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The Perfect Supreme Proxies for Copping that Red Box Logo FAST!

By September 23, 2021September 16th, 2022Proxies

The Best Supreme Proxies for Copping - AIO Bot
The red box with the Supreme name on it might just be one of the most iconic logos in history. It is also one of the most coveted brands in the WORLD! So, copping some Supreme heat may be a near-impossible feat! UNLESS, of course, you utilize the best Supreme proxies for the job!

You already know that you’ll definitely be running a Supreme bot on every new Supreme season that drops. BUT, you can’t expect it to work alone! That’s like going up against the entire army of Spartans with a pitchfork in hand! You gotta arm yourself right! This is where proxies come in.

What Are Supreme Proxies?

Supreme proxies are, in essence, just like any other proxies you would use on a sneaker release. But, just like some proxies work better on Footsites or Shopify sites; some work better on Supreme.

By now, if you’ve been following our sneaker blog closely, you know how proxies work. But, to recap real quick, proxies mask your IP address so you can trick anti-bot security. This also helps you cop sneakers faster and in bulk! If you wanna get into a lot more about proxies, how they work, and their types; click the button below. 


But, to stay on the topic of Supreme proxies, there are generally three types of proxies to choose from. They’ve all got special features and characteristics that make them work best on this luxury brand’s website. Click on the links below for more in-depth information about them.

Residential Proxies
Datacenter Proxies
ISP Proxies

Now one more thing before we get into the exact type of proxy you need to use for copping Supreme. We need to make sure that you know what you’re up against. In other words, we need to make sure that you’ve got all the right tools for the cop. AND, the one and most important sneaker copping tool happen to be a sneaker bot! So, click here to check out all the available epic options!

What Are the Best Proxies for Supreme?
DC and ISP Proxies

Best _Proxies for Supreme_- AIO Bot

The best Supreme proxies are Datacenter proxies and ISP proxies. Here’s why!

Wanna cop a BOGO on retail? You’re gonna need to think smart. Supreme has a very specific defying characteristic: their products are the fastest-selling items in the WORLD. We’re talking about UNDER 10 SECONDS! Here are some features of the Supreme website:

Features of Supreme:
– Goes out of stock within an average of 10 seconds
– Enough said.

Proxy Priorities:
– Crazy fast proxies (every millisecond counts)
– Reliability is a PLUS

The KEY word here is speed. You need super SUPER fast proxies to get you through a Supreme release not empty-handed. In this case, we definitely recommend you use either DC or ISP proxies for Supreme proxies. They’re both faster than residential proxies – reliability alone will not cop you a BOGO. You can also try running one or two tasks on your own local IP just to test out the waters. In a nutshell, here’s what we recommend:
– ISP proxies are the SAFEST option with the LOWEST chance of bot tasks getting banned
– DCs are more affordable and work just as well
– If you consider using resis, you might as well run without any proxies at all

Where to Buy?

Here are a few places to buy some of the best Supreme proxies in the industry! But, if you wanna check out more options, we’ve got you covered. Click on this list for a full list of the most epic proxy providers in the game! They’ve got everything you could ever need!

Best ISP Supreme Proxies:
– Ape Proxies $60 for 25 ISPs
– Oculus Proxies $75 for 25 ISPs
– Red Dirt Proxies $60 for 25 ISPs
– Cookie Proxies $72.50 for 25 ISPs

Best DC Supreme Proxies:
– CHI Proxies 25 proxies for $40/month
– Oculus DCs 25 proxies for $36/month
– Red Dirt DCs 25 proxies for $50-$55/month

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