Here’s How Collecting Sneakers Can Help Pay Your Rent

By December 25, 2020 Food for thought, Sneakers

Collecting sneakers knowingly started out with the B-boys in NYC back in the 1970s. Hip Hoppers who loved sneakers would buy an extra pair of a special release or colorway to keep as a spare. Although this B-boy hobby might have started in the 1950s when the skateboarding culture was born, it wasn’t recognized as “collecting sneakers” till the 1970s. A few years after that in 1984, the most ground-breaking event in sneaker history took place: the birth of Air Jordan! 

After Michael Jordan boldly flexed the Jordan 1 Bred on court against uniform regulations in October 1984, the public went wild! Every Bulls and sneaker fan desperately wanted to own a pair of Jordans. By 1985, Nike Air Jordan had defined hype and completely taken over the sneaker market. Followed by other popular models like the Nike Dunk, Nike Blazer, and Air Max. Not to mention the Air Force 1 that was released two years earlier in 1982. 

Sneaker Collaborations Fuel Demand

AIO SNEAKERS PILLAR FEATNike basically led the sneaker industry in the eighties and nineties. Thus paving the way for brands like Yeezy to join the sneaker game in the 2000s. Remember when Adidas Yeezy started out as Nike Air Yeezy in 2012? Not so coincidental now that you think about it, is it? His Airness took steps and the world followed. Artists and musicians like Kanye West have majorly collaborated with sneaker brands in the past twenty years. Before that, sports and sneakers marketed an unbreakable tie. 

The involvement of artists, musicians, and fashion designers has created collaborative opportunities for sneaker brands. Which in return pumped up market demands and fired up resale values. Since collaborative gems typically only release in limited quantities. Does it make sense to you now why collecting sneakers is an on-going frenzy in this industry? It’s simple. People buy multiple pairs of a hyped and limited release at retail and resell them for significant amounts of profit. Pro sneaker resellers cop hyped releases consistently. Even if they don’t plan on selling them right away. It’s about targeting releases that have aftermarket potential and waiting for the right moment to exhibit them. 

How to Afford Collecting Sneakers Worth Lots of Cash

Most sneakerheads collecting sneakers actually rely on sneaker bots to get the most coveted sneaker releases. Since it is near to impossible to compete against thousands others for limited sneaker stocks online. Also taking into account that most of your competitors are paying robots to do their work for them. So, that’s your ticket in if you’re thinking of collecting sneakers to flex or flip: a top performing sneaker bot. Click on the button below to learn what you need to do before buying your first sneaker bot.
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Collecting Sneakers Is a Skill, Not a Talent

HYPE SNEAKERS Q1 FEATIn order to set sneakerhead goals, eager money-seekers must first invest in the tools to achieve them. Copping without a sneaker bot and quality proxies is not an option nowadays. We’re talking about people who can’t afford to buy the kicks they want on resale. Cause they’re too damn expensive! Instead of limiting their focus to one pair of sneakers on resale, long-term planners learn how to sell retail-bought kicks on resale! It’s all about positioning yourself in the game. To side hustle as a sneaker reseller, collecting sneakers is the primary step. The list of links below will lead you to sneaker releases worth collecting and storing safely

If you managed to cop any of them, good on you for investing wisely. You better make sure you keep them crystal clean till you decide to flip them! As for those of you who don’t know the first thing about sneaker values, keep posted on our blog for weekly insights. Our mission is to select hyped releases and provide guidance on how to score them. So, if you’ve covered the lists above and are ready to take your sneaker knowledge to the next level, check out this ultimate sneaker guide!