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Best Travel Sneakers – Wise Soles Make Smooth Journeys

By January 13, 2024Sneaker Tutorial, Sneakers

AIO Bot - Best Travel Sneakers - Shoes For Trvael - Travel ShoesSometimes, the wrong pair of shoes can ruin your whole traveling experience and leave you suffering from blisters and aching feet on top of that jet lag. At the same time, some people think they have to pick between style and comfort, as they can’t get both in one pair of shoes. But what if we told you, you can actually get the best of both worlds if you got to know your sneaker game well? Well, that’s true. And the best part is, that you don’t have to go far to learn all about the best travel sneakers out there. We’ve got you covered! 

Best Travel Sneakers 

So, travel shoes don’t always have to be actual sneakers, like Jordans or Air Maxes. They can vary from slides, clogs, flip-flops, flats, sandals, boots, and of course kicks. So, we’ve compiled a list of the best sneakers for traveling, varying from slides, clogs, and various sneakers from some of the most popular sneaker brands out there. 

1- Slides

Slides - Best Travel Sneakers - AIO BotLet’s start with the first, most comfortable travel shoes- slides. They’re the perfect travel footwear for long trips. Feet tend to get sweaty when you wear your kicks for long periods. And even if your kicks are comfortable, they’re going to feel choked at some point. BUT, note that they only fit the summer or spring season, or else you’re risking wasting your vacation away in sickness. 

Now, the best slides for traveling would be the Nike Calm or Benassi Slide, and the Adidas Adilette Slide. And of course, Yeezy slides! They’ve got that cloud-like cushioning that seamlessly molds to your feet, making your traveling experience a comfortable and chill one. But the only difference between Adidas Yeezys and the other slides mentioned is that you can only catch Yeezys at resale now. 

2- Clogs

Clogs - Best Travel Sneakers - AIO BotNow, if you like the comfort slides offer, but want a more ‘secure’ fit at the same time, you can go for Crocs Clogs. They’ve got sturdy straps that rotate 180 degrees. Meaning that, you can turn them into slides-like whenever you want, making them easy to slip on and off. Other than the comfortable feel they offer, the perforations they have on the toe boxes help keep your feet dry at all times. 

You can also get the same features from the Nike Mule and Yeezy’s Foam Runners. They’re some of the best travel sneakers that help keep both your feet and back pain-free with their foamy and supportive footing structures. 

3- HOKA Travel Sneakers

HOKA Sneakers - AIO BotNext on the best shoes for traveling list, we’ve got HOKA sneakers. Actually, it’s a common fact that HOKA makes some of the most comfortable kicks out there. However, you have to know your silhouettes right to know which one to pick. Meaning that, you need to know which silhouette to leave for your workouts and which to rock on a long plane trip.

So, well-cushioned midsoles are a must when it comes to travel sneakers. And HOKA makes sure to perfect those in each and every sneaker it produces to offer the maximum level of comfort, safety, mobility, and stability. Also, the rounded heels in HOKA shoe designs ensure smooth transitions while walking. So, nearly all HOKA kicks are good traveling shoes. But the three that stand out the most in this category are Clifton 9, Bondi 8, and Gaviota 5

4- Nike Travel Shoes 

Nike - AIO BotBeing THE most popular sneaker brand out there, it’s only right for Nike to offer a wide variety of silhouettes, including those suitable to pass as great travel sneakers. And of course, the Swoosh never disappoints. So, first, we have the Nike Air Max 90. It’s one of the best travel sneakers. The Air cushioning technology found in the midsole helps reduce the weight in the shoe without risking performance. It also helps decrease the impact on the joints during long walks. And the best part about these Nike shoes is that they’re all easy to style. Meaning that you don’t have to worry about packing a bunch of pairs for your trip and giving up space in your luggage. 

Other lightweight and comfortable Nike shoes for traveling include the Nike Blazer Low ‘77 and the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus. Now while the former makes a stylish fit, it’s better kept for shorter trips. Because it’s not as comfortable and suitable as the Air Zoom Pegasus for long trips or long walks in the city. The latter comes with supportive cushioning and double Zoom Air units. 

5- Best Adidas Sneakers For Travel

Adidas - AIO BotLast but not least, we have Adidas kicks making it on the best travel sneakers list. And we know what you might all be thinking… YEEZYS. Yes, whether it’s the 350s or the 700s, they make the literally best travel shoes, both style and comfort-wise. But maybe we should just keep it Adidas-specific without mentioning their collabs. Even though they’ll always be part of the brand’s history. Either way, Kanye West will be building his brand up from the grounds on his own now. And Yeezy Pods might just be a starting point. 

That said, Adidas UltraBoost DNA, NMD, and Kaptir make the best travel sneakers. They were all made with support and comfort in mind. Whereas you can keep UltraBoost DNA solely for walking and traveling so it can last longer, you can rock the NMD, and Kaptir anytime and everywhere. 

Finally, this sums up the best shoes for traveling list. For more guides like this one, make sure to visit our blog and Instagram @aiobot

NOTE: Considering that traveling might leave your kicks with stains and not-so-appealing form, make sure to refer to the care guides below to bring them back to life!

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