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CLOT x Air Jordan 1 FEARLESS Drop! Not Just a Label, It’s a Movement

By November 30, 2019July 12th, 2022Jordan, Nike

So, Jordan dropped a series of Air Jordan 1s called the “Fearless Ones” and every sneaker has a different story of its own. Like the Maison Château Rouge iteration that drops today catches the true spirit of the African district of Paris! These sneakers urge people to be fearless, just as MJ once said: “Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion”. And the final sneaker of this series is out! Edison Chen, in partnership with Jordan, designed a new fearless sneaker to join the series! The CLOT x Air Jordan 1 Mid drops this December! Way to go out with a BANG!

But What is CLOT?CLOT Logo

15 years ago, Edison Chen and Kevin Poon came together and created the Hong-Kong based label CLOT with a mindset of bringing the East and West culture together. They continued on the Chinese tradition of using silk and merging them with their line. They use 100% silk in the material and fabric they use and incorporate it into their designs! The intricate designs hold the true meaning behind the Chinese culture all carried in Western-style and Japanese streetwear!

Since 2004, they collaborated with many high-profile brands like Nike, Adidas, Coca-Cola, and many more! Actually, this Air Jordan 1 Mid sneakers won’t be the first one Chen and Nike make together! They are best known for their work on many Nike Air Force 1s which are now called the Silk Force 1s! So, CLOT is not just a label, it’s a movement.

CLOT x Nike Partnership History

CLOT x Air Jordan 1 Mid

Nike is used to collaborating with streetwear brands, so this won’t be their first! Because let’s be honest, everyone is into streetwear now! CLOT first collaborated with Nike on the Air Max 1 “Kiss of Death” back in 2006. It drew inspiration from Chinese “Chi”, which relates to the connection of the human body with the universe.
Very spiritual.

It was the perfect mashup of East and West in one sneaker. At that time, it retailed for just a 100$, BUT it was flipped for an average of a THOUSAND dollars! Since then, Chen and Nike worked together on more of our favorite sneakers, like the Vapormax and Air Force 1. And now, they’re back at it again with the CLOT x Air Jordan 1 Mid release!

CLOT x Air Jordan 1 Mid “Fearless”

Some of the sneakers that Chen designs with Nike have an awesome hidden bonus to them! They have removable silk uppers that peel away to reveal a hidden base underneath! It’s a feature we previously saw on the 1WORLD Air Force 1. And they did it again this time with the Air Jordan 1 Mid! This iteration features a cool white upper all over the sneaker and vibrant red outsoles! Also, the Swoosh on these Air Jordans seems to give you the faded gradient feel. Let’s not forget about the medallion on the laces and the prints on the insoles!

Jordan 1 Mid SE Fearless Edison Chen CLOT

Release Date: December 7th, 2019
Retail Price:

And so, the East and West came together all in one sweet sneaker, so make sure you cop one for the holiday season! Nothing says Merry Christmas like brand new sneakers! But don’t worry! There are many different great gift ideas you can get a sneakerhead other than sneakers for Christmas, maybe you should get this one for yourself!
Also, if you missed out on a good cop on Black Friday, you can still redeem yourself by copping these sick sneakers! You still have a chance to cook before the year ends! There are a lot of sneaker coming out this December, there’s still time. And, if you’re worried about taking some Ls this month, maybe you oughtta read a copping guide. Just saying.