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Best Shoe Size to Sell for Insane Instant Profit

By August 1, 2023Sneaker Tutorial

 The sneaker reselling industry can make you big bucks IF you know how to navigate it. You have to know the most wanted shoes and shoe sizes. Believe it or not, some sneakers’ sizes can be much more profitable than others. So knowing the best shoe size to sell is crucial. And since you’re here, you’re on the right track.

Best shoe size to sellDo Shoe Sizes Matter?

Are shoe sizes important in this industry? The straightforward answer is yes. The long-form answer is that they’re one of the most important elements impacting sales. 

Think about it, when you want to buy a pair of kicks, what are the main things you consider? The brand, color, maybe how hyped the release is, and, without a doubt, the shoe size. You want to buy something that you can wear. 

And if you have a reselling business, you want to have in-stock shoes that other people want to wear. So you must know the best shoe size to sell

Factors Impacting Prices of Different-Sized Shoes

Shoe resell pricing factorsBefore we get to that, let’s understand the factors that impact shoe sizes’ prices. And yes, a shoe’s value can fluctuate strictly based on its measurement

#1 Supply and Demand

Most industries are based on the supply and demand principle and the sneaker industry is no different. The more limited a supply is, the higher the demand for it, and the higher the price.

Some shoe sizes are less available than others. So this means would be one of the best shoe sizes to sell – ones with a restricted supply as they’d make you a noticeable profit

#2 Shoe Sizes Differ Regionally 

Shoe sizes differ from one region to another. In fact, some sizes might be dominant in one region and hard to find in another. This makes some sizes more desirable in certain markets. Therefore you must get the best shoe sizes based on which regions you mostly market to. 

#3 Customer Base 

This is a no-brainer, your own customers’ shoe sizes. If you’ve been in the game for a while now, you already have re-occurring customers who order shoes within a certain size range. Also, some prefer a snug fit while others prefect a looser one. To retain your trusty sneakerheads, you must cater to their preferences and sizes. 

So, What’s The Best Shoe Size To Sell?

Alright, you now know that size matters and you have to pick the best shoe size to sell. How do you do that? Step one would be to make sure to check size conversion charts as sizes differ between

Size_Guide GFX 2 - AIO Bot

brands. Step two, understand how different shoes fit like Jordans, Adidas, New Balance, Yeezy, etc. 

And step three is to know what’s the best shoe size to sell. And that part is on me. Here are the best sizes to cop for instant profit.

Average Sizes Are One Of The Best Shoe Sizes To Sell 

Nike Dunk Low Shoe Average Shoe SizeThe average women’s shoe size is 7 – 8 US and for men, it’s 9 -10 US. Meaning, these shoe sizes are most likely to quickly sell as they have a broader appeal. Shoes that are around the average sell easier. However, they aren’t the most profitable pairs. 

Let’s take a look at the Nike dunk low panda. Per GOAT’s data, the asking price for the average sizes is close to the retail price ($110 in adult sizes). 

Below Average

Below average - best shoe size to sellWe’re talking about youth or kids’ sizes. Not many people wear these so sneaker brands produce less of them. And, a quick reminder of what we mentioned above: the more limited a supply is, the higher the demand for it, and the higher the price.

Looking at the same shoe, the asking price for a US M 5 is $1,620, and $834 for a US M 5.5. Both are significantly higher than the retail price making US M 5 – 5.5 kinda the best shoe size to sell. 

Above Average Are One Of The Best Shoe Sizes To Sell

Above averageFollowing the same rationale as the one above, sneaker brands also make less of these. So sneakerheads would be more inclined to work toward paying more than the retail price to get them. 

Again, looking at the same panda pair, the asking price for a US M 20 is 2 THOUSAND dollars. If you bought the pair at retail price and sold it for 2K, you’d have made an insane profit. This naturally makes this size one of the best to sell. 

What’s The Final Verdict?

In conclusion, the amount of profit you can make differs based on the shoe sizes you sell. Those that sell fast are the sizes close or on average. And, those who make unthinkable profits are below or above average as their supply is usually limited. Now all that’s left for you is to equip yourself with the best sneaker bots to cop all the pairs you want.