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The Genius Sneakerhead’s Plan for Black Friday 2020 [is AIO bot worth it?]

By November 24, 2020July 12th, 2022Bot

black friday 2020 AIO Bot3 Days till the biggest sale frenzy of the year! Typically, Black Fridays involve massive stampedes of discount-obsessed buyers who would kill for an extra pair of 30% off kicks. The real reason people start saving up for the Holidays in summer is to seize Black Fridays with fat wallets. And 2020 (with all its madness) ain’t no different. This year we’re adding another item to your to shop list: the OG All-In-One Bot. So, for those of you eager to get the best sneakers on retail, we’ve got the perfect solution for you on Black Friday 2020: a sneaker bot, on DISCOUNT! In a world gone virtual as the one we find ourselves in today, this post will answer the following: (1) how investing in a discounted sneaker bot can save you long-term money and heartache (2) is AIO bot worth it in 2020?

The Latest Scoop on Black Friday 2020

Before we get into how you’re supposed to survive the manic occasion, let’s talk about our expectations for Black Friday 2020. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has confined worldwide countries to indefinite lockdown, Black Friday 2020 will NOT be canceled. However, it will definitely be carried out differently this November.

With social distancing as the new norm, most retailers are expected to commit to cyber deals to encourage online shopping. To stay in the loop, it’s recommended that you sign up for email lists from your target brands. While in-store sales will still take place in an orderly and health-regulated fashion, there’s been a lot of talk about Black Friday savings throughout the week of Thanksgiving. 

So, if you’ve decided to shop online this year, it’s best that you plan out your strategy. Make sure you’re listed for the emails that matter to you and keep posted on your favorite sites for sudden updates. It’s also important to be decisive about what you want to buy and know how much it originally costs. To be able to quickly highlight the best deals the moment they drop. 

Why Is It Smart to Invest in a Sneaker Bot?

Black Friday is mostly about all the stuff you can get at a discounted price. But it’s also about getting your “shopping tools” at a discount as well. Or in the case of sneaker fans, SNEAKER BOTS. Although there are several types of bots lurking behind your screens, sneaker bots are your golden ticket to long-term saving and success in the sneaker industry. They are basically automated software programs that help you buy super hyped sneakers at superhuman speed. “I want one, I want one!” right?

Copping multiple pairs and sizes of hot kicks at retail is THE DREAM, but you don’t exactly want to achieve it without a buck to your name. That is why aiming for an in-stock sneaker bot is your ultimate safety cushion. It’s zero risk, affordable, and can score you the kicks you’ve always wanted at retail.

So, on Black Friday 2020, instead of crowd-bashing your way for ONE pair of Yeezys at retail, get a sneaker bot that can score you multiple pairs without the sweat and bruises. Moreover, it can open up doors for you to become a side hustler and a rich sneaker reseller. So, what are the best bots that’ll help you achieve your dreams? Click below for a list of the best sneaker bots out there.

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Is AIO Bot Worth It?

First, we’d like to put it out there that just because we’re addressing our brand does NOT mean we’re presenting you with ultra-biased information. Our content is based on data evidence and proof of success which we’ve been collecting since 2014. Our team cares to deliver realistic expectations!

COVID-19 Support


Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic blasted the market scene in 2020, AIO bot has been striving to keep sneakerhead morale high. For 8 months, All AIO Bot updates were FREE of charge. Meaning, all our users could run AIO Bot and enjoy the latest updates and improve their copping without having to pay an extra dime. Even OG users with expired licenses managed to get their keys up and running AGAIN!

With the severe spike in unemployment rates and life changes caused by the pandemic, it was important that we stand with our community. Providing sneakerheads and those looking to make money from home with the best investment they could make. 

Free Supreme Support


Since Supreme is the pinnacle of hyped streetwear fashion, we decided to go all the way with free support. Prior to the challenges of 2020, AIO/ANB users were actually required to buy our standalone Supreme bot for $99 to cop the streetwear giant. However, since copping Supreme is the next best thing after copping sneaker, we decided to make it free of charge to help our Supremeheads out. Now, AIO bot users can cop Supreme without paying for an extra bot. We covered BOGO Tees on our Supreme 2020 success list!

200+ AIO Bot Updates and Counting!


11 months: 200+ updates! The AIO bot team persists toward regular updates to guarantee obstacle-free copping. We’ve been around since 2014, which technically makes us the OG bot. While that means a whole lot of course corrections along the way, it also means expertise that only time can buy. We promote user-friendly features, 24/7 support, and have expanded our range of supported sites to over 100 online stores. Mainly covering Shopify, Yeezysupply, Adidas, Footsites, and Supreme. To expand our users’ options and increase their chances of copping multiple pairs.

This year was the year of Footsites domination, to say the least. We’ve copped over 10 hyped Air Jordan releases off Footsites so far in 2020. Thanks to our advanced monitors and continuous Footsites updates. Top mentions include over 5,500 pairs of the Jordan 1 Royal Toe and over 2,000 pairs of the Jordan 1 Smoke Grey. To top off our Jordan success, we’ve managed to cop thousands of Yeezys this year on Shopify, Yeezy Supply, and Footsites. Reinforcing our position as the best Yeezy bot on the market. Our major updates on YS and Shopify have resulted in a whopping 30% improvement rate on the recent Yeezy Natural and Carbon colorways!

So, Is AIO Bot Worth It on Black Friday 2020?


HECK YEAH! You can count on our full support and consistent updates at all times. We make sure that our users get their share of hyped sneakers without ever having to pay resale. And we make double sure that they get their money back as soon as possible. Since AIO bot retails for $325 only, our serious coppers tend to get their money back and gain profit in no time. Ever wondered how many sneakers you’d have to flip to pay back a $6,000 OOS bot? So just think about how easier it will be to cop and flip sneakers with AIO bot at 40% off on Black Friday 2020! You’ll be saving 40% off an incredibly successful and affordable bot, with the guidance and support you’ll need to cop the most hyped sneaker releases.
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