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Best Shopify Proxies to Take On KITH, UNDEFEATED, BAPE, and MORE!

By September 21, 2021September 16th, 2022Proxies

Best Shopify Proxies - AIO BotOne of the BIGGEST e-commerce hosting platforms in the sneaker industry happens to be none other than Shopify itself. It hosts 30+ main sneaker stores including Kith, Undefeated, Shoe Palace, Bape, and more. So, having the best Shopify proxies by your side will ensure you master copping Shopify stores!

It’s not ONLY about having the best proxies in the game. If you don’t choose the right ones for the job, you’ll end up wasting money and taking Ls! Just as you’ve got specific Footsites proxies or even Yeezy Supply proxies, you’ve got the best Shopify proxies. Here’s how to figure it all out!

What Are Shopify Proxies?

So, the best Shopify proxies aren’t any special proxies that are specifically manufactured to help you cop Shopify stores. But, they are proxies that work BEST on Shopify stores. 

You already know that proxies are there to make your copping experience so much better. Proxies mask your own personal IP address and make sure it never gets banned. They also help you cop in a much faster and more efficient way. PLUS, you get to cop sneakers in bulk – how awesome is that! There are THREE types of proxies that sneakerheads use to cop. Click on the links below for more in-depth information about them.

Residential Proxies
Datacenter Proxies
ISP Proxies

Of course, using proxies to cop Shopify should include using an epic sneaker bot, right? Or else, what’s the point of the entire process! And, if you intend on copping Shopify for a long time, you can ultimately go for a Shopify bot instead! Click on the button below to learn more about these types of sneaker bots!


What Are the Best Shopify Proxies?
ISP Proxies!

Best Proxies for Shopify - AIO Bot

The best Shopify proxies are ISP proxies OR using NO PROXIES at all. Here’s why!

Copping sneakers off of Shopify stores may not be the easiest thing to do in the world! But, at the same time, it isn’t impossible. However, you have to understand what you’re going up against to figure out the proxies you need. We’ll explain more about the best Shopify proxies.

Features of Shopify:
Filters out proxies
– Very low stock numbers
– Heavily bans proxies on release date
– Releases are very short (seconds to minutes)
– Contains sneaker sites that are heavily protected with anti-bot security

Proxy Priorities:
– Super speedy proxies
– Really reliable proxies
– The ability to run multiple bot tasks

So, we’re basically describing the features of an ISP proxy. Residentials are too slow to cop on Shopify sites, and DCs are too unreliable and will get banned or throttled! But, at the same time, another feasible option would be running without proxies at all! This means running the release on your local IP. Here’s what we recommend:
– Cop the release without proxies unless you want to run more than just 1-2 tasks
– If you wanna run more tasks, ISPs are the best Shopify proxies

Where to Buy?

Here are a few places to buy some of the best Shopify proxies in the industry! But, if you wanna check out more options, we’ve got you covered. Click on this list for a full list of the most epic proxy providers in the game! They’ve got everything you could ever need!

Best Shopify Proxies:
– Oculus Proxies $75 for 25 ISPs
Ape Proxies $60 for 25 ISPs
– Red Dirt Proxies for $60 for 25 ISPs
– Leaf Proxies $60 for 25 ISPs

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