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Yeezy Foam Runner Mineral Blue Release! Let’s COP This Blue Yeezy!

By April 10, 2021Adidas, Yeezy

Blue Mineral Foam Runner Yeezy - AIO BotWe’ve had our fair share of Yeezy Foam Runner in the most recent Yeezy past – our favorite types of cops are these weird Yeezy clogs! They’re the perfect futuristic type of sneakers that seem to just work! We can’t deny that we weren’t all psyched about the sneaker design at first – just look at it! Any sneakerhead would have a little doubt at first. You can’t blame us. But, when it dropped, booyyy did we cop! And what a cop it was! These sneakers made 2021 – Q1 so much better – of course, we’re talking resale. You know how we roll! The very first Foam RNNR to drop made INSANE resale, so WILD – it isn’t even funny. This Foam Runner isn’t an expensive Yeezy. BUT, when you find out you could have made over $400 on resale, it feels like the biggest L in history.

We ain’t taking no chances this time. This time we aren’t going in without a sneaker bot – manual copping just ain’t it, man. And, not just any sneaker bot, the best one in the business – AIO Bot. We aren’t trying to sound weird radio ads! But, the best sneakers deserve the best sneaker bot with the best proxies and the strongest servers. And AIO Bot happens to be the one and only bot with so much experience in the game! The only reasonably-priced bot that actually WORKS for that matter! With over 100 supported websites, you’re guaranteed to cop MULTIPLE Yeezys! Get AIO to get the Foam Runner!

buttonThe Blue FOAM RUNNER

Blue Yeezy Foam Runner - AIO BotSo, if by some miracle you have no idea what a Foam Runner is or how it looks, then we got you. Although we are a little concerned, but like, you do you, man. We ain’t here to judge. The Yeezy Foam Runner is a sneaker that uses  EVA Algae-based material created by Mr. Kanye West – one of the most bizarre sneaker designs ever. Even in Kanye standards! The so-called sneaker has oval and circular perforations all over – like literally all over the sneaker. We’re used to seeing the Foam Runner in neutral shades of beige and splashes of grey, but not this time. No. This time Kanye is going all out and adding COLOR. But, of course, Kanye will always be Kanye. So, you can’t expect too much color. It is a slip-on shoe, which is kinda fun on the go easy fit!

The new Foam Runner features a complete body of navy blue – hence the Blue Mineral colorway. There isn’t much difference o it other than the color. But, this is the first time we get a fully dark-colored Foam Runner. So, technically, it is completely different than the other Yeezy Foam Runners! This new Yeezy is a Yeezy for all – literally. It comes in full-fam size so that your little hypebeast could get in on all the Yeezy fun! You won’t wanna be missing out on this cop, because it seems like it’s going to be the biggest 2021 flex.

Yeezy RNNR - AIO BotRelease Date: May 2021
Retail Price: $80

Copping Kit!

Before you run off to the end of the copping rainbow with this blue Foam Runner, you gotta take a few things with you. First, you gotta make sure you got the timing right. You don’t wanna be snoozing through a Yeezy release. So, make sure you know exactly when Yeezys drop. You should also figure out where you wanna buy them from! You don’t wanna be stuck searching for the Yeezy on release day. Once you’ve got the time and place down, all you need is your sneaker bot, a set of proxies, and a wicked server. That’s pretty much it! Oh! You also have to know the best reselling platforms for… Well, you know! We cookin’ up a reselling feast here featuring the new Yeezy Foam Runner!