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Beyonce Split with Adidas Over ‘Major Creative Differences’

By March 29, 2023Adidas

Beyonce Split with Adidas - AIO BotIt seems that Adidas has walked into some pretty bad mojo or a bout of bad luck… Because, well, the Three Stripes looks to be on a roll with major collaboration FAILS! After its latest debacle with endings its partnership with Kanye West and then actually asking Ye to come back… well, it all sounds a little desperate, to say the least. And now, they’re taking yet another hit with the latest news of the Beyonce split with Adidas. 

So, Beyonce’s partnership with Adidas on IVY PARK was one of the major Adidas collaborations. In fact, when they signed with Beyonce, people assumed that this was going to be another Kanye deal. In other words, we all thought that this was going to be another great hit by Adidas. With hyped and exclusive releases, people scrambling to resell the sneakers on secondary platforms, and running sneakers bots to cop! Just like we did with Yeezys! However, it’s safe to say that that was not how things turned out for the duo.

But, regardless, the Beyonce split with Adidas is NOT good. Losing a name as big as Queen B definitely does not reflect all that well on the brand. Especially when you’ve JUST lost a huge artist in the most controversial way possible. And now, all that Adidas’ is left with REALLY is their Pharrell Williams collaboration. But, Pharrell is not Yeezy.

And now that Pharrell became the creative director at Louis Vuitton, there might be a sliver of salvation. But, is it enough to compensate for the Yeezy effect? We doubt! Anyway, let’s get into the details of the Beyonce split with Adidas.


Beyonce Adidas SplitSo, before we get into the actual Beyonce split with Adidas, we’ll go back to the start. Bey launched IVY PARK in 2016 with TopShop. After those two ended their partnership in 2018, Beyonce became the sole owner of the brand. That same year, Adidas and Beyonce got together to expand the brand into more than just athletic gear. 

Last January, Beyonce teased her latest IVY PARK Adidas collection – Park Trail – at her private show in Dubai. The duo brand described the collection as a:

“Trail-blazing expression of performance wear inspired by the resilience of the outdoors, the spirit of the streets, and the possibilities of the future.” All seemed to be going well. All of this made the Beyonce split with Adidas very unexpected!


According to Hollywood Reporter, the Beyonce split with Adidas is a mutual decision due to creative differences. Sounds a bit familiar right – Nike x Kanye split

Another thing that may have started the entire thing was the shortcoming in profit. Apparently, IVY PARK sales last year fell by at least $40 million. But, the projected sales that Adidas had in mind were around $250 million in sales! Pretty optimistic from Adidas… in THIS economy? Hello, inflation!

It seems like Adidas was trying to compensate for something… compensate for YEEZY! It’s obvious that Adidas was not willing to suffer yet another loss of revenue like the one from Ye. Speaking of, we wonder if Queen B is Team Ye. 

Anyway, on the bright side, the Beyonce split with Adidas does not mark the end of the brand itself. It seems that Bey is excited to take sole control over her brand following the split. So, we expect we’ll see a lot more of Queen B’s brand in the future!