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Cheap Yeezys: A List of Our Top 10 Picks of Yeezys for Sale

By June 28, 2023November 13th, 2023Adidas, Yeezy

AIO - Cheap YeezysWith Yeezys back in action, the resale market refreshed all over again, drinking in the hype Adidas Yeezys brought along. But, all this aside, when a sneaker brand like Yeezy, is so popular that it created over 10 silhouettes and more than 100 colorways, it’s only right that you all own a pair, in the least! So, if you’re no Yeezy owner, YET, and want in on the action, but don’t exactly have the budget for it, we’ve got you covered! Even if it sounds like a dream, there actually is something called cheap Yeezys, and we’re here to introduce them to you.

Now, for a little backstory before we dive into the cheapest Yeezys list. You all do know what happened with Ye and Adidas, don’t you? Put simply, they were the golden partners in the world’s eyes. But this same golden couple turned out to be the most toxic out there.

This toxicity started with Adidas duplicating Yeezy designs under the name of other partnerships. Followed by Ye’s disapproval of Yeezy Day altogether. But things really hit rock bottom when Adidas terminated the Yeezy partnership back in October 2022. Which led the Yeezy resale value to reach new highs. Thus, the reason for today’s talk. We’ve prepared a list of cheap Yeezys that fit the tastes of all the broke Yeezyheads!

More on the Adidas x Yeezy Fiasco

– Yeezy Supply shut down
– Adidas announced the sale of YEEZY-less Yeezys
– Unbranded Yeezys became a reality
– The fate of unreleased Yeezys was undecided
– Adidas revenues weren’t looking their best
– Kanye West disappeared off the face of the earth
– Ye married in secret
– Kanye shocked fans with secret Yeezy show (Ye loves secrets)
– Rumors of Adidas taking Ye back hit headlines
– Yeezy Mafia made a comeback
– Adidas decided to sell the remaining Yeezys
– The craze came back as unreleased Yeezys started lining up

Disclaimer: Cheap Yeezys doesn’t necessarily mean they cost less than $100. In the resale world, cheap rather means BELOW RETAIL.


If you’re one of the OG Yeezy lovers of the sneaker industry, current resale values might give you some PTSD. You see, back in the day, there were no such things as cheap Yeezys. Yeezys for sale was a concept unheard of! They were super-limited stock releases that resold on the resale market for THOUSANDS of dollars!

Although Yeezys are still among the most coveted sneakers on the market, the “Yeezys for All” strategy changed everything. Kanye played with the rules of supply & demand and made them so much more accessible! He did restocks through Yeezy Day, played with stock levels, and even launched Yeezy Supply for larger releases. Read more about Kanye’s previous supply & demand chain here!

Our Top 10 Picks of Cheap Yeezys

1. Yeezy 450 Resin (save $26)
2. Yeezy 380 Azure (save $46)
3. Yeezy 380 Pepper (save $62)
4. Yeezy 380 Hylte (save $74)
5. Yeezy QNTM BSKTBL Frozen Blue (save $80)
6.  Yeezy QNTM Frozen Blue (save $91)
7. Yeezy QNTM Barium (save $102)
8. Yeezy QNTM Flash Orange (save $110)
9. Yeezy QNTM Ophani (save $120)
10. Yeezy Boost 350 V2 (save $100 – $800)

#1 Yeezy 450 Resin

SAVE $26

Cheap Yeezys 450 Resin-AIO BotThe Yeezy 450 Resin had quite a year in 2021 – with three colorways dropping in that year alone! But, as for the Yeezy 450 in Resin, it was a bit of a shock! It’s the kinda colorway that you either really love from first sight, or you despise it to hell and back. This pair came in a mix of foam and Primeknit material, which makes it a very comfortable fit.

Cheap Yeezys Colorway: Resin
Release Date: December 17th, 2021
Style Code: GY4110
Retail Price: $200
Average Resale: $174

#2 Yeezy 380 Azure

Yeezy_380 AZURE - AIO BotSAVE $46

Another 380 on the field of Yeezys for sale! We think Kanye is more fond of this silhouette than anyone else is. It WAS meant to be a 350 V3. And, honestly, we think if it was a350 V3, it wouldn’t be on this list!

Cheap Yeezys Colorway: Azure
Release Date: December 12th, 2020
Style Code: FZ4986
Retail Price: $230
Average Resale: $184

#3 Yeezy 380 Pepper

SAVE $62

Yeezy_380 PEPPER - AIO BotOn another note, a Yeezy for sale with a slightly bigger save is the Yeezy 380 Pepper! Although we were pretty excited to see more of the 380, the sneaker looked more on the salty side! But, that’s good news for you – Yeezys under retail!

Cheap Yeezys Colorway: PEPPER
Release Date: September 19th, 2020
Style Code: FZ1269
Retail Price: $230
Average Resale: $168

#4 Yeezy 380 Hylte

SAVE $74

Cheap Yeezys 380 - Yeezys for Sale - HYLTE - AIO BotSo, the Yeezy 380 Hylte is actually one of the coolest sneakers on this list. Although they are currently for sale under retail, we still think they’re pretty sick! The release came with a glowing iteration as well, which we always love!

Cheap Yeezys Colorway: HYLTE
Release Date: December 12th, 2020
Style Code: FZ4990
Retail Price: $230
Average Resale: $156

#5 Yeezy QNTM BSKTBL Frozen Blue

SAVE $80

Yeezy_QNTM BSKTBL Frozen Blue - AIO BotThe Quantums belong on this list of Yeezys under retail because they genuinely belong here! Basketball Yeezys were Kanye’s venture into basketball-inspired sneakers. But, it ain’t it, fam. It ain’t it.

Cheap Yeezys Colorway: FROZEN BLUE (BSKTBL)
Release Date: December 23rd, 2020
Style Code: GX5049
Retail Price: $250
Average Resale: $170

#6 Yeezy QNTM Frozen Blue

SAVE $91

Yeezy_QNTM Frozen Blue - AIO BotAlongside the basketball Yeezys, Kanye dropped the lifestyle versions of the same sneaker. It was supposed to be geared more toward casual life and designed as such. We can’t really tell on first look though.

Cheap Yeezys Colorway: FROZEN BLUE
Release Date: December 23rd, 2020 
Style Code:GZ8872
Retail Price: $250
Average Resale: $159

#7 Yeezy QNTM Barium

SAVE $102

Cheaps Yeezys - Yeezys for Sale - QNTM BARIUM - AIO BotANOTHER QUANTUM! See, they’re making up the entire list of Yeezys for sale just because of Kanye’s excessive releases! Okay ‘Ye, we get it. You wanna be a B-Ball player. Living his childhood dreams through sneakers – especially the Barium!

Cheap Yeezys Colorway: BARIUM
Release Date: June 25th, 2020
Style Code: H68771
Retail Price: $250
Average Resale: $148

#8 Yeezy QNTM Flash Orange

SAVE $110

Yeezy_QNTM FLASH ORANGE - AIO BotAnother Yeezy for sale on this list is yet another Quantum! The Yeezy Flash Orange is not as flashy as you would assume! It currently has an average resale value of $184 – that’s $66 UNDER RETAIL!

Cheap Yeezys Colorway: FLASH ORANGE
Release Date: May 22nd, 2021
Style Code: GW5314
Retail Price: $250
Average Resale: $140

#9 Yeezy QNTM Ophani

SAVE $120

Yeezy_QNTM OPHANI - AIO BotThe Yeezy Quantum Teal Blue is the third Yeezy QNTM released. It’s got the sweet looks of a Yeezy Quantum with magnetic blue accents. Kind of like Blue in Jurassic World, don’t you think?

Cheap Yeezys Colorway: OHPANI
Release Date: October 10th, 2020
Style Code: G58864
Retail Price: $250
Average Resale: $130

#10 Yeezy Boost 350 V2
SAVE $100 – $800

Here’s the thing. We know you came to check this list of Yeezys for sale to find a way to buy Yeezy 350s. We get it, we’d do it too! But, let’s be honest. Check out the resale values of some Yeezy 350s on the aftermarket. You’ll see that prices range anywhere from $1000 for the BREDs or $800 for the Belugas. The best deal you’ll find is anything less than $300! Check these three Yeezys out!

Cheap Yeezys Colorway: CARBON
Release Date: October 2nd, 2020
Style Code: FZ5000
Retail Price: $220
Average Resale: $273

Cheap Yeezys 350 - Yeezys for Sale - CARBON - AIO Bot

Cheap Yeezys Colorway: SAND TAUPE
Release Date: December 19th, 2020
Style Code: FZ5240
Retail Price: $220
Average Resale: $288

Cheap Yeezys 350 - Yeezys for Sale - SAND TAUPE - AIO Bot

Cheap Yeezys Colorway: MARSH
Release Date: February 1st, 2020
Style Code: FX9034
Retail Price: $220 
Average Resale: $242

Yeezy_350 - MARSH - AIO Bot

Cheap Yeezys Colorway: Carbon Beluga
Release Date: May 31st, 2023
Style Code: HQ7045
Retail Price: $230
Average Resale: $250

Yeezy 350 Carbon Beluga

Cheap Yeezys Colorway: Mono Mist
Release Date: June 18th, 2021
Style Code: GW2871
Retail Price: $220
Average Resale: $193

Yeezy 350 V2 Mono Mist

What Other Options Have You Got?  

If you think that the cheap Yeezys above aren’t as cheap as you thought, there’s still one option: Buy them for retail and be the one profiting from it all. All you need to do is add a few extra $100 and get yourself a sneaker bot

This not only helps you cop the latest Yeezy release for retail, but it also helps you catch multiple pairs all at once. Meaning that, you’ll get the best of both worlds, where you can keep a pair of the coveted Yeezy you bought, and sell the remaining others for hefty prices. And that’s how you become a certified sneaker reseller in this side hustle. So, for a full cheat on how to buy sneakers for retail on the release day, click on the button below!