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Looking to Score Big Bucks? Gotta Buy Yeezys In Bulk!

By July 29, 2023Food for thought, Yeezy

Buy Yeezy in Bulk AIO BotAfter Ye got blacklisted, fans decided to boycott all Yeezys in the market. This, of course, spurred Adidas into dropping Kanye and discontinuing all Yeezy productions. With all this drama cooking, one would think that people would cut off buying Yeezys forever, but this is not the case. Yeezy is still arguably the best Adidas collab to date! That drama made Yeezys’ prices drop like flies… for now. So more people can currently afford Yeezys, but isn’t that what Ye wanted all along? How long will this affordability last though? Well, either way, you’ll wanna buy Yeezys in bulk, and here’s why.

The Yeezy Drama Recap

So, what started this whole drama? Simple as heck. Kanye did.Adidas_Yeezy Ends Collaboration - AIO Bot

Kanye or Ye was back at it again with the controversial moments. The rapper may not have cared for people’s views of him, that’s totally true. But he was oblivious to the fact that his statements would affect his business because he thought he was untouchable. After his antisemitic tweets, Kanye faced humongous backlash from the world. The company was attacked by netizens for its collaboration with the rapper. That left Adidas with no choice but to end Ye’s partnership ASAP. (If you ask us, we totally think they were waiting for all of the anger to die down like it always did).

That was still not enough to please the crowd. So, Adidas was trying to get rid of its Yeezy stock in any way possible. At an investors’ conference, Adidas CEO Bjørn Gulden stated that the company will “sell parts of this inventory and donate money to the organizations that are helping us and that was also hurt by Kanye’s statements.” The pressure was REAL, especially with investors suing the three stripes brand, if you catch our drift.

Why Should You Buy Yeezys In Bulk Now?

Note: There are two sides to the discussion here, but well, they’re two sides of the same coin. And no matter the motivation, the fact that you’re reading this means that you wanna buy Yeezys in bulk. Or looking for a good reason to. If you’re the latter, then we’re gonna give you TWO good reasons, not just one.

From a Sneakerhead or Collector’s Point of View

Collecting Sneakers - AIO Bot

So Kanye got what he wanted at some point, and Yeezys became available for anyone who wanted a pair. You see, Yeezys were a symbol of exclusivity at some point. However, while the hype stayed thanks to Ye, not all silhouettes were VERY valuable. In other words, the kicks became available to many, even those with a relatively low budget.

Meaning, if you’re looking to buy new beaters, add kicks to your collection, or anything in between, you can! All you gotta do is buy Yeezys in bulk for retail. Scroll further down to know how to do that.

Yeezy Resale Price Drop… Should You Buy Yeezys in Bulk or Not?

The Yeezy buying craze did not stop. Some people are using the price drop phenomenon to claim their pairs of Yeezys. Some people even resort to buying Yeezys in bulk to resell or to feed the collector monster living in their basement

Now, one might think that buying Yeezys in bulk is a waste of money or just plain stupid. And the truth is you might be right. But for the longest time, Yeezys were extremely rare to cop in bulk. So now people can do so due to less competition in the market. Moreover, you can always find affordable Yeezys on the aftermarket! So if you’re not picky about the colorway, you ought to find something worth your while.

From a Reseller’s Lucrative Point of View – The Other Side of the Coin

After a ton of drama, Adidas Yeezys were no more. But Adidas had to settle the unreleased stock. After all sneaker storage costs a lot, and investors weren’t really happy with the losses following this breakup. So back in May, we got the first wave of Yeezy drops, and August will feature the second Yeezy sale. And considering how things have been, it doesn’t look like Adidas Yeezys will return as an official line of kicks. Therefore, you better make the best out of these last upcoming drops and restocks to buy Yeezys in Bulk.

Yeezy Resell Value - Yeezy Boost Resale Change - AIO Bot

As with any other pair of sneakers, buying Yeezys in bulk means more profit in the aftermarket.

And since we don’t really know WHEN or if Yeezys will ever be back, Yeezy prices on resell platforms should go up in the near and far future. Which was the case with Nike Yeezys.

I know what you are thinking. If Adidas is getting rid of the Yeezys, why are people rushing to buy and resell? The main purpose of buying sneakers in bulk is to resell them at higher prices. After Adidas terminated its contract with Ye, the company is working on getting rid of all the Yeezys in the market. Therefore, the only way to buy Yeezys later on would be through a reseller. The reseller, in this case, would ask for a high price and still be able to find customers.

How To Buy Yeezys In Bulk?

The question remains. How can you buy Yeezys in bulk? Well, you can try using a sneaker bot. With a sneaker bot, you’ll be able to grab multiple pairs of your desired sneakers in one go. The best of all? You can get the from the official website for retail… and maybe Foot Locker too.

There are several steps one must follow to be able to penetrate the system and make a bulk order. Check out this detailed guide to buying and copping in bulk. And THAT could be your way into starting a successful side hustle and making that extra $$$!