arguably slightly better. Since Oculus takes extra care of these proxies and ensures that no user abuses and bans them on sites. They also have different durations for their plans: weekly, monthly, 2 months and 3 months. The plan I currently use is called the Release Premium Monthly and costs $75/month for a pack of 25. 

Of course, I never pay full price as they often offer discount codes for their plans. Which you can find in their Discord community. You may also find exclusive discounts if you’re in a bot or cook group that is partnered with Oculus.

One problem with Oculus Premium DC plans is that they often run out of stock, especially prior to major sneaker releases. So, if you plan to purchase a plan, make sure you don’t wait too long when they’re in stock. As you may regret it later.

ANB Premium DC

Quick disclaimer: I am affiliated with ANB Proxies. I am a staff member and I play a role in regularly testing the proxies on different releases. I have been using ANB ISPs for some time now, and I genuinely enjoy using them. This is why I am including them in my recommended proxies list.

The ANB Premium DC plan can be found here. Similar to Oculus, while ANB does name its plan Premium DC, it actually contains ISP proxies. ANB Premium DCs perform well on several sites including Footsites, Supreme, Yeezy Supply, Adidas, SNKRS releases. They also run smoothly on Shopify sites with bot protection. However, like any other ISP plan, ANB Premium DCs are not always guaranteed to perform as well on Shopify. 

ANB Proxies currently offers daily and monthly ISP plans. I personally recommend going for the monthly plan which starts at $65/month for a pack of 25. You can even use the code ‘ANB10’ for 10% off your purchase and join the ANB Proxies Discord. In case you have any questions or want to stay up-to-date.  

Other ISP Plans to Consider

Proxy Plan

Twitter Product Link Price of 25 Monthly ISPs


ANB Premium DC

@anbproxies  Link  $65 (Discount code: ‘ANB10’) Discord Invite 

Oculus Release Premium DC

@OculusProxies  Link   $75

Discord Invite 

Chi Premium DC @ChiCooked  OOS- Link  $60

Invite available upon purchase

Leaf Mobile Sprint ISP

@Leafproxies  OOS- Link $60 Discord Invite 
Unknown Proxies ISP UnknownProxies  OOS – Link $58

Invite available upon purchase

Datacenter (DC) Proxies

If you plan to run on Footsites, Finish Line or Shopify, it’s best to avoid DCs and stick to ISPs or Residentials instead. But if you are focused on running Supreme, Yeezy Supply, Adidas and/or Nike SNKRS, then it may be worth looking into DC plans.

Personally, I don’t use datacenter proxies as much these days, as I prefer ISPs over them. Nonetheless, I will leave a list of providers worth looking into:

Plan Twitter Product Link Price of 25 Monthly DCs Discord
ANB DC @anbproxies Link $55 (Discount code: ‘ANB10’) Discord Invite
Oculus DC @OculusProxies  Link $40-45 Discord Invite
Chi DC @ChiCooked  Link $40 Invite available upon purchase

Residential Proxies

ANB ISP Residential

These are my current go-to resis for Footsites. Like any other provider, ANB Proxies offers ‘Static’ and ‘Rotating’ proxies. For botting, you almost always want to use ‘Static’ proxies. Unless your provider tells you otherwise.

The reason I am bringing up this plan specifically is that ANB Proxies recently added a new alternative to its Static proxies: ISP Residentials. This ISP pool contains proxies from Verizon, T-Mobile, ATT, Time Warner and Comcast. The ISP pool has a better success rate and gives you edge over traditional residential pools most providers have to offer.

I personally use the ISP pool on Footsites and Nike SNKRS, but you can also use them on sites such as Yeezy Supply, Adidas, Finish Line and JD Sports. That is, whenever you need to run more tasks and don’t have enough ISP proxies.

To purchase a plan, visit this link. ANB Proxies currently offers plans as low as 1GB and as high as 10GB. The more data you purchase, the better the offer. If you’re just starting out, you can start out with 1 or 2GB and get more residential data if you start running more tasks for longer durations. The discount code ‘ANB10’ provides you with a 10% discount on your purchase of any data plan. If you have any other questions about the plan or need further guidance, you can join the ANB Proxies Discord.  

Chi Release Residentials

I’ve been using Chi residential proxies for some time due to their innovative approach to the proxy game. They offer 4 different residential proxy pools that you can generate from: Everyday, Regional, Release, and Unmetered ISP. I personally use the latter two mentioned.

Unlike your typical residential pool, the release resi pool only activates a few hours before a release. In order to preserve the quality of the proxies. Chi does a great job at picking the right proxies to add to its release proxy pool. For example, before a Footsites release, the release residential pool will contain proxies optimized for Footsites. For a Yeezy Supply release, they will have a different set of proxies ideal for Yeezy Supply.

Chi also offers 25 FREE ISP proxies with any residential plan you purchase that you can generate from the “Unmetered ISP” pool. Of course, these ISP proxies are not as good as the Premium DCs that they have to offer. But you can’t deny how relieving it is to be able to get ISP proxies with your plan.

I prefer to run residential proxies on sites that allow me to run tasks in bulk, such as Footsites and Yeezy Supply. When I use Chi resis on these sites, I typically use a mix of Release resis and Unmetered ISPs. When you have a plan and become part of their Discord server, you will find guides that teach you what proxy pools to use for each release. I highly recommend you check these guides out before every release.

If you’re interested in purchasing a plan, check this (you will need to sign up to view the offers). A Chi residential proxy plan goes for $25 per GB and expires in 60 days. Discount codes are also provided in their Discord server or on Twitter. However, to get access to their discord server, you will first need to purchase a plan from their site.

Proxy Plan

Twitter Product Link Price of 2GB Resi Plan Discord
ANB ISP Residential @anbproxies  Link  $35 (Discount code: ‘ANB10’)

Discord Invite 

Chi Residential

@ChiCooked  Link $50 Invite available upon purchase
Oculus Premium Private Residential @OculusProxies  Link  $45

Discord Invite 

Cyber Residential

@ProxiesCyber  Link $29 Discord Invite  
Leaf Residential @Leafproxies  Link  $39

Discord Invite 

Pooky Residential Pro

@PookyyAIO  Link  $43 Discord Invite 
Trek Residential Pro @TrekProxies  OOS- Link  $30

Invite available upon purchase


Finally, if you’re looking to have multiple CAPTCHA solvers open for sites such as Footsites, Yeezy Supply, Adidas, or Supreme, you can get a CAPTCHA DC proxy plan. These plans come at an affordable price, usually around $1 per proxy per month. The downside is that these proxies can only be used for your CAPTCHA solver. 

I have used all providers mentioned below and there isn’t one plan that specifically stands out. So feel free to check them out and see what suits you the most:

Proxy Plan Twitter Product Link Price of 10 CAPTCHA DCs Discord
Ping CAPTCHA DC @PingProxies Link $10 Discord Invite
Peachy CAPTCHA DC @PeachyProxies Link $10 Discord Invite
Cookie One-Click DC @CookieProxies Link $12 (Using code advertised on their product page) Discord Invite

What Is the Best Proxy Plan for You?

Finding the ideal proxy plan can be a tricky process. Hopefully, the recommendations above will set you in the right direction when shopping for proxies. You can always consider plans that are not mentioned in this post. I am beyond certain that there are plenty of other options out there that are as good or even better than the proxies I recommended above. This content is based on what has worked for me and the community.

As sneaker botting becomes more sophisticated, you must adjust accordingly to stay in the game. When starting out, don’t go crazy with the plans you purchase. I recommend you start with at least 25 ISP proxies and a 2GB residential proxy plan. As you get better, you can consider adding more plans to your bot.

I also recommend you diversify your proxy providers. You will want to consider purchasing proxies from different providers. As you can’t know for sure when proxy providers face issues with the plans they sell.

It is important to keep in mind that the proxies recommended for each site change frequently. Proxy plans that work great today may not necessarily work as great in a month or year from now. This is why it’s crucial to your botting performance that you remain up-to-date and flexible with the plans you use. Don’t stick to the same provider for long because their proxies were at some point great. Instead, focus on what is working today and what may work in the future.

As you get more experienced with botting, your understanding of proxies improves. You may find yourself experimenting with different plans to see what works best for you. Don’t worry if some concepts seem a bit overwhelming at first. I promise it will get better as long as you keep an open mind and work on your patience and persistence.