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Black Friday Sneaker Deals You Need Before the Holidays!

By November 9, 2022June 23rd, 2023Sneaker News

Best Black Friday Sneaker Deals 2022 - AIO BotSo, last week we talked about all the best Black Friday deals you can get off retail sites. The greatest deals and steals you should buy this Holiday season. You can check out THAT entire guide here! But today, we’re going to discuss the BEST Black Friday SNEAKER deals. This is a sneakerhead’s guide to the best steals of the year!

Here’s the thing about Black Friday:
– You could get all your Christmas shopping done early
– You can use a sneaker bot to mass-buy discounted products
– And, it’s the best excuse to buy tons of sneakers with absolutely 0 guilt!

Because you’re SAVING! And so, we’ve decided to compile a list of the best Black Friday sneaker deals. The types of deals that are so good, they should be ILLEGAL! Keep reading to start saving!


Before we jump right into the Black Friday sneaker deals, we just gotta point something out. Why should we wait for one day out of the entire year to score good deals and possibly make money? Why can’t every day be like Black Friday? 

So, the biggest rule in the sneaker industry is: the cheapest, best sneaker deals are the ones at retail. This means buying sneakers ON release day AT retail. And, the only tried and true way to achieve this is by investing in a sneaker bot. In other words, you invest up to $500 and you’ll be making money all year long! You’ll be buying the most hyped sneakers on retail, doing some reseller magic, and making money. Now THAT’S a sneaker deal right there! Click on the button below to learn more about sneaker bots!



Black Friday Sneaker Deals 2022 - AIO BotADIDAS

First, we’re going to start with the Black Friday sneaker deals on Adidas. Considering everything that happened between Adidas and Kanye West, and Adidas losing about 40% of its profit… We would understand if they didn’t put out too many good deals this BF.

BUT, they have! Adidas is offering up to 60% off this year with some of the best Adidas Originals sneakers for sale. You can check the entire Black Friday lineup here! However, we went ahead and picked our personal top 3 favorites:

BONUS: if you join the AdiClub, you can get an extra 15% off your purchases! And, anyone can sign up and join. All you have to do is visit the Adidas website and sign up!


Boxes - AIO BotNext, naturally, we’ve got Nike’s Black Friday sneaker deals – also, up to 60% off! This year, The Swoosh is offering early access to their Black Friday deals with up to 60% savings. Everything from shoes to apparel, to accessories and equipment, and more. So, you definitely will benefit from such a big slash in prices!

AND, if you use the discount code ACCESS20, you can get an extra 20% off your purchases. You can check the entire Black Friday Nike lineup here! Or, take a look at our top 3 favorite picks:

  • Nike Revolution 6 Next Nature ($39.97)
    Save 42%


Also, we have the Black Friday sneaker deals from Reebok! After Adidas offloaded Reebok and Authentic Brands Group became its parent group, it’s been doing pretty well! And, for this year’s sale season, Reebok is offering up to 50% off sales. Especially if you use the discount code FAM with your purchases. Check the entire sale listing here! And, here are our picks:


Black_Friday - AIO BotHowever, if you’re a little bit tight when it comes to money or just got off a shopping binge… there are always the Black Friday sneaker deals on PUMA. In 2022, PUMA has up to 40% off on their products with a very huge selection. And, this makes it a really good gift idea for the upcoming holiday season that comes with a good kick to it! So, check the entire lineup here. Here are our favorite three options:

So, that’s all we’ve got for the best Black Friday sneaker deals for the year 2022! Make sure you get through your entire Christmas shopping list. And, this way you can focus on your own shopping in December! But, until then, make sure you keep it locked on our blog and follow our Instagram @aiobot for more news!