Best Shoes to Resell To Make Tons of Cash in [2021]

Best Shoes to Resell - AIO BotYou’ve decided to join the ranks of sneaker resellers and become one of those sneakerheads flipping for a living. And, you did your homework! You read all the best guides on becoming a reseller. This means that you have your sneaker bot at the ready, got some proxies on hand, and even rented a server. That’s bussin’, man. Good job! BUT, now you don’t know what sneakers to buy and which are the best shoes to resell.

We’re in this for the money. So, naturally, we won’t be off copping sneakers that won’t make us a decent amount of cash. No cap. If we ain’t bringing home the bacon, it ain’t it. We love our Benjamins. 

The number one rule for reselling is that you should never allow yourself to lose money. As the great entrepreneur, Eugene Krabs, once said, “The money is always right!”. The mark of a good sneaker is the profit it makes. A rule of thumb is usually anything with a margin of $50 profit. Less than that is not really worth it. So, here’s how to find the best shoes to resell.

The Best Shoes to Resell on the Aftermarket [2021]

So, what makes a sneaker better fit to resell than others? Of course, the best shoes to resell are those that people actually want and CAN’T get. No brainer. If they can buy it on their own for retail, that kinda defeats the whole point. You’re not going to cop a whole bunch of Ultraboosts and try to resell them for more money. People can literally visit Adidas and buy them at a reduced price! You want to go for hyped sneakers with more limited stock. Take it from the pros, and go for shoes that fall in these categories:

Sneaker Collaborations for Sale!

D Rose - YZY D Rose - Release - AIO BotThe best shoes to resell are the ones born out of a sneaker collaboration – sneaker matches made in heaven. Any sneaker that brings together two industries creates the perfect blend of the most WANTED sneaker ever! This means lots of dineros on resale. 

Lucky for you, the greatest collab in sneaker history is scheduled for this year. Kanye West is finally dishing out a Yeezy collab with Derrick Rose. We expect that to create a HUGE splash in the sneaker trade. So, make sure you stay locked on our blog for more updates on the sneaker release.

Other sneakers on the list of best shoes to resell include the wild Dunks x Supreme collabs that have been dominating since Q1 of 2021! Even before! Whoever said that the Dunks are dead has to think twice. Anything Travis Scott screams GREEN PAPER. Or even other sneakers like the Adidas Forum Low Bad Bunny.

Basically anything with a musician, TV shows, athlete, red box logo, or more; you cop! This is because these types of drops are usually limited-run sneakers. Everyone wants what they can’t have. Therefore, a super limited stock of a sneaker partnership is definitely the way to go.

The Swoosh Money-Makers

Best Shoes to Resell - The Greatest Flex - AIO BotWe’re at the start of the second half of 2021. But, looking back at the drops so far, we have a pretty good idea on the best shoes to resell. The reselling industry took quite a bit of a turn in recent years. It’s no longer about copping a single super hyped sneaker to resell. It’s about copping in bulk, flexing the coolest sneaker collections, and flipping the rest.

According to the ongoing sneaker trends of 2021, it seems that the Dunks are still at an all-time HIGH. This means that anything with the word Dunks in it will most probably make you a lot of money. You’ve got price premium percentages that range anywhere from 25% to 1263% above retail! So, Dunks are hands down one of the best shoes to resell – totally foolproof.

Other Nike sneakers include none other than the Jumpman’s kicks. This year seems to be all about the Jordan 1s (no surprise), and the Jordan 4s! We had the Jordan 1 Trophy Room Chicago currently reselling for an average resale value of $2790. Or the AJ1 University Blue dropping again in a Jordan 4 silhouette. All these kicks give you a huge chance of making a lot of money reselling on the aftermarket. You can’t go wrong with a Jumpman.

Three Stripes Cash Back!

Adidas Return from The Grave - AIO BotNow, if you’re a die-hard Adidas fan and wanna cop their kicks for cash, then you do have some options. Despite their radio silence for the good part of the year and rumors about Adidas’s death, there’s still money here. According to their 2021 strategy, they’re working on pushing sustainable sneakers on the market. We love that idea! Sustainability in fashion is just what we need in 2021. They might be one of the best shoes to resell this year – when they come out.

But the question is, when is that gonna happen?

Anyways, in the meantime, the Adidas Forums have been doing pretty well on the resale market. Like the Adidas Forum Bad Bunny reselling for around $724. This proves our whole sneaker collab theory! Also proven with the Adidas Yeezys.

All through Yeezy history, sneakerheads all over the world made tons of cash reselling Yeezys. And, since Kanye keeps increasing stock for his “Yeezys for all” mantra, we’re upping our game. We’re copping in bulk, taking as much of the stock as we can, and offering them to the people! At a higher price, of course. Ain’t nothing for free. Yeezys have been the best shoes to resell for ages. But, even to this day, you can make a couple of bucks selling Yeezys. Especially with new silhouettes, new material, and crazy new collabs! 


Another way to get the best shoes to resell is by buying at a reduced price! A lot of times, you can find sneakers under retail prices at places like GOAT or You can buy these sneakers and then sell them for a higher price somewhere else.

This is definitely a GENIUS move if you ask us. Because not many people are interested in looking too far. Once they find what they want, they’ll buy it! Which works perfectly for us!