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Sneaker proxies allow you to have multiple IP addresses, meaning you can help avoid bans and order cancellations. With the increase of hyped releases, it could be tricky to come across trustworthy sneaker proxies that actually work. Reliability is king when it comes to shoe proxies.

Created specifically to maximize your copping power on limited edition sneaker releases like Air Jordans, NMDs and many more


  • Optimized for Sneaker releases
  • Dedicated Sneaker proxies
  • Supports Adidas, Nike, Footsites...
  • 24-Hour (Freeze/Create)
These proxies are specialized in copping Yeezys, hence the name Yeezy proxies. They’re located near Yeezy retailers like Adidas, Yeezy Supply, and more.


  • Optimized for Yeezy releases
  • Dedicated Yeezy proxies
  • Dedicated Yeezy proxies
  • 24-Hour (Freeze/Create)
Defy infamous Supreme sellout times with Supreme proxies located near Supreme sites for maximum efficiency.


  • Optimized for Supreme releases
  • Dedicated Supreme Proxies
  • Supports Supreme US
  • One Month
These Proxies are our AIO Proxies, they support most sites and they will fit around the month!


  • Optimized for General Releases
  • LA or Buffalo
  • Dedicated DC Proxies
  • One Month
what are sneaker proxies

Why sneaker proxies?

If you want to cop more than one item on a hyped release, or just want to drastically increase your chances of copping that one item, then you’ll need sneaker proxies. Sites with hyped releases only allow one item per person. Examples of these kind of drops include Adidas (Yeezy, NMDs, etc), Supreme, Nike, and Jordans.

If you try to cop multiple times you’ll eventually get banned, that’s because the site knows your unique IP address. But this is where sneaker proxies come in handy. Sneaker proxies can let you use multiple IP addresses so you appear as multiple people.

how they work

What are sneaker proxies?

Sneaker proxies are important add-ons to optimize your sneaker bot’s performance, whether you’re looking to cop multiple pairs, or just want to have more chances at copping. They are IP addresses that you can use as your own so you can appear as multiple different people.
Why Sneakers Proxies are Necessary

How do they work?

Shoe proxies can hide your IP address making it possible for you to retry buying your desired kicks. The more shoe proxies you get the more chances you’ll have, especially if it’s a limited edition release.

You can also use them as Yeezy proxies. Yeezy proxies are located in optimal locations near servers of sneaker sites that typically drop Yeezys such as Adidas and Yeezy Supply.

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What are benefits of shoe proxies?

Sneaker sites might think they are making the game fair for everyone, but they really aren’t since your success depends on your speed and location. Shoe proxies give you the advantage of speed and optimal location. In addition, every time you make a request, it is issued using a different proxy. That means unlimited chances at trying to cop the sneakers you desire.

We don't recommend any proxy providers, but if you don't prefer using AIO Bot proxies here's a list of others: HypebeastProxies, YeezyProxies, YeezyServers