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Best Sneaker Bot 2018: How Many Ls and How Many Ws So Far?

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  • July 28, 2018
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Can you believe it’s already been 7 months in 2018? Time really flies! But we’re not nearly through with sneaker releases. In fact, the biggest bulk of heated sneaks is going to release starting August. And trust us when we say, you will not survive these upcoming 4 months without a sneaker bot. A really powerful one.

However, buying a sneaker bot is not so easy. Many sneaker bots out there market false success and have armies of fake followers on Twitter to trick sneakerheads into thinking they’re the best. So in order to know which bot can make a profitable investment, you need to know what features each bot offers and how well they did on previous releases.

Therefore, we’re writing this piece to compare features and performance of the major bots out on the market, to help sneakerheads like yourself know exactly which sneaker bot to buy before all the crazy sneaker releases in Q4 2018.

What Makes a Sneaker Bot Successful?

Every sneaker bot out there is developed to be unique and to offer special and exclusive features to its users. However, there are some basic and common features that every major sneaker bot has.

  • Tasks: Copping several pairs is a dream for almost every sneakerhead out there. So a sneaker bot that fulfills this dream is a really big deal. An efficient sneaker bot must support multiple tasks, giving you the chance to try to buy as many pairs as possible.
  • Sites: That’s an easy one. More supported sites, means more chances to cop. Therefore, you can see that almost all major sneaker bots support over 40 sites, to cover the widest range possible of sites dropping your favorite sneakers.
  • Updates: Sneaker sites and manufacturers are constantly updating their sites to outsmart the bots. In turn, bot makers must regularly update their technology to stay ahead in the game. The best bots are regularly updated and typically offer free updates for a specific period of time.

Past & Future Performance

Other than the features it offers, a sneaker bot must have a high success rate to be worthy of your time, efforts, and money. So if you’re looking to buy a sneaker bot to help you cop the upcoming releases in Q4 2018, you need to know how well each of them performed in the first 3 quarters.

Up until today, Twitter proved to be THE platform for sneakerheads. That’s where you can find all the news and leaks about your favorite kicks. And that’s where you can see if a sneaker bot can actually cop or not. How is that?

Most sneakerheads take to Twitter to express their disappointment, mercilessly, when a sneaker bot fails them. In contrast, they also turn to the platform to tweet their gratitude whenever they get the sneakers they so desperately wanted. Using that logic, we infer that the number of success tweets a sneaker bot has on its Twitter reflects how well they did on a certain release, or not. And since counting all the way back to January is gonna take ages from you we’ve done it on your behalf.

The graph below shows the total number of success tweets sneaker bots had on major sneaker releases so far in 2018.

Sneaker Bot's Shoutout total


Although the number of S/Os is not equal to that of copped sneakers, it gives a clear idea of the general performance of a bot. Since sneaker bots tend to improve, most of the time, it also acts as a predictor of success in upcoming releases.

So, if you’re looking forward to cop any and all the upcoming Yeezy releases, you should take the graph above very seriously. A sneaker bot that hasn’t been able to score a high success rate so far, will not just magically become a super bot. The previous Yeezy releases were fairly coppable, and even brand new sneaker bots had some sort of success. So any sneaker bot that missed the 5 top spots, is a risky choice.

The sneaker releases left to drop in 2018 will be worth every penny. So don’t waste your money or time on a failing sneaker bot. You can cop so many releases using the right one.


Personally, I don’t always like it when a software I use requires updating. Who does? But in the case of a sneaker bot, you should add frequent updates to your list of blessings to count. The war between sneaker sites and sneaker bots is eternal. On every single release sites like Adidas add more measures to prevent bots from working. And developers of reliable sneaker bots work restlessly to update your bot to level up with the changes. So yeah! A sneaker bot that’s frequently updating, is one you must buy. Now! before the next batch of hyped releases and Yeezys hit the battlefield.

Sneaker Bot Reviews

Reviews are another thing to thoroughly check out before buying a sneaker bot. You can find reviews on every sneaker bot’s website, on Trust Pilot, and the likes of Yeezybotreviews. Although some sneaker bots might fake some reviews to boost their reputation, a good sneaker bot can always be spotted. Consistent, realistic and numerous reviews are what you need to look for.


Since working with some sneaker bots might be complicated, especially if you’re new to this, support is a must. Look for a sneaker bot that offers reliable and helpful customer support. Send them a message, ask whichever question that comes to your mind and see what you get. Sometimes you get the answer you’re looking for, sometimes you get nothing. And “Nothing” is not the answer you want.

Which Will You Buy?

Of course, a sneaker bot that offers most of these features. Success, support, updates, at a reasonable price point fit for a real copping beast. Remember that an L could cost you a lot more than a couple hundred dollars spent on the right bot.