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How to Buy Sneakers Online And Make A Lot of EASY Money on Resale!

By May 26, 2021Bot, Sneaker Tutorial

Buy Sneakers Online At Retail and Make Money - AIO BotSo, just so you know, we ain’t here to serve you a whole bunch of BS about copping online on your own – as in manually. No no. We’re here to talk facts. If you’re really trying to find out how to buy sneakers online at retail, then you’re basically looking up how to run a sneaker bot. If you’re one of those people who really wanna try manual cops in a world gone virtual, then just check this out! But, if you’re serious about the sneaker cop, then you gotta know right from the start that the only way to buy sneakers online is botting!

Seasoned vets of the sneaker industry already know what it’s about! Anyone who tries to tell you that you can cop limited-run hyped sneakers manually either want you to crash and burn or has some kind of app to sell. If it ain’t a sneaker bot, then it’s a whole bunch of BS.

There are two things that you can do in this case. You can either go all out and make a sneaker bot on your own. OR, you can just check out the current sneaker bots in stock for sale and get a proper sneaker bot. Copping manually includes a lot of frustration, anger, and tons of Ls. Here’s how to buy sneakers online – the right way – and start making some serious MONEY!

#1 Buy Sneakers Online By Knowing Your Retailers

Where to Buy Sneaers Online - AIO BotThe first thing you need to do when you buy sneakers online is that you gotta know where to buy the sneakers you want. If you wanna pay retail and save a couple of bucks, you can’t shop on the aftermarket. It just doesn’t work like that.

If you wanna just buy regular sneakers that aren’t really that hyped or limited, you can check out the aftermarket for sure. You can always cop sneakers for below retail, or even ones that are just slightly over retail. BUT, if you’re copping one of them wild Yeezy colorways or the latest Jordan releases, then you need retail. Or else, you’ll end up paying hundreds of dollars over retail price.

Platforms like StockX or GOAT are your go-tos if you’re gonna get into sneaker reselling – name your price, flip the sneaker, stack them cash! But, for retail, you gotta go for select retailers, the SNKRS app, or Yeezy Supply! You have the different websites that are holding the sneaker drop, and the exact time of the release.

Every sneaker release is different, but most sites have a general vibe. You have to be all-knowing when it comes to this savage sneaker community. If you blink, you miss it! This takes us to our second step on how to buy sneakers – being in THE LOOP on the game.

#2 Stay In the Sneaker Loop

When Do Yeezys Drop - AIO BotStaying in the loop is extremely essential to learn how to buy sneakers online and make money while doing it! The best sneaker blogs offer you all the information you could ever need to keep you alive in this industry.

Keeping in touch with different sneaker news pages, Twitter accounts, or sneaker cook groups also helps you stay in the know of things. These types of information help you become a better sneakerhead and prepare you to become one of the best resellers. You can learn how to kickstart your very own MILLION dollar sneaker collection, how to store sneakers and make money all from home. It will also set your mind as a sneakerhead and you will be able to gauge the success of a sneaker on the resell market – if it’s a brick or a worthy flip!

Keep it locked on our blog so we can provide you with all the information you could ever need on everything related to buying and selling sneakers online, the industry as a whole, and sneakerhead starter kits!

#3 Invest in SPEED & Efficiency

Yeezy Day 2021 - AIO Bot - Yeezy RestockSo, now that you know where to buy sneakers online, at what time, and you got the best sneaker news to back them up; there’s only one thing left to do – get a sneaker bot care package. What?

Here’s the thing. When you look up sus articles on how to buy sneakers online manually, there’s a lot of talk about picking up some speed. It’s a lot of homework to do, to be honest. They claim you gotta memorize the retailer’s website by heart. Then use a third-party app or something to autofill your information on the release. And, all the refreshing! 

But the main thing they stress on is speed! Of course, they won’t tell you that they’ll actually be running a sneaker bot that does it all for you. A bot that fills in your information, sneaker size, hits multiple websites simultaneously, and cops sneakers in bulk.

When you buy sneakers online, the recipe for success is a wicked sneaker bot, a whole bunch of proxies, and the most savage server on the market. Use a sneaker bot to make your sneaker copping game so much faster and so much more efficient! Just make sure you’ve got the right one depending on your operating system!

#4 Sell Sneakers Online 

How to Resell Sneakers - AIO Bot - GUIDEAfter you learn how to buy sneakers online you have to start your very own sneaker reselling business. Know how it feels like to be on the other side of the sneaker game. Why would you do that? Well, this is one of the best and easiest side-hustles to make money in our present days.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you buy sneakers online to sell! First things first, try to cop the bae sizes. When it comes to making money, size matters. If you’re copping for yourself, make sure you get your sneaker size down to the T. Just in case though, here’s a guide on how to stretch sneakers.

You can learn how to resell sneakers in 7 simple steps right here! Now that you’ve perfected the art of copping sneakers online, the rest will be a breeze!