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The One-Stop Guide to the Best Sneaker Bots [2024]

By November 20, 2023May 7th, 2024Bot, Sneaker botting

AIO Bot - Best Sneaker Bots Guide 2023 - Best Shoe BotsHow long did it take you to get here? Have you been researching sneaker reselling for a while now? Well, you’re here in time. The sneaker reselling market is picking up with more Dunks, exclusive Jordans, and Adidas kicks dropping all year round! But here’s the gist, you ain’t buying any sneakers unless you get one of the best sneaker bots. 

Now, you gotta know that as with any side hustle, you must put in some effort to start making money. However, in the case of sneaker reselling, the effort you need to put in is far less. And the profit is literally limitless. And how much money you can make reselling sneakers really depends on you. On how much storage space you got, and how much time you have to process orders and ship parcels. All from the comfort of your home!

Other than that, if you run any of the best shoe bots in the industry, you’ll make as much money as you want. Read through to get all the details!

What are The Best Sneaker Bots Today?

Before we start ranking bots and rating them, let’s recap what sneaker bots are, and why you need them.

What Are Sneaker Bots?

By definition, sneaker bots are software programs that automate the process of buying sneakers online. And actually any other item, as long as these bots work where this item is dropping. Sneaker bots browse the websites where you want to shop, find the sneakers you want, add them to your cart, and check out! It really is that simple.

In addition, shoe bots allow you to get the forbidden, multiples of any item you want to cop. A concept fought by retailers for many years, where they would only allow a customer 1 piece of a limited item. Using sneaker bots, you can bypass that and buy sneakers in bulk.

Why, though? 

Why do you actually need the best sneaker bots by your side? Or, why would you need a guarantee of purchase? Can’t you just go to Adidas, Nike, or any other retailer and check out any shoes you want?

Well, in theory, yes, you can. 

But in reality, things get more tricky when a pair of limited-edition Air Jordan or Nike Dunk drops. Tens of thousands of sneakerheads gang up online to try to secure their own pairs. So with so much demand paired with low stock, you need some edge from the best sneaker bots. A little push to cross the finish line. 

Also, when you factor in the whole “one pair per customer” rule, it changes perspective. If you’re in for the money, one sneaker is not going to cut it! Sneaker bots help you cop sneakers in bulk while bypassing website security. Now, that might sound illegal and too good to be true. But it is 100% legal and so real, everyone except you are doing it!

How Do Sneaker Resellers Make Money?

Now, the reason this whole process exists is the underlying profit you could make. Sneaker resellers make anywhere from $500 to a couple of thousand dollars a month. In profit, that is! How do they do that, you may ask? Pretty simple, they buy low and sell high.

Sneaker resellers, unlike unfortunate commoners and clueless sneakerheads, only buy kicks at retail. No matter how exclusive a pair of sneakers is, using one of the best sneaker bots helps you land it at retail. With unimaginable ease! And later on, they resell them and make a ton of profit on the sneaker aftermarket. Which by the way, is now worth over $6 Billion globally. According to Cowen’s Equity Research, in 2019, it’s estimated to reach a value of $30 Billion by 2030!

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The best sneaker bots have various specs and features that make them THE BEST in the game. Some of them work better as a Footsites bot, while others have a reputation for being the best on Shopify. On the other hand, some bots dominate Nike releases

So, when you’re looking for the best bot for you, you gotta consider these factors: high success rates, the number of running users, and the price point. Check out the top 9 current best bots of the sneaker copping game!


AIO Bot - Best Sneaker Bots 2023There are all the best sneaker bots, and then there’s AIO Bot – the industry’s longest-lasting all-in-one bot, at 9 years standing! At some point, almost every sneakerhead in the game ran AIO Bot at one point in their botting journey. No cap. 

Its long history of success speaks for itself! AIO bot was known for its incredible performance on Yeezy releases. Yes, was. As in Adidas might never ever release the rest of the Yeezy stock. We’ve even crushed any, and all Dunk and Jordan releases ever. Soon enough, AIO Bot will support Nike SNKRS to give you the full experience. You’ll get to maximize your reselling profit by expanding your copping pool to include all big sneaker brands. Thanks to our team of developers who work non-stop to update the bot and our excellent support team! We give the people what they want!

AIO Bot Features:
– Easy to Use
– Supports 100+ websites
– Works on Mac and Windows operating systems
– Affordable – $299 per year

Nike Shoe Bot

NSB - Best Sneaker Bots 2023Also, we’ve got NSB. A true all-in-one sneaker bot. NSB is one of the longest-standing automation software in the sneaker scene. Having been around for years, you can tell the team behind NSB knows what they’re doing. Especially now with the new NSB3 upgrade. So not only does it nail Shopify and Footsites, but NSB3 is just a few steps away from becoming a straight-up Nike bot! Their latest upgrade features Nike SNKRS in multiple regions. Plus, their Twitter and Discord show promising results success on recent Nike drops. And the community is pretty psyched about it.

NSB Features:
– Easy to use
– Supports Shopify, Nike SNKRS, and Adidas Confirmed.
– Works on Windows operating systems
– Moderate – $499 per year (30% Limited Time Sale: $349.00 / year- With all the Sites it affords? Cheap as you won’t need another bot)


MEK AIO Bot - Best Sneaker Bots 2023MekAIO is one of the top picks among sneaker bots, impressively doing its job for many years now. Unlike others that sometimes falter, MekAIO consistently gets the job done well. It’s a trusted and one of the top picks for sneakerheads and resellers alike.

Mek AIO Features:
– Easy to use
– Supports Shpoify and Nike SNKRS
– Works on Windows operating systems
– Expensive – $300/Year and $45 monthly renewal cost

Valor AIO

VALOR Bot - Best Sneaker Bots 2023Valor AIO – another one of the best sneaker bots – has been blessing sneakerheads for a while now! It is definitely a bot worth checking out, especially with some of its awesome sneaker copping features.

Valor AIO Features:
– Complex
– Supports Shopify and Nike SNKRS
– Works on Windows and MacOS
– Expensive – $399.99 then $49.99 per month

But Valor AIO restocks more frequently than other bots on Twitter. Also, you can catch a key by means of Groupbuys, which are usually held with Valor’s cook group partner – @CarbonIO.


Cybersole Cybersole is one of the familiar bots in the game. It’s been around for a heck lot of a time. And to still be functional despite all the market changes says a thing or 2 about it. According to the official website, Cybersole supports Shopify sites, Footsites, and Mesh sites. So you can basically buy Nike DUnks, Air Jordans, Supreme, and Yeezys. If Adidas ever decides to forgive Kanye and bring Yeezys back from the dead!

While this all sounds like a great deal of a sneaker bot, you can’t very easily get your key. Cybersole is out of stock and your only chance to get it is either by renting it or by buying it off the bots’ aftermarket.

Cybersole Features:
– Easy to use
– Supports Shopify only
– Works on Windows
– Expensive – £300 then £100 per 6 months

Kylin Bot 

Kylin Bot - Best Sneaker Bots 2023

Kylin Bot is another true standout in the world of sneaker bots. It’s an all-in-one bot that supports many sites, including Adidas, Footsites, and Nike SNKRS. Catch here is, that the bot is yet to be available for purchase through the website. However, they have the tendency to announce restocks on its X account for restocks. So keep it locked on that account if you wanna catch yourself a key. 

Kylin Bot Features:
– Easy to use
– Supports Adidas Confirmed, Nike SNKRS, Footsites, and more
– Works on Windows and MacOS
– Retail not available
– Not ready for purchasing

Hayha AIO

Hayha BotHayha AIO bot is, without a doubt, one of the best sneaker bots we got in the game today. It’s actually a retail/sneaker bot mix. And lately, it’s been performing much better than ever before. It supports various retail sites, including Walmart, Footsites, Target, and Amazon. 

Hayha AIO Features:
– Easy to use
– Works on Windows and MacOS
– Moderate – $50 per month
– OUT OF STOCK (you have to join a waitlist)

Nike Bots

With all the heat dropping lately on Nike, we have to include the Top Nike Bots in the industry right now, as every sneakerhead must have one if they’re really serious about copping sneakers that are worth flipping and making real profit.

The Shit Bot

The Shit Bot - Best sneaker Bots 2023Although not an all-in-one bot, The Shit Bot has made it to this list, fair and square. TSB is one of the best SNKRS bots. Other bots joined the SNKRS party and some fell out but TSB managed to stay in the game for quite some time now. This Nike bot supports 50 different countries worldwide and has a pretty good user success rate.

For a SNKRS bot with so many features and covering this wide area, $300/Year seems like literally nothing! So if you’re into copping Nike sneakers, which is the bread and butter of the industry now, Check TSB out here.

The Shit Bot Features:

– Easy to use
– Supports Nike SNKRS
– Works on Windows
– Affordable – $300 per year

Project Enigma 

Project Enigma

Project Enigma is another one of the best Nike SNKRS bots. It’s been in the industry for a while now, and now it’s one of the most consistent Nike SNKRS bots. However, the community is pretty much closed off and it’s hard to get your hands on this sneaker bot unless you rent it off the bot rental market. But despite this limited user base, PE is still able to help its users cop loads of Nike kicks with each release. 

Project Enigma Features:
Enigmatic (Closed off community)
– Supports Nike SNKRS
– High success rate
– Works on Windows ONLY
– Affordable – around $300

Will The Best Shoe Bots Help You?


The best sneaker bots are designed to make your life easier. And, in this case, much more profitable. Using the right bot, you’ll be free from most of the hassle that comes with buying exclusive items online. By using shoe bots, you’ll get to:

– Focus on the money side of things
– Optimize your reselling business
– Work on your marketing strategies
– And, make more money than you ever thought possible! 

Now, keep in mind that buying a sneaker bot might get costly, especially from resellers. So, get your numbers straight and learn what budget you’re working with. After all, your choice of sneaker bot is limited by your budget as much as it is by features and success. And that’s basically all you need for sneaker copping success!