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The 5 Best Sneaker Resale Sites for Flipping Sneakers [2023]

By October 16, 2023October 17th, 2023Make Money, Sneaker Tutorial

AIO Bot - Best Sneaker Resale Sites 2023There’s no better time to start learning all about sneaker reselling than during the Holiday season. It’s that time of the year when sneaker brands drop the dopest sneakers. So, if you’ve been contemplating starting a side hustle, this is your sign to start making money off sneaker reselling. But, to do that, you have to find the best sneaker resale sites for the job. Lucky for you, we’re here to give you a full list of those! 

The market for secondary sneaker sales has shifted a lot in the past few years. It has gone through some ups and downs ever since COVID hit. And so, we’ve had a surge of different platforms pop up, while others barely made it through. So, if you want to be a serious sneaker reseller, you can NOT expect to make money anywhere! You need to know all about the best shoe selling websites, to see which suits you best!  

Is Finding The Best Sneaker Resale Sites Enough To Start Reselling Sneakers?

Not really!

Besides finding the best sneaker resale sites out there, you also need actual sneakers to sell. No money without a product on your hands! So, before we get into our breakdown of reselling platforms, you have to get the sneakers. And you must know that buying hype kicks is no walk in the park. You gotta put in some effort (and money) to start making actual profit. 

Sneaker Bots and Retail 

The main thing you need to do is understand the importance of sneaker bots in the retail purchase game. And in case you don’t know in depth what those things are, sneaker bots are software programs designed strictly to help people buy sneakers online. They automate tasks to purchase limited-edition sneakers and apparel with inhumane speed (Learn more about them here). 

However, just like not all sneakers can turn a profit, not all sneaker bots can help you increase your chances at catching limited-edition drops. There are hundreds of sneaker bots on the market, but very few efficient ones. So, how exactly could you know which to buy

First, you have to decide if you wanna go for brand-specific bots, like Nike bots, or bots that can help you cop way more than that, such as AIO bots. Next thing, you have to set your budget. And yes, it’ll cost you several hundred dollars. But keep in mind that you can get your money’s worth from a single cop only. Note that your subscription can be yearly. Now you might be wondering if such a bot even exists. 

Well, it most definitely does! And it comes in the form of AIO Bot, one of the longest-standing and most successful bots on the market (Check success proof here)!

AIO Bot: The Ultimate Bot For Copping Sneakers 

AIO Bot is one of the best sneaker bots on the market. With consistent improvements and updates, our team makes sure to leave you with the best sneaker-copping experience out there. And the best part? You’ll have access to tens of supported sites. Meaning that your copping options are literally endless, and you’ll never have to pick and choose. 

And while other efficient bots are usually out of stock, AIO Bot is always in stock. You can catch it for ONLY $299/YEAR. And that’s exactly what we meant by copping a single highly-coveted drop, like a Travis Scott sneaker, can get your money’s worth. So, can you imagine what kind of money you’d be making off sneaker resale sites when we tell you you can cop multiple pairs of the same drop using AIO Bot? 

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Best Sneaker Resale Sites 2024 - Shoe Selling Websites - AIO BotSo, we’ve done our homework and narrowed our list of the best sneaker resale sites to the top 5 resell websites. These are the websites that guarantee you a profit! With these sites, you can make money in a safe, secure, and reliable environment. But, the difference all comes down to the added fees, authentication process, and shipping method. Here are the top 5 platforms:




eBay charges two types of fees: insertion fees for listing and final value fee
– Listing fees depend on the format of your listing
Final Value Fees: 8% to 13.25%


– All StockX sales have a 3% payment processing fee
– Also, StockX includes a transaction fee depending on your Seller’s Level
Base Transaction Fees: 7% to 9%


– Selling fees on GOAT depend on your location and address
– GOAT charges a commission fee on sales depending on your seller rating
Commission Fees: from 9.5% to 25%

Flight Club

Flight Club collects payments for all sales
– Their commission fee is equal to 9.5% of the consignment price + $5
– Also, there is a 2.9% fee on all cashouts

Stadium Goods

– Stadium Goods has a commission fee of 20% of the listing price


So, the thing that sets sneaker resale sites apart is their authentication process. As a buyer, people often look for platforms that offer great and reliable authentication. No one wants to end up with fake Jordans, for example! Therefore, as a seller, you want to choose the platform that attracts more people! If authentication is what people want, authentication is what people get! Here’s the deal on authenticity for the top 5 sneaker resale sites.


In 2020, eBay announced the “Authenticity Guarantee Program” which was soon going to compete with the greatest platforms. And then, in 2021, eBay partnered with SneakerCon to improve their authentication process. Now, it has one of the best authentication processes out there (even better than StockX).


And then, there’s StockX. So, for a long time, StockX has been one of the best sneaker resale sites out there. But, given the circumstances, things have not been the best for the platform. However, one of the biggest issues that faced StockX this year is removing their “verified authentic” tags. And, although StockX claims that their authentication process hasn’t changed, their credibility took a hit.


The authentication process for GOAT includes inspecting everything from the label to the stitching and even the color. They use digital authentication, in-hand verification, and machine learning technology. They have over 100K+ sneakers on their database to guarantee authenticity.

Flight Club

So, this platform works a little bit differently than other sneaker resale sites when it comes to authenticity. Unlike most platforms, Flight Club authenticates sneakers before taking them into inventory. All products on Flight Club are guaranteed authentic. 

Stadium Goods

Finally, for Stadium Goods, which is an online consignment store, their legitimacy check happens in advance by their experts. They conduct physical inspections of the shoes in addition to their packaging. You will not find fake sneakers here! 



Sellers are responsible for shipping out their sneakers to the buyers


StockX handles shipping to the buyer. But, the seller has to ship the sneakers to StockX HQ. Purchasing price includes shopping


The seller ships the sneakers to GOAT and then they ship them to the buyer. Shipping fees cost between $14.50 to $40 depending on where the buyer is

Flight Club

Flight Club handles the shipping of the sneakers to the buyers once they have the sneakers in inventory

Stadium Goods

Stadium Goods handles the shipping of the sneakers to the buyers once purchased