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The Top 3 Rules for Finding the Best Shoes to Resell [2022]

By October 20, 2022Sneaker News, Sneaker Tutorial

Best Shoes to Resell - UPDATE - AIO BotSo, you want to become a sneaker reseller and start making money online! Kudos to you! You’ve finally realized that the sneaker industry is the MOST profitable industry out there. However, learning how to resell sneakers online starts with the best shoes to resell.

Flipping for a living is often an easy job if you’ve got the right tools for it. In a nutshell, reselling sneakers online needs 3 things: 

Other than that, all that’s left is finding the best shoes to resell – the ones that make the most profit. However, if you’re worried about the copping process, we’ve got you covered. Learn all about copping sneakers and see how easy the process is for yourself! Click on the button below for the ultimate sneaker-copping cheat sheet!

The 3 Rules of Finding the BEST Shoes to Resell!

Before we jump right into the actual rules, we gotta agree on something. Naturally, when you’re reselling for a profit, you should NEVER lose money. Not once! So, as the world’s greatest entrepreneur, Eugene Krabs, once said, “The money is always right!”. In other words, you gotta trust that cash!

The mark of the best shoes to resell is the profit it makes. A rule of thumb is usually anything with a margin of $50 profit. Less than that is not really worth it. So, here’s a list of the top 10 best shoes to resell in 2022 according to the percentage profit:

List of the Best Shoes to Resell on the Aftermarket [2022]


Sneaker Release Date Retail Price Avg. Resale Price Premium

AJ1 Travis Scott Black Phantom

12/15/2022 $150 $2,048 1,265%

AF1 Off-White Brooklyn

09/15/2022 $160 $1,737 986%

AJ1 Travis Scott Reverse Mocha

07/21/2022 $150 $1,204


AF1 LV Virgil Abloh Metallic Gold

07/19/2022 $2,750 $9,164 233%

Adidas Yeezy Slide Azure

10/01/2022 $70 $355 407%

Adidas ZX 8000 atmos G-SNK TJ

05/14/2022 $120 $579 383%

Air Max 1 Travis Scott Wheat

05/23/2022 $160 $1,071 569%

Vans Sk8-Hi Woodland Camo

04/04/2022 $158 $446 183%

AJ1 Lost and Found

11/19/2022 $180 $1,221 578%

AF1 LV Virgil Abloh Graffiti

07/19/2022 $3,450 $13,846 301%

Note: the price premium is the percentage of a profit above the retail price. So, if the price premium is 100%, this means that the reseller sold a sneaker for double the retail price! If a price premium is low (but not negative), you can always rely on copping sneakers in bulk. And, you’ll still make a profit!

So, what makes a sneaker better fit to resell than others? Of course, the best shoes to resell are those that people actually WANT and CAN’T get. No brainer. Here’s what you should think about:

It ain’t it.

RULE #1:
Sneaker Collaboration GOLD MINE

Ultimately, the best shoes to resell are the ones born out of a sneaker collaboration – sneaker matches made in heaven. So, any sneaker that brings together two industries creates the perfect blend of the most WANTED sneaker ever! 

The year 2022 had tons of monumental sneaker releases – even one with Yeezy and D Rose. However, in light of the recent beef between Kanye and Adidas, we doubt that’s going to come to fruition. But, basically anything with a musician, TV show, athlete, red box logo, luxury brand, or more; you cop!

Honorable Mentions:
Nike x Travis Scott
– Every single Air Jordan collab
– Aime Leon Dore x New Balance

RULE #2:
Nike & Jordan JACKPOT

Also, another rule that you should follow when looking for the best shoes to resell is: the Nike & Jordan JACKPOT. In other words, anything that has the Nike Swoosh on it is easy money. In 2022, the most trending sneakers happen to be mostly Nike kicks and Jordan drops! This basically means a whole lotta Dunks, the Jordan 2s, and even the Jordan 4s! In all honesty, all kinds of Jordans really make the best shoes to resell.

Honorable Mentions:
Air Jordan 2 Titan
Air Jordan 7 Trophy Room Chicago
Zion Williamson Jordan 1 Low Voodoo

RULE #3:
Luxury Sneaker CASH BACK!

Finally, the last rule to finding the best shoes to resell is a rule, not every reseller can follow. Granted, this one is not for weak hearts (or weak wallets) because it includes luxury brands! Ever since Kanye West and the late Virgil Abloh joined the sneaker industry, they changed the entire scene. Luxury was no longer limited to fashion powerhouses. 

And so, this made luxury kicks a HUGE hit in the sneaker industry and some of the best shoes to resell! A definite EASY cashback. But, only if you have the cash for it! However, you won’t technically need to cop too many pairs of them to start with. 

Honorable Mentions:
Off-White Air Force 1 Brooklyn
Air Force 1 LV Virgil Abloh Metallic Gold
Balenciaga x adidas Triple S White Black


Also, another way to get the best shoes to resell is by buying at a reduced price! A lot of times, you can find sneakers under retail prices at places like GOAT or StockX. So, you can buy these sneakers and then sell them for a higher price somewhere else.

Honestly, this is definitely a GENIUS move if you ask us. Because not many people are interested in looking too far. But, once they find what they want, they’ll buy it! Which works perfectly for us! And, you can consider this to be a loophole for finding the best shoes to resell.