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Bodega New Balance 997S “Better Days” Resells Better Than Expected

By September 17, 2020September 29th, 2020Sneakers

BODEGA NEW BALANCE AIO FEATNew Balance is on a steady roll this year with back-to-back releases and collaborations. Anyone else notice the sparkling colorway variety that’s trending with the brand? It’s like living inside a gender-liberated unicorn. With likes of the upcoming NB x KAWHI “Jolly Rancher” and another fruitful Bodega New Balance release. The first collaboration this year dropped recently on June 25th and was a full-on picnic. Since the Bodega New Balance X-Racer went the extra mile all the way to Gilgamesh! With its “off the grid” mystical inspiration taken from the world-famous epic poem. Soon this September, the brands will release their third collaborative 997S silhouette under “Better Days.”

The Brain Behind Copping This Collaboration

As mentioned, there are three Bodega NB 997S pairs that we know of yet. The first pair that dropped last April under “No Days Off”, the second 2019 pair under “No Bad Days,” and the third hinting toward “Better Days” in September 2020. For $160 each at retail, this Three Days Grace trio is likely to sell way better on resale than your average Jordan or Yeezy. “No Days Off” was sold a couple days ago for $999. And “No Bad Days” isn’t doing bad either at double its value. Which leaves us with “Better Days” with an optimistic $450 average value. Still thinking or counting?

The big picture is, if you have both or either one of the 2019 pairs, you’re in for one hell of a bidding chain on resale sites. That is, if you decide to cop “Better Days.” Which is a no-brainer even if you’ve just heard of New Balance sneakers. This collaboration is golden on the aftermarket AND affordable at retail. Which is a best-of-both-worlds situation for any sneaker copper. BODEGA NEW BALANCE TEMP FEAT

Bodega New Balance 997S “Better Days”

Bodega and New Balance teamed up to release their first 997S silhouette in April 2019. The grey/purple theme of “No Days Off” is less colorful compared to this month’s anticipated pair. Not that the resale market is objecting. With a resale value of $718 one year and five months later, who’s to say what’s wise? 

“Better Days” takes on an outdoorsy colorway. With a horse-inspired side panel theme balancing the Bodega color explosion. Mesh and suede play it safe with neutral desert tones on the sneaker’s front. Whereas the tongue and heel area take on a yellow, loud crimson, and purple combination. Like the mirage of a fruit tree at the end of the desert! And as seen on the previous releases, an ABZORB and ENCAP cushioning sole completes the sneaker.

BODEGA NEW BALANCERelease Date: 25 September 2020
Retail Price: $160

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