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Who Was Really Behind Chunky Sneakers? A THICCC History

By November 6, 2021November 4th, 2022Food for thought, Sneaker News

History of Chunky Sneakers - AIO BotSome people call them dad shoes, some people call them chunky sneakers. We like to call them THICCC! And, in all honesty, we LOVE THEM.

If we’ve ever come across an excessively strong force of nature affecting sneaker trends, it would be this. There is no trend stronger and more resistant to time and it’s obviously here to stay! From the bulky sneakers of Seinfeld, to the oversized kicks of Kids Next Door. With Men in Tights featuring a chunky-ass Reebok Pump to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s Nike Air Max Penny 1.

They dominated the 90s and have no intention of getting off their throne ever since then! But, as any sneaker trend, someone has to fuel the fire to keep it burning. And, that’s exactly what we’re here to talk about! We love sneakers in all shapes and sizes. But, it’s time we give these lusciously curvaceous kicks some of the sweet lovin’ they deserve! Here’s a thiccc history lesson on chunky sneakers!


Okay, so we all know that chunky sneakers craze most definitely did not start a few years ago. But, what you might not know is that the trend goes way back. We’re not going to go year by year down the history of it. But, we’re going to give you a definite progression of the trend until it reaches its current peak!


Etnies Natas 1 (1987) - AIO BotThe actual history of it could be traced back to the very end of the 1980s with the ETNIES NATAS 1s. The ETNIES NATAS 1s might actually be the OG chunky sneakers that kickstarted the entire trend!

They are skate shoes worn by the West Coast skater and Etnies pro rider, Natas Kaupas in Streets on Fire.


London Buffalo (1995) - AIO BotOkay, so this was definitely around the time the Spice Girls were the hottest thing since like… ever? The design on the BUFFALO LONDONs looks so much like the platform silhouettes that all the cool kids wore! 

But, they knew what they were doing considering their cultural legacy carries on to this day! Big celebs like Gigi Hadid rocking chunky sneakers just like these every day!


Nike Air Max Penny 1 - Chunky Sneakers - AIO BotThe Nike AIR MONARCH is not only part of the chunky sneakers list, but it’s also behind the ‘dad shoes’. We’re talking about the term itself! You see, this is around the time that Nike was testing the waters with a thicker shoe!

To do that Nike carried out research at theme parks by interviewing American men! American men at a theme park? DADS?


Adidas Ozweego - Chunky Sneakers - AIO BotAfter the Nike Air Monarch, we had another few chunky sneakers. But, the trend generally laid low for a while until the release of the Adidas x Raf Simons OZWEEGO. One of the most influential sneakers in history and kick started the entire craze!

It was chunky, it was bulbous, and it was thiccc! In other words, it featured everything we absolutely love about chunky sneakers!


Balenciaga Triple S - AIO BotBy the year 2017, even luxury brands were hopping on the train of chunky sneakers! It was a very huge surprise when Demna Gvasalia’s SS Balenciaga show featured Parisian fathers and kids in chunky kicks! It was the epitome of thiccc sneakers everywhere and changed the course of sneaker history forever!

After that, big, bulky sneakers were not only acceptable in high-end footwear. It became a fashion statement!


Yeezy700 Waverunner (2017) - AIO BotWe know that our man Ye has always found a way to deviate from the ordinary. His most recent release of the NSLTD and KNIT RNR BT both prove that! We’re not even all that surprised!

Although the chunky sneakers trend was already on the go, it was Ye that set the wheels in motion. It brought back the dad shoes in a much more forceful power. If he can make Yeezy slides so popular, bulky kicks are no feat. 

After that, it was like the chunkier the better! You know? This explains why we’ve got so many other dad shoe releases since then. The bigger the better? When it comes to chunky sneakers, we have to admit size matters! And, luckily for all of us, one of the greatest dad shoes is re-releasing soon in 2022! The Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 V2 STATIC!


Damn She THICC - AIO BotIn light of all the talk on chunky sneakers, you probably feel an urge to buy one yourself! But, you don’t have to worry about that. A long time ago, Ye promised that he’ll do his best to make sure that EVERYONE will own Yeezys. And, considering all the restocks we had this year, he’s trying really hard.

And so, the re-release of the Yeezy 700 V2 STATIC is more than welcomed! It is one of the coolest Yeezy colorways to date with its reflective detailing and innate chunkiness! You can learn more about the 2022 release here.

But, until then, you might wanna curb your appetite by copping some of the best sneakers this Holiday season. You can check out the entire Jordan lineup for the 2021 Holiday season by clicking on the button below. They might not be the super chunky sneakers you wished for, but they’re still pretty epic! Check them out yourself!