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Get All the Sneaker Scoop By Joining The BEST Sneaker Cook Group

By July 9, 2021November 1st, 2022Bot, Sneaker News

Sneaker Cook Group - AIO BotA sneaker cook group is essentially a community in itself. Sneakerheads come together in a group for the sole purpose of providing guidance into copping power. They preach from the holy sneaker Bible, and lighten the path to copping success!

The elite sneakerheads come together in a group chat on Discord servers to discuss the sneaker trade. Resellers and buyers alike join forces to bestow and behold all the INSIDE information. Everything related to sneaker releases, where to find early links, and all the best guides.

You can find out all the best places to buy sneakers, or maybe even the best places to SELL sneakers. Learn how to set up your bot, even make your own bot, or which bot to buy! They’re also great places to score discounts, partnerships, and free stuff!

In short, these groups are actual game-changers. So, here’s a list of the BEST 6 groups to join! Also, if you wanna know EVERYTHING there is to know about cook groups, just click on the button below. It has everything you need and more! 

Learn-moreA Sneaker Cook Group for a Feast

#1 Sneaker Squad X

Sneaker Squad X - COOK_GROUPS - AIO BotA great sneaker cook group to join is Sneaker Squad X which is one of the OG cook groups in the industry. It is a free cook group, but there is a paid version of it on Discord. Of course, you get what you pay for! So, it isn’t much of a surprise that they’ve got the best guides, free tools, free slots, and lowkey flips. And you can even get access to proxies and even rent servers. If you want, we have a list of the best proxy providers which you can check out here.

You also get access to sneaker monitors like SNKRS, Yeezy Supply, some Supreme, and even Footsites and Shopify.  

This group provides a proxy generator tool to generate free proxies. AND, it offers a server generator to rent a temporary server for better internet speed.

Sneaker Squad Cook Group Membership is $30/month – Currently OOS

#2 Endurance Sneaker Cook Group

Endurance - SNEAKER COOK GROUP - AIO BotNext up, we have the Endurance sneaker cook group! It is a bit more on the premium side, though. Its founder is Keither Adam, a sneakerhead YouTuber. It started out with a very small membership fee of $14.99 – a big reason why it gained a lot of popularity. It has super-fast notifications for shock drops and epic monitors. This group even has alerts for SNKRS shock drops. Definitely aced the alerts game. 

Their release guides are custom-made for their group members with detailed explanations. They also have their own proxies for you to buy from at a discounted rate. It really is one of the top-notch groups!

Endurance Sneaker Cook Group Membership $58.99/month

#3 Notify

Notify - COOK_GROUP - AIO BotNotify is one of the most famous groups in the sneakers industry. It has one of the best group buys for sneaker bots and supersonic speed for shock releases. This sneaker cook group also offers 1-to-1 personal assistance, personalized release guides, and monitors. It is one of the best and most reliable groups in the game, but it comes at a price. What’s the price? Lots of MONEY!

Notify Sneaker Cook Group Membership $50 to $60/month

#4 Steady Soles

Steady Sole COOK_GROUP - AIO BotSteady Soles is a sneaker cook group that is revolutionizing its way through the industry. It has free auto-checkouts, fast monitors, and it’s CHEAP! You get access to release info, early links, resell predictions, free slots/cards, and a dedicated support team. They also have free 1-on-1 calls, legit checks, and even free Amazon products! Talk about an epic save. Also, members have free access to three software tools: Steady Tools, Steady Scripts, and Steady Fill.

Steady Sole Sneaker Cook Group Membership $20/month

#5 Arrow Sneaker Cook Group

Arrow Alerts - SNEAKER COOK GROUP - AIO BotArrow Alerts is a different group that is also a dedicated private reselling community. It assists sneakerheads to make money and become resellers by copping limited-run kicks and apparel. Also, the staff behind this GIANT of a cook group features the most experienced sneakerheads in the industry. You get all the best info on lowkey drops, access to the best proxies, and server rents. They’ve got drop guides, release calendars, comprehensive leaks, and more! They also offer copping tools with refined bot restocks and recaps. AND, they also have 30+ Discord commands for all your botting needs! 

Arrow Sneaker Cook Group Membership $30/month