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Bypassing Yeezy Supply Security with The Best Proxies For Yeezys!

By September 17, 2021September 16th, 2022Proxies

Bets Proxies For Yeezys - Demandware Proxies - AIO BotYeezys. That’s the name of the sneakers everyone seems to want to get their hands on! That’s why sneakerheads always resort to the best sneaker bot in the business to cop Yeezys. And, they make sure they use the right proxies on Adidas and Yeezy Supply. But, what are the best proxies for Yeezys anyway?

You’ve already taken the first step by KNOWING that you absolutely need proxies to cop sneakers online. Which is an epic undeniable FACT! But, the type of proxies you use can make all the difference – especially on Demandware-hosted websites!

What Are Proxies for Yeezys?

Use_Proxies to Beat Bots - AIO BotThere are two parts to figuring out which proxies to use to buy Yeezys online. First, you have to understand the online sneaker stores you’re going up against. And second, you have to understand the types of proxies available!

#1 Where Do Yeezys Drop?

Yeezys drop on Adidas and Yeezy Supply MAINLY. However, you can also cop some Yeezys off Footsites, but the main stock will be on Adidas and YS. If you’re copping on Footsites, check this guide on Footsites proxies to help!

Adidas and Yeezy Supply are both Demandware-hosted websites with epic anti-bot security measures. But, on the bright side, since Demandware hosts both retailers, it means you can use the same type of proxies!

#2 Available Types of Proxies

What are proxies VS what are proxies for Yeezys? Generally speaking, proxies are different IP addresses that you use to mask your own. This prevents your IP from ever getting banned, you cop faster, and you can cop in bulk! And, if you’ve been with us for a while, you should know that there are three types of proxies. Click on the links below to know more in-depth information about them!

Residential Proxies
Datacenter Proxies
ISP Proxies

But, the best proxies for Yeezys are the proxies that work best on all Demandware-hosted websites. These include Adidas and Yeezy Supply that carry the largest Yeezy stock! You can learn more about Demandware and how it works by clicking on the button below! You’ll understand a lot more about copping Yeezys.


Best Proxies for Yeezys

Best Proxies for Yeezys - AIO Bot

The best proxies for Yeezys are DC proxies and ISP proxies. Here’s why!

When we’re talking about proxies for Adidas and Yeezy Supply, we’re technically talking about either residential, datacenter, or ISP proxies. The type of proxy you choose works best on specific online websites. We know which websites we’re hitting, so let’s explain the proxies you need for the job!

Features of Adidas & Yeezy Supply:
– High Yeezy stock numbers
– Heavily bans residential proxies
– Longer release durations (30 to 45 minutes)

Proxy Priorities:
– Affordability of the proxy plan is KEY
– The ability to run multiple tasks during a drop
Unlimited data consumptions to keep tasks running

So, both DC and ISP proxies have the qualities to cop on Adidas and Yeezy Supply. You can run both DCs and ISPs for a long time with multiple tasks without worrying about overconsumption. Of course, DCs are much more affordable than ISPs. So, here’s what we recommend for the best proxies for Yeezys:

– DCs and ISPs have unlimited data
– Use mainly DC proxies for better affordability
– Residential proxies face more bans on Demandware sites

Where to Buy?

Here are a few places to buy some of the best Yeezy proxies in the industry! But, if you wanna check out more options, we’ve got you covered. Click on this list for a full list of the most epic proxy providers in the game! They’ve got everything you could ever need!

DC Yeezy Proxies
– CHI Proxies 25 proxies for $40/month
– Oculus DCs 25 proxies for $36/month

ISP Yeezy Proxies
– Ape Proxies $60 for 25 ISPs
– Oculus Proxies $75 for 25 ISPs

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