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What is a Blue Chip NFT and How to Spot the Chip-Potential!

By April 6, 2022NFTs

What is a Blue Chip NFT - AIO BotOur NFT series continues on to one of the most interesting parts of the industry – an NFT blue chip. So, if you’ve been following us on this virtual journey, you’re probably a pro now. If not, you’re gonna need a crash course before you get into the blue chips! Luckily for you, we actually have a FREE hub on all things NFTs for you to join! Click on the button below to join now!

So, back to blue chips. Potentially losing money – especially when you don’t have good timing – is very easy in this industry. We’re not talking about NFT scams or rug pulls here. In other words, you could buy a non-fungible today, only for it to lose its value tomorrow! This is where the NFT blue chip concept comes in!

But, what is an NFT blue chip? And, with the endless array of projects dropping every day, how can you find a blue chip NFT? We got you! Keep reading for all the information you need – including how to spot a blue chip in the making!


First, let’s start by explaining what a blue chip NFT is! Every non-fungible collector out there would LOVE to know for sure which projects are on the road of blue chips. But, you have to first understand what it means to you!

So, “blue chip” is actually a stock market term that refers to solid investments with good profit returns. And, most importantly, these investments have a high chance of holding their value in the long run – aka no loss! In other words, blue chip companies are reliable, have minimal risk, and have maximum chances of holding their value!

Therefore, a blue chip NFT is a non-fungible that won’t make you lose money over time. It’s a non-fungible that you can invest in with an easy mind. But, how can you identify a blue chip? Keep reading to find out!


How to Spot a Blue Chip NFT - AIO Bot

Next, what does a blue chip NFT look like? Identifying the making of a blue chip non-fungible is absolutely crucial! Usually – stock markets – identify blue chips based on the history of a company. However, NFT history (especially in its current hype) hasn’t been here for that long! Therefore, the criteria for non-fungibles are very different! Here’s what you should look for:


A good tell-tale of longevity for a non-fungible project is the UTILITY. We’re talking about the benefits that come with the investment: parties, events, exclusive access, conventions, and stuff like that! When a project offers a lot of these utilities, it’s definitely a good blue chip sign!


Next, we’ve got REWARDS. This includes daily token drops from a project’s own currency like the $BANANA token! This way all NFT holders would make money just for being a part of the project. A very appealing feature to NFT collectors!


Airdrops are free gifts dropping out of the sky right into your wallets! A lot of projects with blue chip NFT potential do this! Some airdrop gas fees for their people, others might get virtual collectibles! That’s pretty fun and generates a lot of hype for the project!

NFT utility in gamesBENEFITS

Also, a good blue chip NFT sign would be the perks and benefits of being a part of a project. This is especially true with NFTs geared toward gaming! They give the NFT holder advantages and perks in their game like joining a league, using the special strengths/weaknesses of their NFTs, power-ups, and benefits!


And, having a doxxed team is definitely a good sign for blue chip NFT potential! It is definitely better to invest in people, not anonymous projects. Knowing who’s pulling the reins is a big part of avoiding rug pulls! 


Furthermore, having a roadmap to success is just like having a roadmap to blue chip stardom! When a project has clear and straightforward goals, and they’re making progress; it’s a good sign!


Finally, the community. A non-fungible project is not going to reach blue chip status if it has a community of bots! Note: we mean like chatbots/social media bots, not NFT buying bots!
But, if a project barely has any engagement on Twitter and no community on Discord, there are no blue chip chances here! You want to be in a community of smart people who are in this for the long run!


The current projects below have the blue chip NFT status. It isn’t surprising that they do considering the amount of hype and following they have! Check them out!