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What Are The 7 Best Places To Buy Yeezys From?

By October 28, 2021June 17th, 2022Adidas, Yeezy

Best Places to Buy Yeezys - Where to Buy Yeezys - AIO BotYou are here for ONE reason and one reason only. And that reason is to find the best places to buy Yeezys. Knowing where to buy Yeezys is a total game changer! 


Well, copping Yeezys could either be SUPER difficult or a literal piece of cake! There’s no in-between. It all depends on how and where you do it! Plus, with a relatively low stock level and super crazy dbemand, imagine how the supply/demand scene looks like. After all, these are Ye sneakers. 

Not to mention, they’ve got one of the most promising resale market values. In other words, the competition for buying Yeezys is fierce. But we’ve got you covered! In our Blog, and in this post we’ve got all the best strategies on HOW to cop Yeezys and the BEST places to buy Yeezys!


Best_Places - to Buy_Yeezys III - AIO BotSo, we’re here to tell you about all the best places to buy Yeezys. And, to be completely honest, of all the places out there, ONE place is the best. The best place to buy Yeezys is straight from the SOURCE.
– The people who make them
– Yeezy stores – AKA the sneaker retailers who sell them

This means that you’ll get the best CHANCES and best PRICES. If you know where to buy Yeezys, you can significantly save TONS of money! Now, to do that, you’ll either have to:
– Line up with hundreds of other sneakerheads – during a global pandemic.
– Or, you can stay at home and try to cop online manually along with MILLIONS of Yeezy fans globally. 

So, what are the odds of you getting a pair? Honestly, close to NONE!


Best_Places - to Buy_Yeezys - AIO BotThe only way to beat EVERYONE to the online stock is by taking the high-tech road using a sneaker bot. Knowing where to buy Yeezys is only half the battle. You need a sneaker bot to help you cop all the best places to buy Yeezys more efficiently! 

Premium sneaker bots – like AIO Bot – help automate the entire sneaker copping process using the most advanced technologies. You can buy 20+ pairs of exclusive Yeezys at retail faster than any other sneakerhead in the game! With a fully-automated shopping experience, you won’t have to worry about a thing! Here’s what you can get buying Yeezys online with AIO Bot:

– An all-in-one bot that supports all the best places to buy Yeezys (Yeezy Supply, Adidas, and Footsites)
– This includes over 100 supported websites of sneaker retailers
– Over 7 years of experience and a rep of being the best Yeezy bot out there
– The efficiency and reliability paired with EXTREME affordability at $325
– The ability to cop all Yeezy sneakers in bulk
– Find out where to buy Yeezys and do it all at the SAME TIME!

Click the button below to check all AIO Bot features, and make the BEST INVESTMENT ever! Or, if you’re not convinced, find out if you’re cut out for botting here.



It doesn’t matter if you know where to buy Yeezys. It doesn’t matter if you know ALL the best places to buy Yeezys. Heck, it won’t matter if you got inside ties with Ye himself. Well, it does matter. But, our point is: you either buy Yeezys at retail or pay the RESALE price. That’s anywhere between $300 and $1300 in average resale value.

So, what option is cheaper? Copping manually and risking paying resale? OR, getting a sneaker bot?


What You'll Need List - AIO BotSo, here’s what we’ve established so far – a little recap of things: Of all the best places to buy Yeezys, retail is the best. Also, knowing where to buy Yeezys is not enough, in which case you will need a sneaker bot!
But, you’re going to need a little bit more! Here’s a list of the things you’ll need to buy Yeezys online without a hitch!:
– The best types of proxies
– Rent a server if you need one
– Join sneaker cook groups
– Follow Yeezy retailers on Twitter
– Read copping guides on blogs
– Learn about browser cookies and solving CAPTCHAs

On the other hand, retailers might not be the place for you! Luckily, there are other places to buy Yeezys. This is especially if you’re looking to start your  Yeezy collection, or just feel like shopping – that’s when we turn to the aftermarket.


Best_Places - to Buy_Yeezys From II - AIO Bot

Before we get right into where to buy Yeezys at the aftermarket, you have to know a few things.

On the aftermarket, the prices can be ridiculously high. People can even try to sell you some fake Yeezys. So, it’s not a place for the weak (or the cheap, for that matter). Once you’re in, there’s no going back. Be warned! And now, what are the best places to buy Yeezys at the aftermarket? Here’s a list of websites where to buy Yeezy:

#1 StockX

Best Places to Buy Yeezys - StockX - AIO BotThe ultimate go-to reselling website, StockX, is by far the most visited and reputable sneaker reselling market EVER. When buying from StockX, you know that, without a doubt, you’re getting the real deal. These guys are the sneaker experts, and no one gets into their database. 

It is one of the best places to buy Yeezys! However, this should be clear; Yeezy reselling prices aren’t by any means low! But, you can guarantee that most of the time, you’re getting the best deal from StockX – a reasonable resale price and guaranteed authenticity.

  • Either click “Buy” to purchase immediately at the lowest listing
  • Or, you “Place a Bid” to make an offer that a seller can accept. When a buyer’s “Bid” and a seller’s “Ask” match, StockX confirms the trade, and you can no longer cancel it.
  • StockX charges between 8% and 9.5% as fees per sale depending on the seller’s level

So, you need to be very sure of the Yeezy size you’re buying. And, expect a percentage to be added to the price you’re paying. Oh well, that’s the price you pay for not copping at retail!


Where to Buy Yeezys - GOAT - AIO BotSellers list their sneakers for sale on GOAT, while you get to browse through their database of over 75,000 sneakers. If you place an order and complete the purchase, the seller must ship their sneakers to GOAT for a legit check. Once your sneakers are authenticated, they’ll be sent to you. 

  • Full refund for possible fake sneakers
  • Each seller has a score. IF a seller tries to sell a fake Yeezy, his score will automatically decrease, and the transaction fees will increase.
  • Buy Now, Pay Later service – pay over 3, 6, or 12 months with rates between 10 – 30% APR.
  • Minimum fees are about %9.5

Now, that’s a HUGE reason that makes GOAT one of the greatest of all time places to buy Yeezys.

#3 FlightClub

Flight Club Platform - AIO BotOver the past decade, Flight Club has built a strong reputation, selling the best quality sneakers on the market. Flight Club has two stores, one located in New York the other in Los Angeles. 

  • Sellers send their Yeezys to Flight Club’s stores, and after they’re thoroughly checked, the Yeezys can be listed. 
  • Only authentic items go there – a reason why Flight Club is one of the best places to buy Yeezys.
  • The fee per transaction is 20% 

However, like GOAT, FlightClub offers flexible monthly payment options via affirm for some extra cash. So, this is a good option if you absolutely need to buy Yeezys and do not care about the price.

#4 Stadium Goods

Stadium Goods Platform - AIO BotTrust is the motto that Stadium Goods lives by, and they won’t let any fraud attempts endanger their reputation.

  • They have a 10-point verification system to ensure that all items are authentic. 
  • They compare product images, live products, and manufacturer information to ensure the validity of items.
  • Stadium Good charges a 20% sales fee. 

The store also accepts returns within 3 days of receiving your order. So, if you had a change of heart or discovered an unpaid electricity bill, you can get your money back.

 #4.1 Farfetch

Back in 2019, Stadium Goods acquired one of the best places to buy Yeezys – Farfetch. This great deal is valued at $250 Million and places Farfetch as one of the best places to hit when looking to buy Yeezys online. 

This deal is real-life proof of how much this industry is worth and how much potential there is in it. So, if you haven’t boarded the sneaker reselling train, you still got time! In a world gone virtual, online sneaker resale is IT.

#5 Grailed

Best Places to Buy Yeezys - Where to Buy Yeezys - GRAILED - AIO BotYou can find all-things luxury here, but buying on Grailed, you’ll need to make sure the seller has a good reputation. No bad reviews, no scams, no FAKES. Don’t worry, though; PayPal still protects your payment. 

  • Grailed has a zero-tolerance policy for fraud and scams
  • Charges 6% as a sales fee with an additional 3% – 4% as an added PayPal fee 

When you find the Yeezys you need on Grailed, make an offer on them! Whether the seller accepts or counters your bid, you will be notified via both email and Grailed messages. In case the seller accepts your offer, you will get a link to check out using PayPal. The seller can accept multiple offers at once, so act FAST!

*WARNING: Scammers might usually offer you a discount if your purchase is outside Grailed. This might not seem weird to you – you know, just a seller trying to escape the high fees per sale. But do NOT fall for it! Any offsite transaction will not be protected by Grailed or by PayPal. Then, if you end up with a fake, and you probably will, no one will be able to save you or get your money back. To be clear, this can happen on any consumer-to-consumer trading platform.  


KLEKT Platform - AIO BotKLEKT is another international place to buy Yeezys from sellers who post their kicks on the site. 

  • KLEKT charges sellers a fixed fee of 8% per sale 
  • The fee limit is about 49 euros no matter how high the shoe’s price is – that’s about 58 dollars 

So, that’s the maximum amount you can expect to have added to the resale price when you buy through this website. KLEKT promises that their team is always on the lookout for frauds and scammers, but no one can ever be too sure. That’s why they recommend that you do your research before making a purchase.

  • Check the item images very thoroughly and compare them to official images you can find online
  • Tagged pictures are almost the only way you can tell a seller owns the pair
  • Read reviews about the seller. That’s the fool-proof method to know if the seller is a fraud or not
  • Never take your purchase outside KLEKT or any reselling marketplace for that matter
  • Of course, if it’s too cheap, or even way below the average reselling price, then that’s a deal you WANT to miss
  • Check the last time the seller was online. An authentic reseller is always active; after all, that’s how he makes his living


KIXIFY Platform - AIO BotKixify is a place for people to buy and sell sneakers within a fixed-price format. No “Bids” or “Asks” – you pay whatever price the seller sets for his items. However, it’s somewhat risky to buy Yeezys on Kixify! 

  • Transactions between buyers and sellers don’t involve Kixify
  • The website has no control over the authenticity, safety, or legality of any of the items listed
  • Paypal ultimately secures your payments and billing information
  • Kixify offers a complete refund on your order if, for any reason, you do not receive your order

Kixify is, in fact, a consumer-to-consumer platform – this means no one can guarantee that what you’re buying is the real thing. So, you need to be an expert at spotting fake Yeezys, scammers, and frauds.

In addition, sellers seem to list their sneakers for much higher prices on Kixify. So you might just end up buying a fake for a hefty price. But, because you need the shoes so desperately, you’ll pay whatever you have to pay to get them. So, what does this mean? Where should I buy Yeezys from – you ask. We’ve got you covered once again, fam!


With so many choices, it can get confusing to decide on where to buy Yeezys from. So, comparing resale prices can break the tie in many cases.

Average Resale Values - YB350 Cinder - AIO BotOf course, cheaper is not always better, and the perfect deal is usually the worst deal to go for.  That’s why we tried to make site comparisons based on the average resale value of the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cinder. Here are the results:

  1. StockX: $406
  2. GOAT: $656
  3. Flight Club: $656
  4. Stadium Goods: $768
  5. Grailed: $580
  6. K’lekt: $686
  7. Kixify: $678

Average Resale Value - Air Jordan 1 Dark Mocha - AIO BotTo be more accurate, we also looked up the average resale prices for another shoe that isn’t a Yeezy, to be more accurate! The Jordan 1 Retro High Dark Mocha. Here are the results:

  1. StockX: $405
  2. GOAT: $505
  3. Flight Club: $506
  4. Stadium Goods: $465
  5. Grailed: $570
  6. K’lekt: $700
  7. Kixify: $450

*Note that these average resale values were taken at the time that this article was written. The exact value of prices, number of sales, and percentages may vary.

Sneaker Shopping 1 on 1

Now, this is a risky move. But, when you’re so desperate to find places to buy Yeezys, you might go a little crazy. Buying Yeezys doesn’t always have to involve an intermediary or a platform! In short, there are other places to buy Yeezys from. We stress the word “other.”

Buying Yeezys or any other limited sneakers can go on directly between you and the seller. Many reliable resellers have accounts set up on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Discord. HOWEVER, StockX should still be your first choice to buy Yeezys. 

Yeezy reselling prices are not easy on the pocket. So, do yourself a favor and improve your copping knowledge. This way, you won’t have to worry about knowing where to buy Yeezys on resale NOR taking Ls. Click here to do exactly that!