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The 7 Black Sneakers You Need for The FW Season ’19

By October 2, 2019July 12th, 2022Adidas, Bot, Jordan, Nike, Sneakers, Yeezy Boost 350

Winter is coming… so you gotta get yourself some new kicks! Some black kicks to be exact. Black is the color that will never go out of style. We all agree on that. It’s the classic OG colorway that is a staple in every person’s sneaker collection. That’s because black sneakers don’t limit you when it comes to styling. Black sneakers could be a fashion statement or athleisure sportswear kinda thing. They go with whatever you want!

You’d be slaying while looking and feeling like a total savage in all black sneakers. Even if you aren’t a sneakerhead, which you might actually be, you can’t go about your life without owning AT LEAST one pair.
But like, there are so many black sneakers out there. So, which one to choose? Don’t sweat it, we always got you!
We put together a list of 7 of our all-time favorite black sneakers perfect for the upcoming Fall/Winter season.
And to make it even easier for you, we made sure to include sneakers that . Or if you’re feeling fancy and got some money lying around, we included sneakers that you really have to put up for.

The Air Jordan 7 Retro Ray Allen Bucks Black Sneakers

Jordan 7 Retro Ray Allen Bucks Black Sneakers

So Jordan has come a far way from when they first came out with the OG BRED colorway. This midnight night sky looking colorway is inspired by the Jordan brand athlete Ray Allen’s old player exclusives. This tops our list for being the slickest black sneakers that are also easy on the wallet if you know what we mean. You could still easily score yourself a pair off of the Nike website for 132.97$  and you’re all set.  

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Triple Black – 2019

Yeezy 350 V2 Black Sneakers

No black sneakers list is complete without at least one Yeezy! These sneakers can NEVER have too much heat, it’s a sneaker worth copping! So even though these babies originally retailed for 220$, they’re currently reselling for an average of 479$ on StockX. This black sneaker sold out off the racks on its release, and will make a comeback on Black Friday! So if you’re not willing to pay double the retail price wait on and cop them for retail using AIO Bot!

Adidas NMD Hu Trail Pharrell Williams “Now Is Her Time”

Adidas NMD Hu Trail Pharrell Now Is Her Time Black Sneakers

This sneaker is a strong advocate of women’s rights and empowers women. Don’t we all? And so this black sneaker is a shoo-in on our list. It comes in an array of different vibrant colors but the black one is perfect for that fashion statement. This one is called “Infinite Species” and retailed at 220$. It’s now reselling at an average of 261$ on StockX, which is pretty good! 

Adidas Yeezy Boost V2 700 “Vanta”

Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 V2 Vanta

Yes, another Yeezy. But like, can you blame us? This is how you make a statement. This is probably one of the coolest of all 700’s. With an all-black Yeezy 700. Full-on black upper, black midsoles and even the soles on these kicks are black. Go grab yourself a pair on StockX for about 341$. And you’ll be ready to take on winter.

Jordan 1 Retro High Comme des Garcons Black Sneakers

Jordan 1 Retro High Comme des Garcons Black


So this is one badass looking sneaker that will definitely have you feeling like a rockstar. Talk about some awesome motorcycle boots! All you need now is a leather jacket and maybe some fishnets! These monochromatic high-tops retailed for 350$ but are being sold for about 446$ on StockX. Not so bad, you’ll be putting up a little bit more. But like… look at it!

Balenciaga Speed Trainer

Balenciaga Speed Trainer


Let’s kick it up a notch or two. The first of the bougie line of black sneakers. The Balenciaga speed trainer. It’s minimalistic, smooth, modern and at the same time, it’s out there. There are so many reasons why you should get these black sneakers, but we think it speaks for itself. Its retail price speaks to us too, it should since it retailed at 750$! But the cool thing is that you could get it for a bit less on StockX. But hey, you might as well go all out, right?

Louis Vuitton Fastlane Sneaker

Louis Vuitton Fastlane Black

Yes. It’s a Louis Vuitton sneaker. It’s an expensive AF sneaker. But if you’ve got the money, nothing’s gonna hit the spot like this one. These Fastlane sneakers are on sale on Louis Vuitton’s website for 830$. That’s quite a sum to dish out on sneakers, but it could later be your ticket into the sneaker reselling industry.
So forget about constantly cleaning your sneakers and cop yourself a pair of black sneakers off this list! Literally the only sneakers you could wear every day!

Or, if you’re not looking into buying all-black sneakers, the Air Jordan 11 “Concord” is coming out this December in a Bred colorway. And that’s definitely a sneaker worth running a sneaker bot for.