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Air Jordan 13 Wheat Makes a Comeback Nearly 2 Decades Later!

It’s not the Holidays if Nike doesn’t bring back a classic colorway our way. And so other than a full lineup of basketball sneakers, Nike and Jordan Brand will be…

Nike Unveils an Epic Basketball Collection for Holiday 2023

Nike always finds ways to celebrate. In 2010, the brand created the World Basketball Festival to celebrate the performance and culture of one of the most loved and respected games…

15 Hottest Lyst Shoes In 2023 & 2022!

In a world with endless options of sneakers to choose from, it can get overwhelming! The sneaker industry moves at a pace and we run to keep up. How to…
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Every sneakerhead’s story starts with one question: what is a sneaker bot? And there is no going back from there! It’s a rabbit hole. Once you’re in, it’s all about…
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How To Spell Yeezzy? And What Does It Mean?

Looks like being one of the best Adidas collaborations ever wasn’t enough to make people learn how to spell Yeezy the right way. From Yeesy to Yeezes, misspellings were getting…

Air Jordan Prices: How Much Are Jordans Retailing For? [2023]

The sneaker industry is one vast world. Which means that everyone has a place in there. From giant sneaker brands, underrated ones, and sellers, to resellers, you can find them…
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Panda Dunks Restock: Is This One Release Too Many?

The Nike Dunk is one of Nike’s most famous silhouettes. Like, for real, if you weren’t aware of them before, 2018/19 definitely taught you better. And since 2020 we got…
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Nike Ja 1 Halloween: Happy Haunting… and Copping!

So, turns out that Ja Morant won’t be playing when the next NBA season starts due to his suspension. In other words, Morant won’t be playing throughout the Halloween season.…
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The 5 Best Hoka Running Shoes for Race Days & Everyday Runs

“I asked my physical therapist what he thought the best running shoes for me would be. Without any hesitation, he said Hoka,” said a certified running coach healing from plantar…