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The Easiest Guide on How to Buy Sneakers Online. For Retail!

By October 11, 2019December 21st, 2022Sneakers

We’ve been in this industry for a long time. And, if there’s one thing ALL sneakerheads have on their minds it’s how to buy sneakers for retail. Learning how to get sneakers for retail is the secret of the trade, and we’re giving it to you.

Sneakerheads learn how to get shoes for retail for one of three reasons:
1. They’re broke – AKA wants to be boujee on a budget
2. They’re copping for extra sneaker money  – AKA the sneaker hustler
3. Or, they’re copping for a legit living – AKA the sneaker reseller

How to Get Shoes for Retail II - AIO BotTechnically speaking, when we’re talking about anything related to sneaker copping all comes down to money. Anyone who tells you otherwise is straight-up BS-ing you – it’s a 6 BILLION dollar industry, fam! Who you kidding? And, with all the epic sneaker releases coming up, you can NOT afford to mess up. Literally. So, if you want to learn how to buy sneakers for their retail price, keep reading!

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So, before we jump right into the sneaker copping water and try to buy sneakers online for retail, we PREP. In other words, you’re going to need to know a few things and get a few tools. No one goes into war without a weapon and some training, right?

And yes, learning how to get shoes for retail is definitely like a war field. But, we won’t let you go unprepared. This is your complete cheat sheet. The checklist to sneaker copping success:

– Get the most epic bot
– Rent a savage server
– Get a bunch of proxies
– Find a good cook group membership
– Follow the best Twitter accounts


Learning how to buy sneakers online FOR RETAIL is, in essence, an art. There are rules you need to follow, certain things you can NOT mix up, and tools you can’t survive without. But, at the end of the day, it’s all rewarding. Especially when you’re on the top of the sneaker chain surrounded by all the sneakers you copped in bulk. Or, when it’s raining cash after you charge double and triple the retail on the resale market. You’ll feel like a FREAKIN’ king.

This is where we go over every single element in the most perfect sneaker copping equation. When you’re done with this guide, you’ll be tweeting your success in no time! You’ll get so much hate from non-botting people, it’ll be AWESOME. 

*PS – you should note that this is not the ONLY way to buy sneakers. However, it is the most guaranteed, best way out there. 


So, we’re just gonna give it to you straight: if you want to buy sneakers online FOR RETAIL, you need a bot. There is absolutely no way around it! And, honestly, we’re in the midst of an NFT takeover. Is using a sneaker bot really the weirdest thing, right now?

Let’s say there was an in-store sneaker super hyped release. Someone offers to stand in line to buy the sneaker FOR YOU. Not only that, they’re even willing to dress up in numerous costumes to workaround the “one sneaker per customer rule”. This way they can get you multiple pairs. Oh! And, they’d even drop it off at your doorstep. Would you actually refuse?  

This is how sneaker bots buy sneakers online for retail. And yes, it’s legal.

How to Buy Sneakers for Retail AIO BotAll the Technical Botting Info:

What is a bot?
How to get a bot?
How do these bots work?
Can I make my own shoe bot?
Could you rent shoe bots instead?
How to set up your shoe bot by yourself?
What are the best shoe bots in the industry?

But, technically you don’t have to worry about all that. If you want to buy sneakers online for retail, you just gotta pick one! Owning a sneaker bot has nothing to do with your technical skills – that’s a myth! It’s actually more like filling in the blanks – your billing, shipping, shoe size, and the sneakers you want so bad. And then, it does the whole job for you. However, a lot of it depends on the type of bot you get depending on what sneakers you want. 

Thus, we have Shopify bots, Adidas or Yeezy bots, Footsites bots, and, of course, Nike bots! But then, we also have all-in-one bots which – as their name suggests – do it all! Like AIO Bot, for example! It is one of the most affordable, efficient bots in the entire industry that is IN-STOCK. It offers the entire sneaker copping package without having to cut out a kidney! But, don’t just take our word for it, check it out yourself!



Another thing to consider when learning how to buy sneakers online FOR RETAIL is a sneaker server, to be brief about it, servers depend on your device’s specs! How good or how bad are they? In short, bots require strong processing power and a reliable, fast internet connection. Both of which you probably don’t have at home. However, this is where sneaker servers come in! Click here for more details and information about sneaker servers and where you can find some!

How to Buy Sneakers Online For Retail - INFOGRAPHIC - AIO Bot


Next, we’ve got sneaker proxies! So, these bad boys won’t just help you buy sneakers online for retail. But, they will also help you buy MULTIPLE sneakers online for retail. Copping sneakers in bulk using proxies! Who cares about the “one sneaker per customer” policy? Not proxies.

Also, with proxies, your own personal IP can never be flagged or banned ever again! You can pick the types of proxies depending on the sneaker site. You can cater the bundles to your budget. It’s very personalized! If you want more details about the types, the features, and where to buy them; click here!


Also, another super important but completely optional thing to help you buy sneakers online for retail is joining a cookgroup. Cook groups help you get shoes online by providing all kinds of useful information – from guides to early links! You get all the tips and tricks of the trade. It’s very essential if you wanna become a part of the culture and find guidance. If you want to find some cool groups to join, click here!


Finally, the last element in the most successful equation is Twitter. Twitter isn’t a deal-breaker when you’re learning how to buy sneakers online for retail. But, it sure does help! It is for information about sneakers, bots, and reselling. Most sneaker bots, cookgroups, and sneaker news leakers are on Twitter and you should be there too! Here’s a list of the best sneaker Twitter accounts to follow!

Additional Notes on Buying Sneakers