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Cheap NFTs: Finding the Best Value NFT at the Most Optimal Prices!

By May 27, 2022NFTs

How to Get Cheap NFTs - AIO BotWhether we like to admit it or not, we all want to be a part of the NFT industry. The excitement, the hype, and above all the MONEY is definitely tempting and hard to resist. However, it is a common misconception that all NFTs are expensive and cheap NFTs are not even worth it.

Now that statement is partially true. It is true that there are a lot of NFTs that are over-the-top expensive. Some non-fungibles are selling for millions of dollars like some CryptoPunks or Beeple’s art. But, being a part of this game doesn’t mean you have to go for the biggest fish! However, at the same time, you shouldn’t settle for the lowest-value NFT just for the sake of having one! If you could, why not have the best of both worlds?

We’re talking about cheap NFTs but not necessarily floor prices. We’re talking about good value with optimal prices. Here’s how you can find the right NFT to fit your budget and maybe even make a profit! And, speaking of budget buys, make sure to join our FREE hub of NFT guides – catered just for you! Click on the button below to join now!

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How to Find Cheap NFTs with Good Value?

#1 Use Rarity Tools

Cheap_NFT III - AIO BotSo, Rarity Tools are the first thing you should consider when looking for cheap NFTs at the best value. By utilizing these tools in your search, you can find the best NFT to buy at the best price! All you have to do is filter non-fungibles based on price, and compare their rarity scores!

Using this method you will be able to find a decent-priced NFT without settling for floor price! Click here for the best rarity tools to use!

#2 Understand Additional Fees

Next, you also have to understand that sometimes cheap NFTs mean avoiding high additional fees. Which – your moms would agree – is a great bargain! And to do that, you have to know what kinds of fees come with buying an NFT. There are marketplace fees and then there are gas fees! And note, those are two different fees that you have to pay. But, it differs depending on the site and the type of cryptocurrency you’re using. You can check out this table of all the best marketplaces and their fees to pick the lowest fee!

#3 Whitelists, Airdrops, & Floor Prices

Also, if you’re smart about the whole cheap NFTs you have to consider whitelists, airdrops, and floor prices. These three points are the way for you to get the closest thing to a cheap or even FREE non-fungible token! We’ll tell you exactly how:

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Whitelists: scoring a spot on a whitelist means you could have early access to drops, exclusive perks, utilities, and more. So, you’ll pay for an NFT for sure; but, you’ll get a shitload of free stuff!
Airdrops: on the other hand, airdrops are the free NFTs and utilities you would get if you were on a whitelist! Nothing cheaper than when it’s free!
Floor Prices: of course, we can’t go one without mentioning floor prices or else it wouldn’t be thorough. The floor price is the lowest-priced NFT within a collection. But, floor price doesn’t always mean cheap NFT – depends on the collection!

#4 At Mint VS At Market

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This is where scoring cheap NFTs takes a little bit of crunching and just a bit of thinking. Should you buy NFTs at mint or at public sales? Buying at mint is usually exclusive to whitelist and presale members.

Buying at mint means you can get in at the lowest price, giving you the best chances for high cashback. Plus, if you become one of the earliest investors or buy a genesis NFT, you’ll get additional benefits. BUT, at the same time, you run the risk of price dropping after mint. For this, we suggest you keep a close eye on their socials and see how the hype is!

Cheap NFTs II - AIO Bot#5 NFT Bots

Finally, the last part and definitely the one we like the most: using NFT bots! So, the best way to score cheap NFTs is not to buy them on resale when someone is asking for double, triple, or quadruple the price!

To do this, people have resorted to using NFT sniper bots that buy non-fungibles at the lowest price during auctions! Definitely tricking the system a bit but who cares? You’ll be saving money! Click here to learn how they work!