AIOBOT Careers


Here at AIOBOT we strive to bring sneakerheads the very best of results. A key part of that is the over 40+ engineers and specialists that are at the top of their field, and experiences from the Fortune 500 companies and ex-government agencies that make AIOBOT the world class copping application that it is.

Interested in a career at AIOBOT? Have a passion for helping sneakerheads cop more kicks? Apply now to any of the positions below with your updated CV and job title your applying for at [email protected]

Sneaker Bot Developer
Promotional / Explainer Video Request
Content Writer
Twitter/Youtube Partners
Tutorial/Content Video Producer
Webscrapping R&D
Senior Software Developer




Sneaker Bot Developer

With over 40+ engineers and specialists AIO Bot is looking for the newest sneaker bot developer to join our team. If you think you have master chef code to cook then please apply now at [email protected].

Rates/Packages are very very attractive. Make sure to apply with your CV and previous work/accomplishments explaining why you’d be a great fit as a developer with AIO Bot!


Promotional / Explainer Video Request

Create a promotional or explainer video for AIO Bot to use on our main page that will explain to new sneaker heads why they should use AIO Bot. It can be a production/animation or any form of video you want! If you’ve got the skills and passion then please apply now at [email protected] with the job title in the subject and include your idea or previous work in the message.


Content Writer

Seeking someone who is passionate about both the sneaker industry and writing interesting and well researched articles.
Apply now with your updated CV and the job you’re applying for at [email protected]


Twitter/Youtube Partners

Have a sneaker related twitter or youtube following and would love to give back more to your followers?
Contact us at [email protected] with the job post in the subject, make sure to include your number of followers/subscribers and a link to your account!


Tutorial/Content Video Producer

Love sneaker culture and love even more creating high quality content and/or tutorial videos?
Then apply now at [email protected] with the job post in the subject, please try to include examples of your previous work.

Webscrapping R&D

Someone with a development background who has experience in web scraping, web automation and developing bots/scrapers. Experience to keep monitoring those sites and propose solutions to what those sites add to stop software like ours.

Technical Experience Needed:

  • worked on add to cart programs for adidas or nike ( optional )
  • worked on scrapping solution from either amazon, facebook or google ( recommended )
  • understands how challenging web scraping is and persistent enough to find solution
  • Knows how to use fiddler
  • Knows DOM elements, http protocol, html elements and how the web works
  • Already developed a scraping bot or program in the last 6 months
  • Knows how to automate web requests and how to bypass the security systems against bots and scrapers
  • Understands how captcha works, and the ways to solve captchas ( OCR, services, human solvers etc. )
  • Experience in at least one of those libraries:
    1. Phantom
    2. Slimer JS
    3. Casper
    4. Selenium
  • Know at least one programming language:
    1. Python
    2. Javascript
    3. C#
  • Location is not a problem
  • Willing to work with a team of developers and qa testers
  • Have to be dedicated to the cause and improve himself on learning better techniques to solve challenging issues
  • Has to be proficient in english
  • Have perfect documentation skills to document changes, solution proposals and solutions
  • Good communication skills

Apply now with your updated CV and the job you’re applying for at [email protected]


Senior Software Developer

  • Professional in English writing and reading skills
  • 5 years + experience developing enterprise applications in C#
  • Experience with writing high availability and efficient multithreaded solutions
  • Experience in different .NET libraries and functions
  • Familiar with analyzing web requests using Fiddler or similar tools
  • Familiar with JSON
  • Knowledge in C#, .NET, WPF and XAML
  • Experienced in unit testing, refactoring legacy code and git
  • Experienced in C# and good at 2 more languages
  • Experienced in .net Desktop applications
  • Knows and Understands when and how to use Design Patterns
  • Experience working in an agile environment
  • Expert as software architecture and system designs
  • Experience building complex systems that have been successfully delivered to customers
  • Experience with professional software engineering best practices for the full software development life cycle, including coding standards, code reviews, source control management, build processes, testing and operations
  • Expert in OOP
  • can handle the entire software development life cycle, end to end
  • Very good at documentation ( projects, code, issues )

Apply now with your updated CV and the job you’re applying for at [email protected]