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BEST BUDGET BOTS: Cheap Sneaker Bots Under $500

By November 2, 2023April 19th, 2024Bot, Sneaker Tutorial

AIO Bot - Cheap Sneaker Bots - Budget BotsBudget Bots: a broke sneakerhead’s guide to cheap sneaker bots and lots of money-makings!

As a beginner, just getting into the sneaker industry might have you feeling overwhelmed by all the different prices. Especially, once you get to the part where you invest in a bot for copping! And, although buying a sneaker bot is an investment with guaranteed cashback, sometimes you just don’t have the funds! But, does that mean you can’t be a part of this hectic culture? Heck no! 

Who said that, a sneaker bot has to be crazy expensive to perform well? That’s just an old botting myth. In fact, sneaker botting does not discriminate based on what you’ve got in your pocket! We just discriminate based on your copping skills, flexing abilities, and sneaker collection. But, that’s all just part of the game!

But one thing you gotta keep in mind is that it takes more than a sneaker bot to start copping sneakers for retail. For example, you’ll also need proxies and accounts to avoid getting banned. So, click on the button below for a FULL CHEAT SHEET on how to master sneaker copping for retail on release day! 

Don’t worry, once you get the hang of it, making money off the resale market will feel like a walk in the park in no time!



Cheap Sneaker Bots - AIO BotWe’re going to start with literally one of the best cheap sneaker bots in the game – AIO Bot! This is the sneaker bot that guarantees a bang for your buck! Not only is it affordable, but it is actually one of the BEST sneaker bots in the game! AIO Bot retails for $299 for a lifetime license. This is a one-time yearly payment with no follow-ups or monthly payments!

In short, it has everything you need in a sneaker bot.
– Affordability? Check ✓
– Availability? Check ✓
– Performance? Check ✓
Success? Check ✓

Plus, AIO Bot is an all-in-one bot – hence the name! It supports OVER 100 websites! Therefore, this means you’ll actually be investing in a Shopify Bot and  Footsites Bot. All for the price of one! And although we sound a bit biased, AIO Bot’s experience spans back to the year 2014! So, there’s definitely a lot of history to back it up! Click here to check it out yourself!


Cheap Sneaker Bot - Budget Bots - TSBNext on our cheap sneaker bots list, we’ve got TSB, which retails for $300 per year. Catch here is that The Shit Bot isn’t an all-in-one bot, but rather a Nike bot. So, if you aim to cop Nike and Jordans all year long, TSB’s the IT sneaker bot for you. It supports over 50 regions worldwide. 

And even with Nike knuckling down on resellers, TSB’s still managing to leave behind an epic success record after hype drops. Matter of fact, when it comes to this Nike bot, you’ve also got the option to subscribe monthly for $49.99. So, for someone starting out in the industry, this is a good place to begin! Check it out here!


Cheap Sneaker Bots - MEK AIOFinally, we’ve got MEK AIO as one of our cheap sneaker bots on this list. MEK AIO retails for $300 with a $45 per month renewal fee. BUT, it’s out of stock. So, the only way you’re gonna get a copy is from secondary bot markets. On Tidal, MEK AIO costs you between $30 and $40 if you plan on renting it this November. However, you need to know that these prices change weekly depending on how hype the upcoming drops are. 

So, some of MEK AIO’s best features include having a high success rate in acquiring limited-edition kicks. It also has epic anti-bot solutions, especially on Shopify. For a more thorough review of MEK AIO, click here


Cheap Sneaker Bots - Nike Shoe Bot NSB

Next, we have Nike Shoe Bot – another good option on our list of cheap sneaker bots. But, if you don’t already know, NSB does not cop Nike sneakers, despite the name! NSB retails for $499 per year and actually IS in stock! Also, it is an all-in-one bot too.

It is definitely a bit pricier than other bots on this list. But, you’ll get an extensive user manual and access to the NSB Discord server. So as a beginner, NSB might still be out of your budget when you factor in the proxies and server. Maybe when you become more into sneaker copping and have a bigger budget!


VALOR AIOAlso, we’ve got VALOR AIO. It supports Footsites, Finishline, and JD Sports. And last we’ve checked they were working on an update to support Shopify. VALOR AIO retails for $399.99 with a $49.99 per month renewal fee. However, it’s out of stock. 

In this case, you’ve got several options you can choose from: go to the resale market to get your copy for way higher than the retail price, join the waitlist to buy it for retail, or rent it off Tidal for around $70 a month. But, just like MEK AIO’s case, this amount goes up and down depending on the types of releases. 

Also, MEK AIO runs on both Windows and macOS. And it supports Shopify sites, Footsites, Nike SNKRS, and more – it’s an all-in-one bot after all! But, VALOR AIO does run the risk of going out of your budget. Especially since you’re still gonna need to buy proxies and maybe even rent a server! So, you might wanna go for the more affordable options on this list. Click here for an extensive review of VALOR AIO. 

On a final note, there are always ways you can make these cheap sneaker bots even more affordable. If you find a good cook group, you can get discount codes or join group buys for better prices. And, if you’re not into long-term relationships, you can also consider bot renting instead. This way you can actually test out most of the bots on this list for as long as you want. Click here to learn more!