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The 10 Leading Sneaker Blogs Running the Game Right Now!

By August 25, 2021January 8th, 2024News, Sneaker News

Top 10 Sneaker Blogs - AIO BotYou might not realize this, but sneaker blogs are the reason why the sneaker industry is still alive and thriving! Does that sound like a bit of a stretch?

Well, here’s why we think so! 

You see, we live in a world that’s become almost completely virtual. Add a global pandemic to the mix with a whole lot of lockdowns, and what do you get? A generation of sneakerheads who are fully reliant on sneaker blogs to find out everything! To get all the latest news, sneaker links, and all things related to the sneaker game.

And yes, we said generation. You can’t deny that we all feel kinda reborn because of the pandemic! So, yes. We’re Generation P (for the pandemic!). We find our answers through Googling everything – including sneaker-related stuff. If we can get all the sneaker scoops, do all the copping and reselling all from home; why bother?

But, not all that glitters is gold. You can’t just slap on a sneaker logo and call yourself a sneaker blog! Getting your info from an unreliable source could be FATAL to a sneakerhead. So, here’s a list of the top 10 leading sneaker blogs running the game right now!

*Note: The blogs are listed randomly and in no particular order of importance. You make your own judgment after this!

10 Sneaker Blogs You Should Follow

Being a part of the sneaker culture and sneaker blogging gives us insights into what goes into writing good content! But also, being a sneakerhead gives us insights into what we like to see and what info we need! Being a writer that covers sneaker-related topics is completely different from being a sneakerhead that covers sneaker-related topics!

If it sounds like we’re throwing shade at some point during this post, it’s because we are. JK! We’ve got nothing but love and respect for these awesome blogs and their writers. But, we won’t be authentic if we don’t call a spade a spade! This is our verdict from the point of view of a sneakerhead.

So, here are the sneaker blogs that we think do it right! (For the most part!)

  1. AIO Bot Blog
  2. Sneaker News
  3. Sole Collector
  4. Nice Kicks
  6. Sneaker Freaker
  8. Sneaker Bar Detroit
  9. Kicks On Fire
  10. Complex Sneakers

#1 AIO Bot Blog!

AIO Bot Sneaker Blogs - AIO BotNow, it might seem biased to put our blog on the top of the list of best sneaker blogs. BUT, just take a look at it yourself. We’ve incorporated things we LOVE in sneaker blogs, taken out things we HATE, and created the perfect blog. In all modesty.

Follow @aiobot on Instagram to stay in the sneaker loop!

Has a super cool bot with epic graphics!
– Doesn’t use overly complicated lingo
– Serves nothing but FACTS
– Reliable, up-to-date, and credible information
– One of the oldest sneaker bots in the game (shares secrets of the trade)
– Has guides on perfect sneaker copping, answers technical bot-related questions, and keeps you in the know on the monthly releases!

– Makes you feel bad for not living a glamorous life as AIO Bot’s life – click here

#2 Sneakernews

Sneakernews_Blog - AIO BotIf anyone’s searching for specific sneaker blogs, they’ll come across Sneaker News. They’ve got it in their name! Literally brings you news about sneakers. They’ve been in the game for a very long time, and have earned a lot of credibility. So much so, that a lot of sneaker blogs rely on them as a reliable source! They’re consistent and original, which are two of the most important qualities to have in this industry!

Check out their Twitter @SneakerNews for all their latest Tweets!

– Has exclusive photoshoots
– Gives detailed views of every sneaker release
– 100% reliable, credible, and trustworthy

Somewhat complicated style in writing
– Can potentially confuse you when it comes to sneaker anatomy
– Some of their writers are obviously Shakespeare wannabes (sneaker slang impairment)

#3 Sole Collector

Sole Collector_Blog - AIO BotSole Collector is part of the Complex’s media network and is one of the best sneaker blogs to follow in 2024. Sole Collector has a huge collection of sneaker news and information on the latest releases. They’re very organized in terms of categorizing their sneaker-related news according to the sneaker brand. Sole Collector even had their very own forum which was shut down on January 31st, 2018. You can even buy sneakers off of their on-site marketplace or their mobile app!

Follow their Twitter @SoleCollector to stay posted on all their latest Tweets!

– Constant updates to release content
– Super-specific search option
– Easy to Read

Their style is a bit old-school in comparison to other sneaker blogs
Website is a bit all over the place (might be overwhelming at first)

#4 Nice Kicks

Nice Kicks Sneaker Blogs - - AIO BotNice Kicks is an online store and sneaker blog that covers everything related to sneaker news and releases. They’ve got access to NBA athletes and certain celebrities which gives them an edge. Also, they recently launched an exclusive aftermarket retailer partnership with eBay – hopping on the retail trend

Check them out on Twitter at @nicekicks for their latest Tweets on sneaker releases!

– They’ve got brand and model-focused calendars
– You can check past, upcoming, and unconfirmed releases
– Brand-based categories

– Going through all the latest news requires a LOT of scrolling
– Works best for news on release dates and not sneaker news in general


Hypebeast_Blog- AIO BotHYPEBEAST is one of those sneaker blogs with a mission: Driving culture forward. And, honestly, we LOVE that! They are a footwear-meets-fashion type of domain all while elitisting culture! They drop numerous features on the daily across several categories. Literally always on the latest news. They’ve got a HypeIndex and Brand Ranking on their site for the full retail experience.

Follow them on their Twitter @HYPEBEAST for a constant taste of true culture in fashion!

– Very reader-friendly content
No discrimination according to the sneaker brand!
– They’ve got a trending meter that helps you know what’s IN and what’s OUT

Their website often feels LOUD
– A bit of a people-pleaser website (gives too much hype to some things!)

#6 Sneaker Freaker

Sneaker Freaker_Blog - AIO BotSneaker Freaker is one of the best sneakers blogs. And, one of our favorite Australian sneaker blogs! It is an Australian independent magazine that has become a staple for sneaker news. They converted their magazine into online content and in-house photography. So, with a background in journalism, you can be damn sure that they triple-fact-check their sources!

Check out the world’s first international magazine on Twitter @snkrfrkrmag!

Live countdowns for every sneaker release
– Covers all kinds of news related to sneaker releases and the industry

Their website is not very reader-friendly
– Very overwhelming to navigate through their news page


Highsnobiety_Blog - AIO BotHighsnobiety is the elite of the sneaker blogs. Their website literally screams luxury and you might even feel like you aren’t fancy enough to be there! They cover sneaker-related stories based on athletics and designer shoes with very detailed features. They’ve also got branded Highsnobiety products that you can buy from their shop.

Follow their Twitter account @highsnobiety for more information on the latest sneaker news!

Very sleek and sexy UI
– Provides a lot of detailed information on release and general news
– Also covers a lot of fashion and culture-related topics while promoting footwear

-Rumored to exploit culture for clout and profit

#8 Sneaker Bar Detroit

Sneaker Bar Detroit Sneaker Blogs - AIO BotSneaker Bar Detroit is one of those sneaker blogs that cater to sneakerheads looking for release news. They cover sneaker updates on Air Jordans, Nike, Adidas, and more. It is a very reliable blog to get all your sneaker sources from. They even have brand-focused sneaker calendars so you can easily navigate to your liking.

Credible and reliable
– Offer exclusive “First Looks” of sneakers
– Gives a detailed description of sneakers without overcomplicating things

– Is better for sneaker release details rather than general sneaker-related topics
– Very primitive (but straight to the point) UI

#9 Kicks On Fire

Kicks On Fire_Blog - AIO BotKicks on Fire is one of the most formidable sneaker blogs in the game! But, it generally feeds off of its social media presence more. They partnered up with Kixify back in 2013 to create a ‘brand new copping experience for sneakerheads’. They literally promoted reselling sneakers through Kixify! We think that was very cool and it definitely opened up a lot of opportunities for sneaker resellers!

Join their 1 MILLION followers on Twitter @kicksonfire for more information!

– Clean, seamless UI for better user navigation
– You can check out the top 50 trending sneakers
– Promotes standard sneaker news

Just standard sneaker news. Not much more.

#10 Complex Sneakers

Complex Sneaker Blogs - AIO BotFinally, the last one on the best sneaker blogs list is Complex Sneakers! Complex is the basic blog to make culture thrive! They’ve got sneaker experts and influencers to run their sneaker coverage and sneaker news. They’ve got everything from sneaker releases to news on sneaker collaborations, and different guides.

Follow @ComplexSneakers on Twitter for your daily dose of sneaker pop culture!

– Has literally news on anything and everything related to the industry
– Feels like a pop culture magazine
– Very fun to visit!

Has everything related to the industry, which might be too much sometimes
– Would not recommend if you’re strictly looking for sneaker release information

And that’s just about it for our top 10 leading sneaker blogs in the industry! We really do believe that if you wanna find a reliable source of information, you go to one of these blogs. Whether it’s just about sneaker releases or more about sneaker copping, you can find what you need here. 

There’s a lot to learn about sneakers, but so much that you can learn from going through tons of blogs. Luckily for you, we’ve put together an entire guide about everything related to sneakers to get you started. Click on the button below for an induction article to the sneaker industry!