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Keeping Up With The Best 2024 Sneaker Trend Made for YOU!

By April 23, 2024Food for thought, Sneaker News

The Best Sneaker Trend For You in 2022 - AIO BotWe’re nearly halfway through 2024. So, by now, the best sneaker trends in 2024 must have been set in stone. And as sneakerheads, these are the trends that we gotta follow. At the end of the day, you can’t flex or flip kicks that are not trending fam! 

But, it’s also worth noting that, not all trends have to be for you. There are different types of sneakerheads, each working their sneaker game differently. So, you need to find which type of sneakerhead you are, understand your personality better, and then decide which sneaker trend you want to follow. 

The Sneaker Trend For YOU!

Vintage Veterans

Vintage Sneaker Trend - AIO Bot

If you’re a sneakerhead who loves the vintage vibe, then this sneaker trend is for you! The sneakers that history deemed cheesy are now IT! We’re talking about iconic old-school sneakers that are making a major comeback!

And, what better way to do so than with the most vintage sneaker of them all: New Balance. They are the modern twist to a vintage sneaker that will definitely be riding the 2024 wave

We’re talking about NEW New Balance and Malbon 550s! All we know is that Steve Jobs’s favorite sneaker is going to 2024!

Most Inspirational Kicks:
Nike Blazer Mid 77 Vintage White/Black
– Converse Chuck Taylor x Comme des Garçons PLAY
– New Balance 992 Grey

Basketball & Retros!

Basketball Sneaker Trend - AIO Bot

Another sneaker trend that will NEVER die out is the love for basketball sneakers. As long as the industry lives, this trend lives as well. It all started out with the GOAT of the game, Michael Jordan. Yes, we’re talking about wearing Jordans all year round!

Basketball sneakers like the classic Air Jordan 1 that has always taken over the game. But more so on other models like the Air Jordan 5s or Jordan 6s! Every and any of the upcoming Jordan collaborations is for YOU if you love B-Ball! Even the Nike Foamposites are looking pretty hot in 2024!

Inspirational Kicks of All Time:
Jordan 11 Retro Jubilee
– Jordan 1 Retro High Dark Mocha
– Air Jordan 4 Black Cat

Futuristic & Sustainable 

Futuristic_Trend - AIO Bot

The future of trends is THE sneaker trend: futuristic and sustainable sneakers. Green is the future of all sneakers – eco-friendly and ethically made. Plus, add a little alienistic twist via Kanye, and you’ve got a WINNER! We’ve got all types of sustainable sneakers – high-tops, low-tops, and even slip-on sneakers.

Adidas, Nike, and the Jordan Brand are all getting in on the sustainable movement – Nike more than anyone. Adidas’ partnership with Sean Wotherspoon, the infamous Yeezy Foam Runners (which, sadly enough, are seeing their final days), and a lot more underrated sneaker brands!

Also, if we’re talking ALIEN vibes, as long as we have Kanye; we’ll never be disappointed. The debut of the Yeezy Pods should say enough. 

Honorable Mentions:
Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner Vermilion
Yeezy D Rose Collaboration
Veja V10 Sneakers

Classic Chic

Classic_Trend - AIO Bot

Another evergreen sneaker trend would be classic sneakers. The sneakers that never go out of style with every year that passes by! You see, there are kicks that have reached the iconic immortal status. No matter how the seasons change, these are the shoes you should ALWAYS keep in your rotation. Like the iconic Air Force 1 or any color of the Sambas!

And, one of the classics we think will be making a huge splash in 2024 happens to be none other than the Air Max 1s. Actually, we think they’re going to be 2024’s new Dunks! You can read all about our theory here. Also, classic sneaker trends include the infamous Adidas Sambas!

Inspirational Kicks of All Time:
Air Max 1 AM DN
– PHANTACi x Nike Air Max 1
– JJJJound x Adidas Samba

Comfort Cool!

Comfort_Trend - AIO Bot

Finally, the last sneaker trend we’re covering for 2024 is comfort. You see, after going through the traumatizing era of COVID-19 and lockdown for so long, we’ve come to a single realization. Comfort is KEY to everything in life. And, we’re pretty sure everyone’s taking THAT trend with them to 2024. No one’s gonna give up comfort now that we’ve finally made it trendy!

This is one of the biggest reasons why Yeezy slides became SO popular! They or any other slipper-like footwear. It has become socially acceptable to wear this footwear to any social event and still be considered cool! So, that’s why it will be THE sneaker trend of the season!

Inspirational Kicks of All Time:
Every Yeezy Slide colorway
– Nike Calm Mules
– Every and Any Slip-on sneaker