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Cheap Supreme Items: An Affordable List of BOGO Madness!

By December 11, 2021January 5th, 2022Food for thought, Supreme

Top 10 Cheap Supreme Items - AIO BotCheap Supreme items – that’s what the title says right? Well, yes. You see, with the Holiday season, we completely understand that money can be tight. But, at the same time, when you’ve got sneakerheads in your life, you gotta go big or go home. Spitting some facts here!

And, we all can NOT deny that the BIGGEST (and safest) option for a sneakerhead gift will always be Supreme. Don’t know what to get them? Aren’t sure what sneaker they’d like the most? Or you just wanna get something that has a different allure to it! Then, Supreme is the definite way to go! Especially if they’re items from THIS year… BUT, there’s a catch.

There’s always a catch!

You see, although we’re saying cheap Supreme items, there is technically no such thing. We’re gonna tell you right off the bat. You’re not gonna find super SUPER cheap Supreme here. The only “cheap” part of Supreme is copping at retail. And, if you know anything about the red BOGO brand, then you know that it has the fastest-selling time ever! They’re VERY cheap when compared to their ridiculous resale!

However, the most proper and guaranteed way to actually cop these items at retail is by using a Supreme bot! Maybe you can go for that as a gift instead. It would be beyond special, effortless, and you’ll come off as the coolest human in the world. EVERYONE and ANYONE would love a bot that helps them cop Supreme at retail! Click on the button below to find out more about Supreme bots!


Top 10 Cheap Supreme Items

No Box Logo Fitted Hat Supreme_ - AIO BotNo Comp Box Logo New Era

First, we’ve got the No Comp Box Logo New Era fitted hat. It was a part of the brand’s Fall/Winter 2021 season for the week 4 release. It’s one of the cheap Supreme items because you can actually buy it for around $40 dollar over retail! And, the more you know about the brand, the more you see how reasonable that is! It dropped in six different colorways featuring the BOXO on the front and “Supreme 2021 Opening Day” on the side. Buy it now – here!

Cheap Supreme Items - Side Bag - AIO BotSupreme Side Bag

The second item on the cheap Supreme list is a Supreme Side Bag from the Fall/Winter 2021 season. We love us some Supreme accessories! And, with schools opening up and people coming out of lockdown, this is exactly what you need. You can also find it in Purple, Woodland Camo, Orange, and Black. AND, it only resells for around $30 over retail price! Buy it now – here!

New York Yankees Track Jacket Supreme_ - AIO BotNew York Yankees Track Jacket 

The third cheap Supreme is a pretty epic one! Supreme and the New York Yankees worked together to deliver the first-ever two-part collection. This was during the second week of the Fall/Winter 2021 season. It features items from the Denim Trucker Jackets to tracksuits – all with the brand’s logos! This tracksuit has the New York Yankees logo on the front and the Supreme logo on the back! Definitely an awesome gift! Buy it here for only $50 over retail!

Duffle Bag

Cheap Supreme Items - Duffle Bag - AIO BotFourth item on this list is a very functional gift that is also a really sweet deal! The Supreme Duffle Bag from the Fall/Winter 2021 collection. Who doesn’t like to have a duffle bag on hand? You get to flex your Supreme heat in the gym while traveling, or anywhere you want. Just look at it! And, you’ll be paying less than $50 over retail. That’s really not expensive for Supreme! Check it out here!

Cheap_Supreme - Beanie - AIO BotLoose Gauge Beanie

So, you know, Winter is coming! Everyone’s gonna need some kind of Winter-season headgear like a BEANIE! And, not just any beanie – the Supreme Loose Gauge Beanie! It’s a very classic, timeless piece of apparel that Supreme has taken to a whole new level. This is perfect for a picky sneakerhead! It also comes in a HUGE variety of colors and even patterns that you can choose from! Check it out here!

KAWS Supreme_ Hooded Sweatshirt - AIO BotKAWS Chalk Hoodie

Sixth on the list of cheap Supreme items is the KAWS Chalk Logo hooded sweatshirt. We’re continuing on the theme of winter-appropriate apparel which goes in line with the Holiday season! This was the brand’s first time collaborating with KAWS in about ten years. It was a part of Week 1 of the SS21 season and comes in seven different colors! Now, this is a bit pricier, but it comes with more flex! Check it out here!

Supreme Waist Bag 

Supreme_ Waist Bag Fanny Pack - AIO BotAn incredibly fashionable and hyped fanny pack? You’d never imagine that fanny packs or waist bags would ever come back in style. But, if the dad shoe trend and all the chunky sneakers can make it, why can’t this? But, the shiny Supreme on the front of this waist bag does come with around $40 over retail. See, that’s what happens when you cop without a bot! Buy it now – here!

Cheap Supreme Items - Backpack - AIO BotSupreme Backpack

Next, we’ve got another perfect back-to-school cheap Supreme item – “cheap”. The ultimate and complete flex, even more than the side bag. This is because this backpack has a shiny big “Supreme” all over the back of it. This makes it super easy to effortlessly flex through campus! Pair it with the KAWS Chalk logo hoodie and you’ll be GOLDEN! And the best part is, it’s not even THAT overpriced when compared to retail! Like $200 for a Supreme backpack? Such a steal! Buy it here!

Nike_Supreme - Crew Socks - AIO BotNike Lightweight Crew Socks 

SOCKS. Who doesn’t absolutely love socks? Now, this is definitely a cheap Supreme item – like for real cheap! Now, it’s probably more than you would usually pay for socks. But, come on. They’re Supreme Nike crew socks – double whammy! This was from Supreme’s Week 11 release WITH the Air Max 96 in their store in Milan, Italy. The lightweight crew sock came in two different colorways and featured the brand’s logo in full length. You can cop them today for only around $20 over retail – here!

Seiko Marathon Clock Supreme_ - AIO BotSeiko Marathon Clock

Finally, the last cheap Supreme item on our list is the Seiko Marathon clock. Now, this is a quirky kind of gift that is also very random! But, then again, it’s Supreme, it’s new, and it does the job! It was part of the SS21 Week 9 collection in collaboration with SOUTH2 WEST8. It has an LCD display, detachable stand, a countdown timer, stopwatch, AND alarm. It’s a freakin Supreme clock, fam! Who wouldn’t love this? Total collector item! Check it out here!

And that’s all we’ve got folks! But, we do hope you found this list to be useful to you. If not, and you still feel kinda lost, you can always check out our gift guide. It’s a list of sneakerhead gifts UNDER $100. A little something for everyone’s budget. Click here to see the full list!