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The One-Stop Guide to the 9 Best Sneaker Bots On the Market

By June 7, 2022December 20th, 2022Bot

Best sneaker bots AIO gfxWe’ve recently gone on a venture to find the most profitable industry in the WORLD! A place where you can make money online with as little effort as humanly possible. And after extensive research, one industry came out victorious: SNEAKERS. However, before you jump right into the $6 BILLION reselling industry, you need the help of some of the best sneaker bots on the market!

For someone from the outside, the idea of making crazy cash from sneakers seems borderline insane! Something straight out of a movie, maybe – sneakers that turn into gold? Unbelievable! But the truth is, every day, thousands of sneakerheads around the world make a ton of money reselling sneakers. However, the secret to their success is that they copped at retail. And so, that’s where sneaker bots come into play!


Pros - AIO_bot

Now, if you haven’t come across any of our posts on sneaker botting, reselling, or money-making, then here’s the deal. Sneaker bots are the reason we have a sneaker resale market worth over $6 billion globally. And according to Cowen’s Equity Research, in 2019, it’s estimated to reach a value of $30 Billion by 2030!

By definition, sneaker bots are software programs that automate the process of buying sneakers online. They visit online sneaker websites, find the sneakers you want, add them to your cart, and check out!

All you basically have to do is click a button, sit back, and relax! In short, the best sneaker bots guarantee you cop a pair of sneakers minimum!

Why, though? 

Why do you actually need the best sneaker bots by your side? Or, why would you need a guarantee of purchase? Can’t you just go to Adidas, Yeezy Supply, Nike, or any other retailer and check out any shoes you want?

Well, in theory, yes, you can. 


But in reality, things get more tricky when a pair of Yeezys or a limited-edition Air Jordan drops. Tens of thousands of sneakerheads gang up online to try to secure their own pairs. So with so much demand paired with low stock, you need the edge that comes with the best sneaker bots. Just a little push to cross the finish line. 

Also, when you factor in the whole “one pair per customer” rule, it changes perspective. If you’re in for the money, one sneaker is not going to cut it! Sneaker bots help you cop sneakers in bulk while bypassing website security. And, the best part of it all, this entire process is 100% legal! So, why not use it? 

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The best sneaker bots you can use have various specs and features that make them THE BEST in the game. Some of them work better as a Yeezy bot, while others have a reputation for being the best on Shopify. On the other hand, some bots dominate Nike releases while others reign Supreme with the red box logo!

So, when you’re looking for the best bot for you, you gotta consider these factors: high success rates, number of running users, and the price point. Check out the top 9 current best bots of the sneaker copping game!

#1 AIO Bot

AIO-Best-sneaker-Bots-2022There are all the best sneaker bots, and then there’s AIO Bot – the industry’s longest-lasting all-in-one bot, at 7 years standing! At some point, almost every sneakerhead in the game ran AIO Bot at one point in their botting journey. No cap. 

Its long history of success speaks for itself! AIO bot was and is still known for its incredible performance on Yeezy releases. And with time, we’ve even crushed any, and all Dunk and Jordan releases ever. Thanks to our team of developers who work non-stop to update the bot and our excellent support team! We give the people what they want!

AIO Bot Features:
It is one of the easiest bots to use, featuring optimized and intuitive UI and UX
– AIO bot supports over 100 websites
– It supports both Mac and Windows operating systems
– It also features retail sites and, soon, even an NFT sniping tool
– AIO Bot is one of the most affordable sneaker bots in the game at $299 per year
– And, it is IN STOCK!

If you’re an OG AIO Bot user, the V3 upgrade is available for you to switch to for free. Make sure you get in touch with us on Discord to level up on your copping game. So, if you wanna give AIO bot a try, click below to buy it and start buying and selling sneakers as soon as today!

#2 Wrath AIO

Best sneaker_Bots Wrath

Wrath is, without a doubt, one of the best sneaker bots we got in the game. It’s been over 2 years since Wrath started copping sneakers, and it hasn’t disappointed its users since. This bot, in particular, has had a fairly consistent performance which others failed to maintain. 

Wrath Bot Features:
A user-friendly interface and claims to offer a smooth user experience
– It supports the creation of multiple tasks
– Moreover, Wrath supports tens of sneaker retailers like Yeezysupply, Footsites, and all of Shopify’s sneaker sites
– Recently, Wrath added retail sites, making it one of the best bots to work on AMD and BestBuy
– Wrath Bot costs $350 for the first 3 months with an additional $50 per month renewal
– But Wrath Bot is out of stock, meaning you’ll have to head to the aftermarket at around $3000+

#3 Mek AIO

Mek IO best sneaker bots

Moving on to another one of the best sneakers bots – and most expensive – is Mek AIO. When you’re in the market for sneaker bots, this name will definitely catch your attention. 

MEK AIO Features:
– MEK is an all-in-one sneaker bot that performs very well with Yeezy Supply, Shopify, Footsites, and Adidas
– It supports Mac and Windows
– MEK AIO stands on the more affordable side with a retail price of $400 and a renewal fee of $150 every 3 months
– But it is also out of stock! Resale values reach up to $700+

Keep in mind that sneaker bot prices on the aftermarket are heavily impacted by their performance. Therefore, any resale value you read here can go much higher after 1 successful drop for any of the best sneaker bots. That’s why going for a sneaker bot that’s in stock is a lot less turbulence and drama!

#4 Valor AIO

Valor AIO best botsValor AIO – another one of the best sneaker bots – has been blessing sneakerheads for a while now! It is definitely a bot worth checking out, especially with some of its awesome sneaker copping features.

Valor AIO Features:
– Supports websites like Footsites, Shopify sneaker sites, and Yeezysupply, in addition to FinishLine and JD sports
– Valor AIO costs $299.99 for the first 3 months, then $74.99 per month
– It has a great UI that makes it very successful and easy to run
– However, Valor AIO is also OOS

But Valor AIO restocks more frequently than other bots on Twitter. Also, you can catch a key by means of Groupbuys, which are usually held with Valor’s cook group partner – @CarbonIO.

#5 Trickle Bot

Trickle bot AIO

And then, there’s Trickle bot. Now, this bot might not be one of the OG or usual players. But, it has earned its place among the best sneaker bots, fair and square.

Trickle Bot Features:
It has had big success on Yeezysupply, Shopify, Best Buy, and Walmart
– Trickle bot costs $499, and then it is $50 per month
– It currently only supports Windows-operated devices
– And, Trickle bot is OOS

The only way you can buy it is through random restocks on Twitter, third-party marketplaces, and Groupbuys on Discord. Another reason for you to learn about cookgroups and the benefits they can offer you upon joining them!

#6 Prism AIO

Prism AIO sneaker_bot

Next, we’ve got Prism AIO which is one of the best sneaker bots on the market. It has epic features and a great success rate on every release. Using Prism AIO, you can cop Yeezys, Jordans, Dunks, and many more limited-edition sneakers. All with the purpose of reselling your way through life.

Prism AIO Features:
It supports Yeezy Supply, Footlocker, Finish Line, and Shopify
– It supports both Mac and Windows operating systems
– Prism AIO costs $400 with a $150 every 3 months renewal fee
– However, Prism AIO is also out of stock

#7 Velox

AIO - Best sneaker Bots 2022 - GFX-VELOX

Velox is one of the best sneaker bots that is very refined for Supreme and Yeezy Supply releases. And while you might think that’s not a lot of sites, it’s actually just enough to get your sneakers and streetwear games going. And TBH, what Velox scores on Supreme and YS alone makes up for the small list of retailers it supports. So, if that’s your calling, you should definitely check it out. It has a lot of impressive features to it and great success!

Velox Bots Features:
– Velox supports Supreme and Yeezy Supply
– It supports Mac and Windows
– Velox Bots cost  €150
– But it is also out of stock!

#8 NSB

NSB best sneaker bots

Also, we’ve got NSB – aka Nike Shoe Bot – that is NOT a Nike bot. However, despite throwing shade at the name, it is still one of the best sneaker bots out there. It is also one of the very few sneaker bots – other than AIO – that is in stock!

NSB Features:
– NSB supports Shopify, Yeezy Supply, Footsites
– It also supports some retail sites like Amazon, Target, and BestBuy
– NSB supports both Mac and Windows operating systems
– NSB costs $349 per year
– It is IN STOCK!

#9 ECB

EasyCopBots - AIO_BotFinally, we’ve got EasyCopBots – or ECB – which has recently joined our list of best sneaker bots! It has quickly embraced the title of best Footsites bot and is also available for purchase whenever! So, if you’re looking for a Footsites bot, this is the one for you!

EasyCopBots Features:
– EasyCopBots supports FootLocker, Footaction, Eastbay, and Champs Sports
– It supports unlimited tasks
– It supports both Mac and Windows operating systems
– ECB costs $299 per year
And, it is IN STOCK!

Dots - AIO_BotWill The Best Sneaker Bots Help You?


The best sneaker bots are designed to make your life easier. And, in this case, much more profitable. Using the right bot, you’ll be free from most of the hassle that comes with buying exclusive items online. By using sneaker bots, you’ll get to:

– Focus on the money side of things
– Optimize your reselling business
– Work on your marketing strategies
– And, make more money than you ever thought possible! 

Now, keep in mind that buying a sneaker bot might get costly, especially from resellers. So, get your numbers straight and learn what budget you’re working with. After all, your choice of sneaker bot is limited by your budget as much as it is by features and success. And that’s basically all you need for sneaker copping success!