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7 Steps You Need to Do Before You Buy a Sneaker Bot [Checklist]

By May 11, 2023Bot, Sneaker Tutorial

The 7 Steps to Do Before You Buy a Sneaker Bot - AIO BotThe actual key to success when it comes to sneaker copping is PLANNING. We’re not saying that your choice of sneaker bots doesn’t play an immense role in copping Ws. But, having a solid copping plan changes your entire game! So, we’re here to talk about everything you need to do before you buy a sneaker bot – the complete checklist!

Every sneakerhead feels a bit confused at some point in their sneaker copping career. It isn’t that easy to find all the information you need on sneaker bots and copping. Of course, unless you follow our epic sneaker blog – shameless plug! Other than that, the only place to get actual in-depth sneaker botting material is on cook groups. But, we’re here to give you the best of both worlds!

Keep reading to find out exactly what you need and what it takes to buy a sneaker bot. All the money-related issues, the tools you should own, and so much more. This 7-step guide is basically all you will ever need to get started in the sneaker industry. Find out more!

#1 Set Your Budget
#2 Find the Bot to Fit
#3 Mark Your Targets
#4 List All the Sneaker Sites
#5 Filter Available Bots
#6 Check Twitter
#7 Compare with Other Bots

The 7 Steps to Buy a Sneaker Bot

#1 SET Your Budget

Step 1 - Set Your Bot_Budget - AIO Bot

When you first decide to buy a sneaker bot, the first step would be setting a budget. How much are you willing to spend on a bot? Typically, bots range from anywhere between $300 all the way up to $6000+. 

Factors that affect sneaker bot prices:
– Some bots are ALWAYS out-of-stock, others – like AIO Bot – are always available for sale
– Certain bots like to stay OOS to keep their user base very limited – like Kodai and Cybersole
– Purchasing OOS bots for retail is impossible and you have to go for resale prices

Keep in mind that just because a sneaker bot is more expensive, that doesn’t mean it necessarily has to perform better. PLUS, you can’t forget that you’re still gonna have to buy proxies and might need to rent a server. So, in order to set a budget for sneaker botting, you need to figure out how much it’ll cost:
– To buy a bot
– To regularly operate the bot
– And, to purchase the actual sneakers or items you’re interested in!

#2 FIND the Bot to Fit

Step 2 - Identify Sneaker_Bots within Your Budget - AIO Bot

The next step you have to do to buy a sneaker bot is FIND a bot that fits the profile. We’re gonna break down how it usually works.

Let’s say you have $1000 saved up and are ready to buy a sneaker bot and invest in sneaker copping. Obviously, you are not going to go buy a $1000 bot. Or else, how would you afford the running costs of a bot or the price of sneakers? In that case, you’d want to spend around $300-$500 on the bot on average.

Plus, you’ll want some cash left over for proxies. If you don’t know much about proxies, you can click here for more information about them. The average proxy plan will cost you between $30 and $65+ a month, depending on the plans you get.
So let’s break all of that down.
– Budget = $1,000
– Bot budget = between $300 – $500
– Proxies = around $50 per month

That leaves around $450 to $650 which you will use to buy sneakers, streetwear apparel, or whatever else you want. With that money, you can buy around 2-3 sneakers, depending on their retail price. 

#3 MARK Your Targets

Step 3 - List All Products - AIO Bot

Moving on to the third step you should do before you buy a sneaker bot! And, that is, making a list of all the sneakers and other items that you wanna buy. And, then you have to filter them into things that you want to resell. Check out this list of the best sneakers to buy that are PERFECT to resell! They’re easy to buy and easier to resell.

And, this step is especially important if you plan on pursuing a career in sneaker reselling. Do you even have any idea HOW MUCH MONEY sneaker resellers make per release? Around $500 – $1000 PER RELEASE! If you wanna learn how to do that, click here!

#4 LIST All the Sneaker Sites 

Step 4 - List Sneaker Sites - Buy a Sneaker Bot - AIO Bot

If you want to buy sneaker bots, odds are you already have some kicks in mind. Some people wanna cop Js, others wanna cop Dunks, maybe Supreme, or ALL! On the other hand, some people just wanna make money, regardless of what they cop. But, it all comes down to where you go to buy these things! What online sneaker sites release the kicks you want?

Sneaker_Sites to Check - AIO BotIf Yeezys were still a thing, you would’ve gone after them, and your main focus would’ve been focus on Yeezy Supply. If you’re interested in Jordans and live in the US, you can check sites including:
Footsites (Footlocker, Footaction, Eastbay, Champs Sports)
– Finish Line & JD Sports
Nike SNKRS app
– Sites hosted on Shopify (Kith, Undefeated, Shoe Palace, Social Status, DoverStreetMarket…)

So, whatever items you want, just list the sites that support the release of these items in your region. This is why you should also make sure the bot you choose supports the websites you want. AND, instead of visiting EVERY website to find their supported sites – like a psycho – click on the button below. We put them all for you according to the websites they support!


#5 FILTER Available Bots

Step 5 - Do Some Bot_Research - AIO Bot

Next up! Before you buy a sneaker bot, check if the bot is successful on the sites you’re targeting. In other words, the bot you go for shouldn’t only support the websites you want. It should actually be able to cop them. It’s completely useless and a waste of money.

What you can do is you can listen around to the buzz generated on the bot. The sneaker industry gets a lot of talk! It’s a verbal community and a loud culture! So, finding out some reviews or thoughts on the bot you go for won’t be hard! There are tons of people with YouTube pages reviewing different sneaker bots. You can check out Discord servers for the latest thoughts on sneakers bots. And, you can go for the holy grail of the industry – Twitter!

#6 CHECK Twitter

Step 6 - Check Twitter - Buy a Sneaker Bot - AIO Bot

Let’s take Cybersole as an example for our filtering process. Cybersole supports a wide array of sites and excels on a handful. And, you can check for proof on Twitter where bot users share their success on every drop. This makes it so much easier to make a decision when you decide to buy a sneaker bot.

Therefore, all you have to do is scroll through the successes on a bot’s Twitter page. You can try finding sneakers or items that you may have been interested in recent releases. If you’re copping Jordans, then obviously look at a bot’s success on sites like Footlocker! And so on! You get the drill!

#7 COMPARE with Other Bots

Step 7 - Compare the Prices and Features - AIO Bot

Finally, once you decide to buy a sneaker bot that has everything you need, weigh the pros and cons. Not all sneaker bots are made equal! And, although you might be excited to find one that seems to work for you, it doesn’t hurt to check! So, list the different bots that you are considering and try to weigh the pros and cons of each bot. 

In short, there is no such thing as the BEST bot. Every person has different goals, preferences, and levels of expertise. Your mission is to buy a sneaker bot that works best for YOU. Go ahead and experiment with different bots – find out what you like! 

Whatever you decide to do, keep it simple. Search for a bot that has proven success on the sites you’re targeting. Take the time to truly understand how to run the bot. Many bots function similarly, so if you master one bot, you can transition into other bots much faster.

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Where To Buy Sneaker Bots?

So, one thing you got to know about sneaker bots, they can be challenging to purchase. Especially when the market starts booming the way it did back in 2019. What usually happens is that most sneaker bot makers launch copies of their bots in very limited numbers. And once these copies sell out, your only chance to buy a copy is by buying it at resale. Do you all know what that means? It means the sneaker bot that retailed at several hundred dollars can resell for thousands of dollars on the aftermarket. So, you either wait for a restock or buy the sneaker bot off the resale market. BUT this doesn’t deny the fact, you can go with a third option, which is renting the sneaker bot! So, let’s find out what each option is about. 

Buy A Sneaker Bot For Retail

AIO Bot LogoThe best choice you can make when you buy a sneaker bot is to get it right from the source. Matter of fact, there are many bots in stock at the moment, just like AIO Bot. You just need to decide what sneaker brands and which sites you want to cop from. For example, if you’re into the reselling hassle just for the money and any brand would do it for you, you can go for an all-in-one bot. However, if you’re in it for solely copping Nike, then you got to pick one of the best Nike bots to raise your chances of catching Nike and Air Jordan drops

Buy A Sneaker Bot For Resale 

Buy Sneaker Bot For Retail Now, if you set your mind to one specific bot and you could only find it on the resale market, then to the resale market you can head. However, don’t be surprised by the high-as-heck prices. Cop Supply and BotBroker are some of the best websites you can use to both buy and sell a sneaker bot. 

Rent A Sneaker Bot 

Buy A Sneaker Bot For Resale Whether you’re running on a budget or don’t want to risk full-on buying a sneaker bot since you’re new to the botting game and all that, renting a sneaker bot is your way to go. Yes, you’re able to do that. Tidal Market, Cop Supply, and The Shoebin are some of the top options for renting a sneaker bot. Click below for a full guide on bot rental!