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The Best Proxy Sites to Buy Proxies for the Ideal Copping Experience!

By June 28, 2021August 23rd, 2023Proxies

The Best Proxy Sites to Buy Proxies - AIO BotSneaker proxies are the missing elements in your sneaker copping game. They are the ones that will give you a fighting chance against any anti-bot systems. In brief, sneaker proxies help you appear more human-like while running a sneaker bot. That’s one of the coolest ways to trick security systems while still being able to cop in bulk. We’re here to tell you all about the best proxy sites to buy proxies off of. You really wanna get high-quality proxies to ensure your sneaker botting game runs smoothly.

It doesn’t matter if you have all the early links or you’ve generated tons of cookies; you still need proxies. A proxy can be a total game-changer when it comes to smooth-sailing sneaker copping wherever you are. If you wanna know more about running a sneaker bot, just click on the button below. You can get all the information you need about botting and proxies together! It’s two for one! You’ll know where to buy proxies and how to use them!

Learn-moreBest Proxy Sites to Buy Proxies

There are three types of proxies that you can use for sneaker botting. These include Residentials proxies, DC proxies, and, our favorites, ISPs. They’re different in terms of speed, efficiency, reliability, and, above all, they differ in PRICE! Now, the price of a set of proxies could range anywhere between $25 and $75. Which might not seem THAT much at first. But, if you’re serious about copping or wanna become a reseller, then you’ll be in constant need of proxies. 

It depends on the type of proxy, the plan, and the best proxy site. In other words, the place you buy proxies from could play a big role in the price and bundle plans. So, here are a few of the best proxy sites and places to buy proxies from.

#1 Ape Proxies

Ape ProxiesAccording to Ape Proxies, one of the best proxy sites, you won’t know what you’re missing until you try their ISPs! Well, in all honesty, we attest to that. ISP proxies have a reputation of being super-fast, and Ape Proxies live up to that rep! You’ll definitely have a higher chance of copping using these proxies. These proxies also have the reliability factor since they run one server for each proxy with up to 1 GB up-link and down-link per proxy.

Ape Proxies Price Range:
– 25 ISPs for  $60/month
– 1 GB RESIs for  $15/month

#2 LiveProxies

LIve_Proxies IO - AIO BotThe final place to buy proxies is LiveProxies. We promised to serve you with the best proxy sites, and that’s exactly what we’re gonna do! They’ve got quality residential proxies with the stability and speed of unique private live proxy pools. They have different residential proxy plans for you to choose from. You can buy proxies off of their website according to different available data plans. 

LiveProxies Price Range:
6 GB RESIs for $100/month
– 12GB RESIs for $180/month
– 40GB RESIs for $600/month

#3 CHI Proxies

Chi Buy Proxies - Best Proxy Sites - AIO BotCHI Proxies offer both residential and datacenter proxies with a promise of the most hyped sneakers and limited-run products. According to their best proxy site, they claim to have quality RESIs with high-speed DCs. Now that sounds like a dream! They have three residential networks designed to give you the options suited best for your needs. You also have the option to buy proxies that are premiums, which are a bit fancier proxies.

CHI Proxies Price Range:
1 GB RESIs for $25/month
25 DCs for $40/month

#4 OculusProxies

Oculus_Proxies - AIO BotAnother one of our best proxy sites is Oculus – one of the oldest and most reliable providers to buy proxies from. They have ISP proxies and residential proxies with different proxy plans: New York, Virginia, and Release proxies. You can also get discount codes for their plans if you join their Discord community or cook groups. But, they do tend to run out of stock most of the time – something you wouldn’t want from the best proxy sites.

Oculus Proxies Price Range:
25 ISPs for $75/month
25 DCs from $36 – $43/month

#5 Red Dirt Proxies

Red Dirt_Proxies - AIO BotOn the list of best proxy sites, we’ve got Red Dirt Proxies where you can buy proxies with lightning speed and a high level of security. You can buy proxies in three different regions: Ashburn, New York, and London. You can also choose between Datacenter and ISP proxy monthly plans or plans that last 4 to 5 days.

Red Dirt Proxies Price Range:
– 25 ISPs from $60/month
– 25 DCs from  $50 – $55/month

#6 CookieProxies

Cookies Proxies - AIO BotOne of the reasons why CookieProxies is one of the best proxy sites is because they offer 24hr ISP datacenter proxies. Aside from ISP plans, they also have RESI plans that you can buy proxies from. You can also get one-click monthly CAPTCHA proxies if you’re looking for those types of proxies too!

Cookie Proxies Price Range:
– 1 GB RESIs for $32 per 60 days
– 25 ISPs for $72.50/month

#7 AYCD Proxies

AYCD Proxies - AIO BotAutomation Done Right. Or, at least, that’s what the AYCD Proxies website states! But, what puts it on the best proxy sites list is, well, its proxies! AYCD offers proxies with unlimited premium support, speed, and multiple top-tier providers. Their residential proxy plans include Oxylabs and Smartproxy residentials. You can buy proxies according to which website you wanna cop. 

AYCD Proxies Price Range:
– 1 GB RESIs for $20 – $25/month
– 10 ISPs for $10 for 1 day

#8 Leaf Proxies

Leaf Proxies - AIO BotAnother option for the best proxy sites is Leaf Proxies that offer RESIs, DCs, and ISPs. You can also buy servers from their website too! They also have a definite issue of being out of stock as well – something that this industry is famous for. Sometimes you can’t find a single proxy! For some reason, nothing is ever available for sale in this industry!

Leaf Proxies Price Range:
25 ISPs for $60/month OOS
2 GB RESIs for $39/month